I was told today because of recall 200, Hyundai wants buy back our cars

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Mattsburgh, May 11, 2021.

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  1. The time frame the generic front line customer support gives is 5 business days and no sooner than that. The reality is, because of the severity of the defect, any time you open a ticket on a Kona Electric you get contacted within about 24-48 hours. And they even told me they contacted me right away b/c of that. That is, she confirmed usually it would be a week or more but because it's about the Kona Electric, she moved me up and contacted me right away. My friend has a Kona Electric and heard the next day, so about 24 hours, while my wait was closer to 48 hours.
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  3. Apples and oranges. When your car is totaled they legally owe you what the car was worth right before it was wrecked. With a buyback they are basically undoing the purchase process including even paying us back any tax we paid on the purchase. They are, however, of course allowed to make a reasonable deduction for depreciation. In your case it's all about what the car is worth "now" if you tried to sell it. In a buyback that's not relevant at all.

    I agree that if they agree to give me some part of what I paid for the vinyl it's probably lucky. Or at least I would say if they agree to do it without a fight it's lucky. I do feel I have a fairly reasonable argument as to why they should at least pay something even if it's like only say half. It's all about whether they're being reasonable or cheap. More often than not, we know the answer when it comes to corporations.
  4. JFree

    JFree New Member

    So I live in NYS and our 2019 Kona EV battery is fried as a result of the BMS update. Car has been there a month and dealer has no clue as to when and if we will get a battery. I did start a case but can never get in touch with the person assigned to us. Service rep in local dealership asked if we got any kind of call regarding a buyback. When I told him no I asked him if he knew who I should talk to. He suggested Sales Manager. Sales manager had no clue what I was talking about and suggested I call the 800-633-5151--the number which I've been trying to call for the past few weeks (wait times have been up to an hour). So tried again today and got someone at hyundai consumer affairs who had not heard anything about any kind of buyback program and said I need to speak with the case manager assigned to me (she never calls back).

    So now at a loss as to what is happening with getting a battery and if we are when (service rep has no clue) and a bit confused as to why the person I spoke with has no clue about any kind of Hyundai buyback, considering plenty of people on this thread seem to be involved with some kind of buyback. So is the buyback just something some local dealers are doing on their own?

    Any suggestions

    EVRIGREEN Member

    Was told today that Hyundai is announcing a resolution to Recall 200 "very soon." But no word on what this resolution actually is.
  6. Chris-Ca

    Chris-Ca Member

    Who told you that?
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    EVRIGREEN Member

    A rep at the "Recall Center." I had an issue with another recall (long story) and asked about 200 and that's what she said.
  9. 2019KonaEVUlt

    2019KonaEVUlt New Member

    Quick update on my repurchase offer on my 2019 Kona EV lease (started by filing complaint with HCA on 4/20, received formal offer to buyback my Kona from Hyundai on 4/27, contacted by Sedgewick team on 5/7, sent over all requested paperwork on 5/7, received repurchase offer today 6/10). Like others have experienced, they are offering to pay me back for all payments including my down payment minus usage.

    With that said, I do have questions. They calculated usage from the mileage I was at when I opened up a complaint/call to HCA and not the first date I took the car in for battery related recall work. Should this not be the date of the first time the car went in for some battery software management updates? I am a bit fuzzy on this. They also didn't factor in my registration fees even though I was asked to supply this. And they only factored in my payments made through April (May and June were not included so this will need to be revised).

    In any event, I am happy things seems to be moving forward after nearly 5 weeks of relative silence.
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  10. BlueKonaEV

    BlueKonaEV Well-Known Member

    It would be nice if they would use the date of Campaign 960, but 960 did not impact owners use of the vehicle. You could still charge to 100%, so your owners experience was not affected. They are using mileage at Campaign P29 as this was the start of charge limits.
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  11. 2019KonaEVUlt

    2019KonaEVUlt New Member

    Gotcha. That makes sense now that I think about it. Thanks for chiming in.
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  13. JFree

    JFree New Member

    What number is the Recall Center
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  14. NRH

    NRH Active Member

    Lots of people at various stages of buyback process, but am I correct that nobody here has actually turned in a vehicle yet?
  15. Local dealer had nothing to do with it for me, except of course applying P29. Corporate Hyundai is who I have been working with and then Sedgwick once CH handed it off to them. If you're already dealing with CH (sounds like you are) and it's not getting anywhere I suggest going another route (or just threatening to) by filing a complaint with the NHTSA or your state Attorney General's office (or, the BBB).
  16. Someone in the FB group definitely already sold theirs back and turned the vehicle in already. But they started way before any of us (it seems). He also said from start to finish the whole process took 10 weeks for him.
  17. 2019KonaEVUlt

    2019KonaEVUlt New Member

    There are 2-3 well-documented cases on Reddit of people completing the process. I was able to chat with one guy who says it took him about 3 months total (about 5 weeks after accepting his buyback offer he dropped the car off at the dealership). That matches up with another guy who said about a month after you accept/sign your buyback offer you should be handing the vehicle over at the dealership.
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  18. JFree

    JFree New Member

    Thanks. I put a complaint in with NHTSA today. And left yet another message with my case manager who never answers and never calls back.
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  19. Chris-Ca

    Chris-Ca Member

    How long does it take to initially hear from a case manager? I got customer service to open a case and send it to "Hyundai National" on 6/8. I checked that a case is in their system by entering it into the "Update case" option in the contact us section of Hyundai's web site. But I have no # to call to check other than the standard customer service #.
  20. Joev

    Joev Member

    This is for US vehicles.
    Hyundai corporate,
    1 (855) 371-9460
    Have your VIN number ready and they will look up all of the open recalls.
    Make sure you mention to them that you want a case number to document your inquiry.

    Quotes from the US recall:

    If the manufacturer has failed or is unable to remedy this safety recall for your vehicle in a timely manner, please contact the NHTSA Vehicle Safety Hotline at: 1-888-327-4236 or TTY: 1-800-424-9153
  21. JFree

    JFree New Member

    I only got a call back after I wrote a complaint in the case # update page. This was at least a week or more after I got a case created. However I missed the call as it didn’t have a Hyundai caller ID. And now it’s been another week and multiple calls to the case manager and she never answers and never calls back. So good luck as I’m still waiting to talk to someone.
  22. Chris-Ca

    Chris-Ca Member

    So you haven't talked to your case manager at all?
  23. Matt D

    Matt D New Member

    I had a similar experience to JFree. I opened my complaint to Hyundai Corporate on 5/25 and was told I would hear back from someone by 6/4. That came and went, so I started calling each day and finally got a call from a case manager yesterday. After sending proof of P29 being performed, I was sent the buyback letter in about an hour. Now it says I will hear from Sedgwick in about a week.
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