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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Mattsburgh, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Mattsburgh

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    A lot of people have been discussing EV Range, I was thinking it might be nice to see what others get for estimates when fully charged. My goal is 300 miles / 482 km, and driving pretty conservatively, I've managed to get to 297 miles on a full charge.

    My current driving score is 98% economical and 2% normal. I live in a fairly hilly area, and the temps have been very moderate, between 40-70. I think the hills hurt a bit, obviously you can regen coming down the other side but I think it uses more power to get up the hill than you ever get back, so generally flat driving would likely be better, but I'm just guessing.

    Here's my screen grab...

  2. Esprit1st

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    The question is, did you actually drive 298 miles, or is that what the gom said?

    I drove to a beach downhill the other day for 3 miles. I regenerated 6 miles. But going back uphill the instant usage display was so low I'm sure I used more than what was regenerated. Also, if it wouldn't use more it would be a Perpetuum, and I doubt Hyundai found a way to do that

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  3. Mattsburgh

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    That's just the estimate, I didn't drive 297 miles, nor would I try to haha. (but I might try 250 if it was still telling me I had about 50 left in the "tank")
  4. Esprit1st

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    Yeah, on one of my drives I had 12 left when I pulled into the charger. Wasn't my intention, but low temperature and wet roads bumped up the consumption.

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  5. KiwiME

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    I always track my energy use carefully on trips and am finding that currently, in summer temps, need to allocate 24% SoC for each 100 km as to not take risks. The round trip in the graph includes substantially-hilly roads, up to 700m, use of both heat and AC, driver only, 90-105 kph. I've also plotted GoM vs distance at the same points but would never consider it as useful or reliable as SoC.
    Napier-Taupo-Napier 30 Mar 2018.PNG
  6. electriceddy

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    Seems about right for the conditions, 2.4%/10km ,GOM not that far off. I like to use SOC as well but it's so easy just to look at the indicated(estimated) remaining kms ( while keeping track of actual consumption- Wh/km)

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