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  1. Atkinson

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    In California, they are discounting the 2020 Touring $4,400 off MSRP, probably base by the same amount.
    Add whatever your state charges for registration, title, and tax.
    Problem: California is 2500 miles away - wish I lived there.....
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  2. Atkinson

    Atkinson Active Member

    Spreen Honda offered me a Black 2019 Clarity base for $27,175 including destination and all dealer fees.
    When I asked them to send me a contract to sign, they said they had to add $5000 for a security system and paint protection.
    The deal vaporized.
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  3. Mr. Smith

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    2019 Clarity PHEV Touring - Purchased New (3 mi on odo) June of 2019
    Selling Price = $29,528
    Sales Tax = $ 2,665
    Doc & fees = $ 115
    License & Reg = $ 411
    Total OTD = $32,719
    Purchased from Honda Dealer north of SF Bay Area (100+ mi from my home)

    I emailed the internet sales department of about a dozen dealers in CA with Clarity Touring models in stock of the color choices I'd consider, and wrote them all the exact same thing. Basically, that: I'm ready to buy now, I have excellent credit, I will put $5k to $10k down, finance the rest with my credit union (or through them if they beat my CU's rate), no extended warranty, no add-ons, no service plans, no BS, and for them to give me their absolute lowest price/best deal, and the name of the sales manager who approved this deal.

    Two thirds of the dealers reply with small discounts, or try some get-you-in-the-door BS, but usually two or three try hard. I then let them know if they have the best price or not (I don't tell them other's better price), and usually one will try even harder. Last summer that was a CA dealer an hour drive north of SF, I assume because they had several in stock (3 or 4 just off the delivery truck plus a few base models). I then emailed again for them to CONFIRM ALL DETAILS of the entire deal (so I can print it out to take with me) and let them know when I arrive / if anything changes, I will leave.

    This basic approach has worked several times over the last ten years with new cars for me or friends/family. Of course, the finance managers usually try to upsale, and I listen politely (briefly), thank them and say no, I will only be buying the car exactly as agreed per the emails... I've only once had it take more than five minutes (resulting in me stating with greater emphasis I will only buy the car as agreed) before the finance manager gives up, signs all the paperwork, I review it all to make sure the numbers are right, and then sign, pay, and drive home. Not entirely painless, but worth the savings.

    I was surprised and very happy to buy it for $8k off, as I was expecting to get maybe $4k or $5k off. Your mileage may vary.

    PS--And on top of that, here in central CA, within the San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District there is a $2,000 drive clean rebate in addition to a PG&E $800 rebate, and the Federal Tax Credit of $7,500. It is a bit surreal to get back up to $10,300 as rebates/incentives/tax credits to buy a really great car!
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  4. That’s a very good price. At the time of your purchase Honda was offering a $5-6K incentive. It appears that the dealer provided and additional $2-3K discount.

    It is remarkable that the net cost for this vehicle, after rebates and incentives, is in the low $20K’s.
  5. Atkinson

    Atkinson Active Member

    I'm always in the wrong place at the wrong time!
  6. Bay Area

    Bay Area New Member

    Put a down payment for an 2020 base white for:

    selling price $30,234.00
    out of the door for $33,847.44

    This was the Costco price. Also include two dealer installed options that they refuse to remove.

    Wheel locks $130
    Phantom footprint $99 - some kind of insurance?

    Reason is to protect the car at the dealers lot.
  7. Bay Area,

    If the quote above is accurate, it sounds like you are only getting the $4400 off. Not bad and that may be all to be had on a 2020.

    Wheel locks are $20.
    Why should you pay $99 to protect the car on their lot after you drive it away?
    At the very least, see if they will include the first service, oil change and tire rotation.
  8. Bay Area

    Bay Area New Member

    The MSRP for the base is $33,400.00, so I'm only getting $3000 off. The quote for a Touring is $33,195.

    I asked the same question, but they will not budge on those two add-ons.
  9. Base on s $33,400 plus $955 destination charge. With those 2 wonderful options, it is close to a $4K discount.

    See if they’ll cover the first service. Mine was $64. Be sure the batteries are fully charged. That’s worth a few bucks. And a full fuel tank.
  10. Pxss

    Pxss New Member

    Hey everyone,
    I'm diving into my first hybrid purchase (first car purchase) and am leaning heavily towards the clarity phev. Problem is I am in Atlanta GA. Got any pointers on where to start looking and how to go about the whole car buying thing?

    Thank you all!
  11. insightman

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    Are Atlanta car dealers open for sales these days? If not, you might look for a used Clarity online. If your local Honda dealer's sales department responds to email, you could ask them to order you a new Clarity. Perhaps by the time it arrives they would be able to deliver it, but no guarantees in such uncertain times.
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  12. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    Here's a search on CarGurus for new Claritys, sorted by closest to Atlanta. I'd encourage you to try other sites in case this doesn't have them all.

    I would start by calling maybe three dealers with vehicles relatively close and just ask what their process is like given the covid-19 situation and the distance from Atlanta. I imagine they'd be willing to ship. You can always bring your offers here and people can chime in on whether they think any are a good deal.
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  13. DanGest

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    I have to believe prices will drop pretty soon, with gas at record lows the demand for hybrids should decrease (I'm not saying I want it to, and from an environmental point of view hopefully people still continue to purchase), on top of this are economy is taking a huge hit. I would hold out purchasing until at least the prices last year are obtainable again (around 26K before TTL for base, and 28.5K before TTL for the touring). I would email dealers letting them know you want to purchase one when they reach those price points and see if any of them play ball now. If not I would hold out unless it is really urgent.
  14. Bay Area

    Bay Area New Member

    Received another quote from another dealer:

    Hayward Honda


    without the two add-on.

    Both dealership are Sonic Automotive Dealership. And Hayward Honda will pickup the car from Serramonte Honda.
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  15. Claire Green

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    very interesting thread, unfortunately withholding the dealer name and location is not helpful at all which was the point of this thread. As far as I know there is nothing against the forum rules regarding posting dealer names and location unless the poster works for said dealership. Also helps in reverse by helping other forum members to avoid and stay away from bad dealers.
  16. This is Post #1.

    There’s is no mention of including dealer info, nor was there anyone who posted or asked about dealer info in the first 40 posts. That’s when I stopped reading the posts from over 2 years ago.

    I agree that dealer info can be useful, but it seems the point of this thread was just to share the “Price Paid” with others.
  17. Claire Green

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    Landshark, your point is well taken. I just notice that when someone posts a really "good price" that it's usually (not always) followed by requests for dealer info (and sometimes even sales person's name) So why not include the info if there's no rule against it, makes it more interesting to those who live nearby.
  18. Domenick

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    Great suggestion, Claire. I don't know if the creator of the thread had any idea it would take off as it has. I can add a note to the first post encouraging people to add dealership names. That could possibly cut down on people asking and having to wait for a response.
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  19. Would it be possible for you to edit the title to something like, Price Paid and Dealer Info?

    When I saw this thread, I went to the last page and posted. Not sure how many folks will read #1 and 70+ pages, but you never know.

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  20. Domenick

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    Ok, I changed the thread title, but I'm crossing my fingers Google doesn't punish us for it (it changes the URL which Google already has indexed).

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