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  1. A lot of people have been discussing EV Range, I was thinking it might be nice to see what others get for estimates when fully charged. My goal is 300 miles / 482 km, and driving pretty conservatively, I've managed to get to 297 miles on a full charge.

    My current driving score is 98% economical and 2% normal. I live in a fairly hilly area, and the temps have been very moderate, between 40-70. I think the hills hurt a bit, obviously you can regen coming down the other side but I think it uses more power to get up the hill than you ever get back, so generally flat driving would likely be better, but I'm just guessing.

    Here's my screen grab...

  2. The question is, did you actually drive 298 miles, or is that what the gom said?

    I drove to a beach downhill the other day for 3 miles. I regenerated 6 miles. But going back uphill the instant usage display was so low I'm sure I used more than what was regenerated. Also, if it wouldn't use more it would be a Perpetuum, and I doubt Hyundai found a way to do that

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  3. That's just the estimate, I didn't drive 297 miles, nor would I try to haha. (but I might try 250 if it was still telling me I had about 50 left in the "tank")
  4. Yeah, on one of my drives I had 12 left when I pulled into the charger. Wasn't my intention, but low temperature and wet roads bumped up the consumption.

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  5. I always track my energy use carefully on trips and am finding that currently, in summer temps, need to allocate 24% SoC for each 100 km as to not take risks. The round trip in the graph includes substantially-hilly roads, up to 700m, use of both heat and AC, driver only, 90-105 kph. I've also plotted GoM vs distance at the same points but would never consider it as useful or reliable as SoC.
    Napier-Taupo-Napier 30 Mar 2018.PNG
  6. Seems about right for the conditions, 2.4%/10km ,GOM not that far off. I like to use SOC as well but it's so easy just to look at the indicated(estimated) remaining kms ( while keeping track of actual consumption- Wh/km)
  7. Still been driving mostly conservatively, with the temps moderate, my estimated range has sneaked over 300 miles, now at 301 for normal driving mode. I have to admit, very happy with that number.
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  8. XtsKonaTrooper

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    On my PHEV, i never go by GOM, i try to use the odometer and that will me exactly i got.
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  9. GPM432

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    I seem to get what it say give about 8 kms … I just drive the car no special treatment on regen Eco 2..

    My highest 498 KMS
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  10. Brennan Raposo

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    On a couple of warm days last week well into the teens Celsius (Canada), at 90% SOC - I'm still only able to achieve about 370 km.
    I think my driving style is a little more realistic than others. 65 km each way to/from work and 90% of my driving is at highway speeds of about 120 km/h.
    No clue how so many people are getting these ridiculous range estimates approaching 500 km. I've never seen mine begin with a "4" in nearly 4 months of ownership. When Charging to 100% I get about 390 km on the GOM.

    We still haven't had a "California" warm day here in Southern Ontario yet, so I'm still waiting for that first 25 degree day to see how it does!
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  11. XtsKonaTrooper

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    120km/hr is gonna prolly get ya those numbers.
    I believe the range is at prolly doing 100kmh and at 20*c.
  12. At 100% charge I finally cracked 400km on the GOM this week. Twice. 403 and 401. Overnight temps were finally warmer, about 9°C and daytime was around 20° . If I was charging to only 90% like you I'm sure I'd never do it. Waiting to see if summer actually comes to Ontario for a real test!
  13. Brennan Raposo

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    That's awesome!!
    Now I officially feel like the only person not getting even just 400km. I also haven't been in a situation where I've been able to deplete my battery to the point where I could "reset" the system. Any time I'm close - it always ends up being on a Sunday night at 10 pm when I have 60 KM of range left and have 65km to get to work the next morning. Don't want to take THAT much of a risk - nor do I have ample time to drive around all weekend purposely trying to drain the battery lol

    Fingers crossed that warmer temps bring better range!
  14. Martik

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  15. Qole

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    If you want big numbers on your GOM, take back roads where you can do non-highway speeds. EVs love the slow city driving conditions that ICE cars hate. Also, slow, steady acceleration is always better than lead foot gunning it.
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  16. XtsKonaTrooper

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    Only had the Kona 2 days but having fun, getting more efficient with it.
    Liking the boost regen and anticipating and using it more for the brake. Smart cruise works cool too.
    Used 25km electric on the GOM today and travelled 41km.
    So thats cool.
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  17. My GOM tells me 300 miles at 90% ... :)

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  18. Gjpzee

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    I am 314miles at 100%. About 40% freeway 60% city... rarely use climate.
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  19. XtsKonaTrooper

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    What are your current temps?
  20. GPM432

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    So I feel like I'm boasting here. Started at 40% figured I would charge to 100% on my stage 2 charger on the west coast 15 degrees out got to 515 Kms. Cost me about $4.00.. Now i will check to see how that works out for me and see how close I get when driving to the 515kms ...I'm quite shocked to hear those low numbers. Something could be wrong..
    my driving habits are just normal no special treatment. Highway 50% city50%
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