EV Range highs and lows

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  1. And is it Canadian or American? Very different from mine.
  2. Both, I have an Android phone, but works on IOS as well. Did your dealer not explain all that to you when you bought the car? It allows you to remotely view and manage some of your car features, eg climate control, door locks, charging, etc. Very useful tool.
  3. Mine is Canada, but assume it the same everywhere?...
  4. My Android Canadian Blue link app looks completely different from the screenshot you posted. Yes, I understand Bluelink but am trying to understand why your version looks so very different.
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  5. My screenshot was from my desktop. Same info but obviously different UI and format being a phone.
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  6. So what does the Blue link app look like on a phone?
  7. I can't figure out how to attach pics in this forum so I can't help.
  8. https://imgur.com/
  9. XtsKonaTrooper

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    Here is the main screen on my app. Screenshot_20190601-225248.png
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  10. So remote services should show a similar screen, what appears under vehicle health?
  11. KonaTom

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    Here’s remote service screen
  12. KonaTom

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    upload_2019-6-1_20-16-40.png Ht
    Here’s vehicle status screen
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  13. Thanks for that
    213 km @47% is super good:D
    Just checked the dash on Blueberry - 219 km @47%
    Pretty similar numbers
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  14. KonaTom

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    I've been trying to relate weight to range. I knew how much a gallon of gas weighed, does anyone know how much 64kwh of electrons weigh?;)
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  15. KonaTom

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    I've been getting around 450-475 km per charge lately. Drove a lot of highways lately.
  16. Before charging to 70% today, I took the info from the dash as accumulated actual mileage of 196 km since last time I charged to 80%.
    The actual percentage used for that mileage was from 80% to 42% = 38% of total pack capacity.
    Doing the math 196/.38= 515.78 km
    Of course one would not want to completely drain the battery, but even at 90% usage (464km) I am impressed. Right in line with your #s.
    Pretty warm lately no rain or strong headwinds about 60/40 city/hwy (95km/hr).
    We will see how that holds up when the inevitable monsoons return.
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  17. Nothing; the mass is the sum of the protons and neutrons
    I'm not going to get into elements and periodic table stuff but according to this:
    each of the 294 cells weigh about 1.8 pounds = 529 pounds total (not including bus bars, bolts, wiring, bms and cooling system)
  18. KonaTom

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    So I don't need to drive around with less than half a 'tank'.
    That's good, it's a good thing it's not protons!!!!
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    Been driving about a month, using regen and ECO mode with little/no heater or AC -- getting regularly over 300 miles on 100% charge. Peak has been 322. You can see it nose-dive when you turn on the heater or AC :) I usually charge once a week (I'm retired, 0 commuting) but the mileage seems to match pretty well. As the weather warms and we need AC I'm sure it will drop off, but still way better than I expected.
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  20. Michael A Pace

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    I have gone from around 297 to 337 miles on one charge. Looks like I will be pushing 350-360 on my next charge.

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