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  1. The amber light comes on to display current is flowing (not when charging the big battery) such as charging the 12V accessory battery, remote climate control also active TMS.
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  2. My car is always plugged in when at home so, presumably, such pre-conditioning is drawing power from the cord not the battery. Perhaps that's why I have never noticed the light? Also, I rarely approach the parked car from the front so in unplugged situations It's unlikely I would have seen the light either. Looks like I am at the mercy of trusting the car to know what's best.
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    I agree. Everything anyone knows about battery technology is from previous vehicles and previous batteries. Kona ev uses the very latest LG battery technology that was only refined last year. Not a lot of experience with these batteries yet but I suspect we can spend less time worrying about SOC and more time just enjoying our cars!
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    Here's a pic of the greenish/amber light in the grille. Surprisingly, twice in the last few days, when I go down into the garage, I find it's illuminated (garage temp ~14 C, with almost no use of the car (maybe a few 4 to 20 km days)). Seem to recall having been something to do with the 12 volt battery maintenance, and maybe only on Canadian Kona's. Can't find the page in the manual; maybe something to do with "winter setting".

    (edit) found something on page H17, although not much help.
    Grille light.JPG
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  5. It just means you caught it in the act of charging the 12V battery, or scheduled charging and/or preconditioning in in progress. The Ioniq apparently has a similar light on the dash. It really is a very bizarre and inconsistent indicator and the manual seems to indicate that you should not decide to disassemble the HV wiring while it's 'on', as though you can predict its imminent illumination while doing so, or simply pull you hands away at the speed of light.
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  6. Hit 477 GOM this morning. New high for me.
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    I'm currently at 485km GOM.
    I also went from to Montreal to Ottawa mostly highways and the actual range was around 350.
  8. My mileage for the most part appears to be 1:1. There's an immediate hit when I use climate but that also appears to be accurate. I've developed a lot of faith in the GOM's ability to predict range. Perhaps it's because I am very much a creature of habit and the algorithm is never challenged by anything unpredictable.
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    It's very nice to have the Kona EV navigation system convert the speed limits in the USA to kilometers per hour on the nav. screen and the HUD. i.e the posted limit may be 45 mph in the USA and on the nav. screen and HUD it is posted 72 which is kph. I was down in Lynden today so saw this in action for the first time. Cool!
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    What was your SOC? @Wildeyed?
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    I just got my best rage to date today!

    I guess there’s hope after all! GOM showed 404km at 90% SOC. Temps were 22 degrees Celsius. I drove 61km home from work and still had 365 km on the GOM. 10.2 kWh/100 km seems decent!

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  12. I always charge to 100%.
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    Good to know!
    I’ve only charged to 100% in the winter. I may attempt it this weekend just to see how high it can go :)

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  14. I think you're going to do all right. You're only charging to 90% and your driving is way faster and more demanding than many. Be patient young Padawan.
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    Ahahah! Thanks @Wildeyed. Patience is definitely not a virtue I was blessed with. Hence losing $5k by purchasing the Kona in between Provincial and Federal incentives :p
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  16. Haven't charged to 100% yet since I got the car (May 1). But at 80% it shows 406 kms, which extrapolates to 508 kms at 100%. Lot more than the spec!! This is basically the same as my son's Tesla Model 3 with the larger 75 kWh battery. And he doesn't get anywhere near his stated range, which is the opposite of mine, where I am actually exceeding it at this time (mostly city driving so far).
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    Where did ya get that screenshot?
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  18. I was wondering the same thing. Looks like a desktop version of the Blue link app. But VERY different from the Canadian phone app.
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  19. Yes, BlueLink, very handy when remote charging.
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    Is it a desktop version or apple app.

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