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    I’m participating in the plug-in challenge for electric cars on southern Vancouver island. Yesterday I went from Duncan to various places in Victoria, then all the way out to French beach park west of Sooke, then back to Duncan and still had 270 km of range. I left with 93% soc so I’m very happy
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  2. We are getting near to 500km regularly right now, temps 15-20 celsius. Speed of 85-95 km/hr locally rural highway. If we hit the freeway and go faster than 110 km/hr that drops off quite quickly due to physics !
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  3. New high (well, for me anyway). This morning my range estimate is 470. That's 30km more than my previous high of 2 days ago. Temps have been very tepid too: 6°C overnight and 18° days. All driving habits remain as monotonous as ever.
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  4. I should clarify the GOM range estimate is coming up with 495Km, we lose a little to air conditioning or heat depending time of day, but we have had several trips where we have actually used 450 km of real range.
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  5. I've found the GOM estimate is nearly 1:1 with actual mileage and if anything is actually a bit stingy. Air conditioning and heat hit the GOM numbers immediately upon activation and also appear accurate in my experience.
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  6. Was that from 100% to turtle on those 450 km trips or to a very low SOC ?
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    I think I need a new car lol!
    I have yet to see anything near any of these numbers.

    The absolute highest number I have seen on my GOM has been 389km at 90% SOC. This was during a consistent 20+ degrees Celsius for three days.

    With the astronomical numbers I have seen here, I think I’m going to book an appointment with my service centre. Perhaps they can reset my GOM or something? My range hasn’t really changed at all since winter. During -20 Celsius days I was getting about 320-350 on the GOM.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?
  8. Don't rely on the GOM , actual range test at high to low SOC is much more applicable
  9. Why does everybody say don't rely on the gom? The gom doesn't do anything else then what you do once you find out how far your car goes. If you charge it fully and drive it to empty you know how far the car goes, but so does the gom and then will go from those numbers.

    If you relly on the gom you're on the safe side. It will correct while you drive if it estimated too high. And if it estimated too low you will have extra electrons when you get to your charger.

    If you drive from full to empty and take the number yourself and always calculate with those numbers you might be stranded one day when it's colder or you have a high headwind (see my other post with the headwind experience).

    So I say: rely on the gom because it will know sooner than you that you're using more energy than you think you are. And ALWAYS have a buffer to the next charger. You will get more comfortable over time.

    BTW, I have an almost unnoticeable decline to work which is of course an incline back home and even that makes a difference of 1m/kwh (~3kwh/100km). Very little changes like that can make a big difference.

    In a gas car you will not notice because there is no gom that tells you. And worst case, there is a gas station at the next corner.

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    Thats amazing being able to drive to all those places and not having to charge, but even having so much power left.
    I'm looking forward to trying distance experiments in the interior of BC and on the Coq to van, Van isl etc in June when my sweet ride arrives!
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  11. Only had my Kona for 3 weeks now, and haven't yet charged to 100%. But at 80%, it says 400 kms range, so extrapolating to 100%, should get 500. Also have been keeping track of kms charged, and so far my driven kms (odometer) have been higher than range kms used. So it is seems that the Kona specs are very conservative with range. I drive mostly in ECO mode, as I like the strong regen braking to slow down, so that probably saves some.
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  12. Only time my Kona has been @100% SOC was when the dealer charged it initially before p/u (the night before) so it didn't stay that way for more than a couple hours. I have charged it to mid 90's a couple of times when the weather was cold and I needed to use the range, but with the warmer weather now I feel more comfortable with a DCFC setting of 80% and an L2 setting of 70% shallow cycling to about 40% (unless I need the range), to preserve the cells in the pack:
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  13. While I am by no means a battery nerd (not a slur, to each his own) I have to believe that active cooling and heating would make a huge difference in this calculus. Phones and computers, though lithium ion powered, are vastly different from electric cars. I have difficulty imaging it is even possible to calculate the variables that would enable comparisons between batteries being used so differently.
  14. I've hit 470 over my last couple of charges. The upward creep continues!
  15. I am overly cautious after owning 2 Leafs and running Leafspy seeing the battery temps hovering around 100 F to 120F with no real effort. ( not in my comfort zone) . I know LG different chemistry than AESC but still unknown with Kona is the active temperature cut in temps with heat :
    Surely Vegas would be a good example.
    No one has yet reported activation cut in temp for the battery pack heaters with cold ambient yet (to this point-unless you have any record of battery conditioning in your colder environment previously)
  16. How would you ever know if the temperature management (hot or cold) was engaged? Doesn't it all happen automatically behind the scenes?
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  17. The touchscreen in the middle of dash: EV/Energy info/Menu/electricity use/ (4 displays showing - drivetrain, climate, electronics and BATTERY CARE)
    Also should be disclosed on the monthly report from Bluelink.
    As I mentioned in this post:
    I have only had the grill shutters close, but no power consumed to condition the pack.
  18. Ah! Thanks. I'll look for that. I've gotta believe it's activated during our minus 30° March days. Whether a record of that still exists is another story.
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  19. Another indication should be to observe the amber light on in the front badge during TMS activation
  20. I guess that would be when it's charging? I don't think I've ever noticed that.

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