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  1. Yes to all the above. I'm a perfect case study for the benefits of an EV :)
  2. Well good for you for buying the right car for your lifestyle. I was just checking in case you were some crazy outlier! With my rural location and 90% plus highway driving I can never hope to achieve your numbers.
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    I drive under lots of sub-optimal conditions. Sometimes I drive to a windsurfing/kiteboarding beach - it's about 40 miles on highway driving. When I do, I have roof racks with a Thule box, as well as a sailboard strapped next to the box. Going to the beach, I have a tailwind of easily 30 mph (that's why I'm going), and it takes about 55 miles off the GOM to travel the 40 miles. Coming home, into the 30 mph headwind, with the stuff on my roof, it takes 100 miles off the GOM! That's 2.5 times the actual miles traveled. No heat or AC used, BTW.

    I'll be curious to drive up to our ski area this winter. It is about 35 miles away, with an elevation gain of over 5,000 feet (sorry for all you metric Canadians - actually sorry for us). I will have the box on top but no sailboard and it is not a highway nor highway speeds. The climb will burn a lot of miles off the GOM; curious to see how much regen I get coming home. Oh, and there will be the cold weather and heater use. And I will have put on winter tires as well.

    Needless to say I was afraid to try that with my old VW eGolf with 80 miles of range. Interestingly, the eGolf seemed to regen on downhills much more. I have a monthly meeting that is about 6 miles uphill. I wish I had written down the actual numbers with that car to compare now, but I think it took about 12 miles off the GOM to get there, but then I picked most of that up returning home. The Kona seems more efficient going up but really doesn't seem to regen so dramatically on the downhill. Does anyone else have experience comparing different EV's regeneration?
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  4. Compared to the 2 Leafs I owned, the regen on Kona is outstanding!
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    My best on the GOM was 349 or so when fully charged. However, my best ever was 358.8 miles driven with 29 remaining.. 387.8 total.. 20190719_115655.jpg
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    Next time you make that trip, can you report the average consumption?

    I apologize in advance for posting in Canadian/metric units in a global forum; we're weird and use kWh/100 km. But the observation is more important than the units.

    4 people in car, no luggage, no climate control, mostly highway driving: 12 kWh/100 km. (I think that's ~ 5.1 mi/kWh)
    4 people in car, tonnes of luggage AND ROOFTOP BOX(1), no climate control, mostly highway driving: 18 kWh/100 km. (~ 3.4 mi/kWh)

    Note I was not moving a thousand litres of water or a bookstore worth of books; this is just regular vacation stuff. So far I do not have a sense of whether it's the weight or the aerodynamics that is imposing the energy cost here. But overall: 50% penalty for heavy load + rooftop box.

    Is this about in line with what other people are seeing?

  7. Unfortunately you can't compare it like that, we don't know the terrain either one of you was driving on. Was it mostly uphill or downhill? That makes A HUGE difference.

    You could only compare it if you drive both cats the exact same trip (at the same time) to rule out (or minimize) external factors.

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  9. WOW! That is really impressive. I thought I was doing good to get 330 on the GOM. What part of NA do you live in? Wondering if it's generally flat or what.
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    And...I notice it took you 10.5 hours to make the trip. How fast/slow do you drive. I know my mileage increases greatly if I get in traffic that limits my speed to around 40 mph. At normal highway speeds that kind of range is unattainable for me.
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    I'm in Florida... just a few hills.... other than that, it's flat.
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    This was not 1 trip.. that was one week of commuting. It includes about 10 to 20 minutes per day circling at 2 to 3 mph to get a parking spot at work when returning from lunch.
    My speed was around 35 to 45 mph around town (at 35 to 45mph limit) and 55 mph on highway.
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