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  1. Location? and is that actual range or GOM
  2. Just hit 480km. A new high for me. Funny too because I have been using the AC lately and I'd assumed the GOM would drop as it included AC in its calculations. Perhaps it has and my range would have been even higher if I'd laid off the cooling? Either way I'm pretty pleased.
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  3. Just go into the EV menu. It will tell you the predicted range with and without AC.

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  4. it's my best choice at this time
  5. My kona best I got in New York state 320 Miles o fool charge with outside temperature 70F with 1100 M on odometer charged with level 2 220 Volt
  6. Great
  7. New high for me of 489. Exact same driving (I am very much a creature of habit) with the only variables being more moderate temperatures and use of AC. I wonder if a GOM of 500 is feasible now that summer is on the doorstep?
  8. How you charge L2 L3 or DC Fast
  9. I charge at my home level 2 charger to 100%.
  10. DC fast charge is level 3. Level 2 represents chargers that operate at 240v and level 1 are charges that operate at 120v. The amperage delivered at each level is highly variable and voltages in Europe vary in their phrasing as well.
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    We drove to Kamloops from Vancouver last week with a 20min stop at a rest area to use a DC charger since we decided to keep the SOG above 20%. Judging from the overall consumption and distance, we could have done the entire trip without charging. It was mainly highway driving with some uphills.

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    That’s great. I’m in Vernon. I’ve yet to drive to the Lower Mainland or Vancouver Island in my Kona but this makes me feel more confident. Did you drive over the Coq? I imagine once you hit the Summit you’d add/regenerate a bunch of charge dropping down into Hope and the Fraser Valley. My co-worker who drives a Bolt says the charger on the way up to Coquihalla Summit is a good charging spot.


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    Correct, we took the Coquihalla highway, and the rest area is called Britton Creek. I would recommend stopping there or at Merrit to charge, so the SOG stays above 20% by the time you arrive in Vancouver. Happy driving!

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  14. Question for battery expert 2019 Hyundai 67Kw battery what a maximum range will be ?????
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    My range keeps dropping almost every time I charge. When I picked it up at the dealer it was about 470 km. Then it went down steadily. This morning I was at 406 km with 100% SOC. My driving from day to day is very similar (same 300 km commute and conditions and driving habits on average). I asked the dealer a few weeks ago about why it keeps going down. They checked my car and said nothing was wrong. They said it had to do with driving statistics. It doesn't seem to matter if I drive slower, don't use climate etc. Last time I checked if you get 8 out 10 on a test 5 times in a row the average is still 8. Do I need worry that this is battery degradation?
  16. That depends on your driving style, your specific area, and type of roads your driving (hwy/city) and outside temperatures as well as wind and rain etc.

    Depending on that you can get ranges from 150 to 350 miles for a full battery.

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    I'm driving in Eco mode, temperature is mild (low teens in the morning & some days have been hotter in the afternoon) here in the lower mainland. I think most of my drives have been in what would be considered ideal EV conditions. I'm not driving aggressively and as I said, not much is changing in my driving style, so I would imagine the range would be stable instead of continuously going down.
  18. My car was 440km GOM range when I picked it up in February. It dropped immediately by 100km. 5 months later it's at 480. Time (meaning more and more data points for the GOM to chew over) and temperature + specific driving conditions all affect range. Give it some time. It'll settle in and probably rise again as the summer arrives. If it doesn't, then worry.
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    Good to know that it can go up again. Thank you.
  20. New GOM high for me. 499km. Sooooo close!

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