EV Range highs and lows

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Mattsburgh, Apr 15, 2019.

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    Between 60 and 80F... I use eco mode with regen defaulted to 1.
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  2. The lowest GoM I've ever seen was 498 but the last 6 months have been summer temps, 15-30°C. The GoM accuracy on the hilly trip I posted earlier was 72% which is why I ignore it. It's accurate enough if I just drive around the flat region at up to 80 km/h or in town, but the times I actually need it to work I'll be going faster or driving over hilly roads. For a trip I count on getting a no-sweat 300 kms and then I'll be looking for a top-up.
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  3. Woo hoo! Charged my car yesterday for the first time in 20°C. My previous highs just cracked the 400km barrier but today the GOM is reporting 436km! That's a 10%+ increase in potential range. Very eager to see continued improvement and catch up to our southern friends. (Kinda tired of their bragging!)
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    Well, when i got the Kona, its full range was 387, now as its getting use to my driving, it topped off last night at 416.
    Quite impressed so far.
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    My 25 mile commute home - 7 miles highway , 12 miles suburban/rural im getting between 5 and 5.3 miles per kwh with seat warmers on, music, and fans blowing at max. Brings estimated range to 330-350 miles.
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  6. I had a new high for the estimate yesterday, 327 miles at 98% charge.
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  7. I don't know what's going on but these 100km+ differences in total (GOM based) range estimates are perplexing.
  8. I originally thought you meant kilometres but given other (American) reports I have to ask if you might mean miles?
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    My bad i should have said kms.
  10. So quite similar to mine then. I'm hoping we'll both see some upward creep in the coming (warmer) weeks.
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    I think once we hit averages of 20c , it will max out better and combined with some good regen habits, easy hit 500km imo.
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    So I drove 250kms on my car it did start at 515kms now the odometer says I have 270 kms left I gained 5kms
    I don't what I'm doing special but that's the second time my kms were true Good for me LOL..
  13. My guess is it's temperature and driving history. 50/50 is probably very different to the computer than my 90/10.
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    Wow -- 515 kms out of a 100% charge; that's even better than Bjorn Nyland's actual 510 kms, or thereabouts, over in Europe. I've just charged our Kona Ultimate to 100% for the first time since it was delivered on Feb 6th, using the portable Level 1, 120 volt charger. The GOM (guess-o-meter) is showing estimated range of 486 km, but based on very little historical data. The odometer shows only 677 km in 98 days of ownership; mostly in short trips to a nearby mall for weekly grocery shopping, etc. I'm too chicken to see what I'd actually get, going into "turtle mode", as Mr. Nyland did, going back-and-forth in an Ikea parking lot, at the end of his test. Here's a pic of our headset (A/V) panel; would welcome comments as to why the estimated range is so high, when the official range, per Kona brochure, is supposed to be somewhere around 415km.

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  16. The temperatures have been climbing and with them my GOM total range numbers. But what has really intrigued me is the HUGE jump in Regen efficiency. I have seen increases of 100% in Regen range gains. While I have been anxious about the disparity between my range and others it seems that our members in warmer climes are benefitting not only from bigger charges but also regaining a lot more range from regeneration. Live and learn. The (one) advantage of living in a part of the world with actual seasons is that we get a close-up look at how temperature affects EV performance.
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  17. I think you nailed why. Your milage is very low and your usage is very light duty. There are not a lot of data to crunch and what info it does have to chew over reflects very efficient and low energy driving. Your GOM reflects that. I think the Kona can run for ages in such conditions.
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    I can second this experience, except we are pretty heavy drivers.

    We have been getting 520 km on the GOM on a full charge. Our last charge we got 453 km at 87% SOC. And we've been getting pretty close to and sometimes better than the ranges predicted by the GOM. Again we're in the lower mainland and temps have been ranging from say 12*C in the mornings to low 20s in the afternoon, and we commute in the early morning and again in the afternoon, and have charged at both times of day. We drive approx 550-650 kms a week depending, and I would say something like 70% highway, 30% urban... common routes for us include Hwy10, TC1, with very short drive off the highway and into urban areas, some hills on our regular routes. We always drive in ECO mode, and I like to keep regen at 0 and paddle as needed, my SO likes to keep regen at 1 or 2. We use a/c maybe 25% of the time (i.e. not in the mornings, but maybe half of our drives in the afternoons - and yes the air is still cool this time of year, but unfortunately the air pollution in heavy traffic affects the health of one of our passengers). We also use the ventilated seats and music as we please. Most times there are usually two good sized humans riding in our car. Our consumption averages are usually around 12.1 /100km, sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more. Speeds: around the speed limit, usually over by about 10km/hr. Also we've had the winter setting turned off for a few weeks now.
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  19. Almost identical consumption (average 125W/km) without any paddle adjustments (usually smart cruise and regen) in ecco.( of course a fraction of your total kms)
    Great news your range has hit over 500km .
    With my driving, I get cold feet charging over 70% and tend to go now lower than 35%, unless I need the range right away.
  20. We drove about 130 miles today round-trip to a national park. Outside temps were about 25C/80F.
    Used about 45% SOC for the whole trip with AC on all the time. On the leg there we had mileage of about 5m/kwh (12kwh/100km). I was very impressed! However, on the way back I realised why. We had a crazy headwind on the way back and or mileage was only 3m/kwh (20kwh/100km).

    Average still 4m/kwh (15kwh/100km), so still satisfied with that, but it shows you how much your mileage can vary based on a small thing like wind!

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