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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Oceans2

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    South Bay Los Angeles. 2019 Touring $30,000 plus $1,000 for b.s. accessories so $31,000. LAX Airport Marina Honda and Gardena Honda also offered this price so may be able to get a little lower. Got the quotes through my union over email. There were plenty models left in our area.

    2.89% for a 48 month loan from Kinecta credit union.
  2. Peter_Yang

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    Hi, is this OTD or Before TTL ??
  3. ctheory11

    ctheory11 New Member

    I'd really love to know as well. I'm negotiating with Orange County dealers and citing your offers. Planning to buy this afternoon!
  4. secret901

    secret901 New Member

    Orange County, CA. December 21, 2019.

    Base model. Negotiated down to $30,200 OTD. Final OTD price came down to $30,115. Paid in full with a check.
  5. 4sallypat

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  6. ctheory11

    ctheory11 New Member

    Just got home from Hardin Honda in Anaheim. Paid $30,300 for a black Touring before TTL with no dealer add-ons, financed at 2.9% through SchoolsFirst FCU. $33,191 OTD.

    Very happy with the transaction. Alex was super knowledgable, friendly, and not pushy in the slightest.
  7. 4sallypat

    4sallypat Active Member

    Did you also get your $500 State employee discount ?
    If you are a public educator in CA or state employee.
  8. ctheory11

    ctheory11 New Member

    No, I'm not a teacher anymore. Not that I knew the discount existed!
  9. Donkeytree66

    Donkeytree66 New Member

    Which dealership was this?
  10. secret901

    secret901 New Member

    AutoNation Honda Costa Mesa. Both they and Hardin in Anaheim had that price and you might be able to get it down even further if you pit them against each other.
  11. EvoTechnik

    EvoTechnik New Member

    I paid 30,500 for my base OTD. That LA tax gets you. If I was in OC it would be 7.75% vs 10%
  12. Duxa

    Duxa New Member

    Orange County, CA. Touring Black/Black Clarity PHEV, $30.9k before Taxes and Fees. Paid $33.9k OTD
    Did zero negotiations, went through Costco to get the deal (cant negotiate when going through them, its more like buying a Tesla, no haggling, no upselling).

    Based on other posts here perhaps I could get another $500 off by haggling etc.. but maybe not... either way it was totally worth it to just get it done and not spend half the day talking to sales people.
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  13. mrturtle

    mrturtle New Member

    Bay Area touring model. Most dealers around here were only willing to go down to $31,980 before TTL. I got mine for $35.2k OTD including all-weather floor & trunk mats and wheel locks which I haggled for free. Nowhere as good as So Cal deals but I wasn't willing to fly down or arrange a delivery.
  14. hatchb

    hatchb New Member

    I paid $32,030 for a 2019 touring model $35,729 OTD in San Carlos, CA no add ons
  15. i got the exact same deal in san diego
  16. Currently shopping. Using TrueCar through my credit unions to ping dealers for prices. I’m in Orange County, but moving up to Inland Empire (Rancho Cucamonga) so casting a wide net. So far best I’ve gotten is an offer at $30,740 for a 2019 touring at Spreen Honda in Loma Linda; most other dealers are offering something around $31,500 through TrueCar for the 2019 tourings. Really wanted to pay a nice round $30K, so my wife and I haggled last night, but they wouldn’t budge. Sounded like they’d have done $30,400 or so if I agreed to add on their $1800 security system or $1500 exterior/interior 5-year protection plan (so would have been $32K plus TTL). We are pinging other dealers and waiting to see if anyone is willing to go low in $30,000-$30,250 range here at the end of the month. We don’t absolutely need it right away, so are happy to play the waiting game (though I’m a bit afraid the 2019 tourings will all eventually get sold off here in SoCal, or I’ll be stuck with a white one, which I think makes the rear wheel thing look the worst).
  17. LAF

    LAF Active Member

    With at least $7500 tax break I can't believe you are haggling about getting this amazing car for $24,000 which is the price of a base Prius!
  18. I know — I was ready to take it, but my wife was like “I want a nice round number and we can wait.”

    Turns out it was worth it — just got a new TrueCar offer from another dealership for $27,848 for 2019 Touring before TTL ($5,767 “Certified dealer discount” + $4,000 “Dealer discount”), good for 4 days. Assuming this is legit and not some mistake on their part that they are going to renege on, we are going tonight!
  19. DanGest

    DanGest Member

    Let us know how it goes/dealership, I have a friend in the orange county area interested in getting a clarity and 27.9 for the touring would be great

  20. So, as suspected, this was a user error by their internet sales team.

    Apparently the system automatically adds in the manufacturer dealer incentives, so the extra $4,000 off was unexpected for them.

    They reneged on the full discounted price, but agreed to a flat $30,000 before TTL, including a protection package ($758 retail) and some security/warranty protection package ($1999 retail). Assuming I would have wanted those, true price of car alone would have been ~$27,200 before TTL.

    On my way to the dealer now.

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