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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by MCSqrd, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. Wayne Warde

    Wayne Warde Active Member

    They have ordered new rear calipers and they are waiting for direction from Hyundai. The breaks are solid and they work well. They just make noise at low speed .
  2. I notice a small thump as well when they grab but not as much if I load my tools in the car, if the new ones make a difference I guess I will get mine done too, seeing as we have the same dealer.
    Let us know after the work is done .
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  3. Wayne Warde

    Wayne Warde Active Member

    Okay I will let you know .
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  4. I noticed my brakes are incredibly grabby and the pedal requires a very light touch and yes, when they grab there's a "clunk". I just assumed this car required a light touch. I'll keep an eye (and ear) on it though.
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  5. Wayne Warde

    Wayne Warde Active Member

    Now my brakes click and clunk and I can hear the brake pads on the rotors in the back.
  6. CJC

    CJC Well-Known Member

    This morning when I was going to the service dept. at dealership I thought I could hear the brake pads on the rotors on the right side. Time will tell I guess. I'm glad we don't have any road trips planned until this gets figured out.
  7. KonaTom

    KonaTom Active Member

    I tried an old time solution, and sped the car up then slammed on the brakes to break them in. And it seemed to work. They are much smoother now. We don't use the brakes enough with regen, so they stiffen up.
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  8. My car freaked out yesterday when a car turned in front of me and decided I was too close. Talk about grabbing! I'm sure after I peeled my face off the windshield those brakes were broken in.
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  9. d-b

    d-b New Member

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  10. If my luck holds true it'll come into effect AFTER I bought. I have never found being an early adopter has benefited me when it comes to government incentives.
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  11. brulaz

    brulaz Active Member

    Sorry, haven't read the whole 48 pages here, but are there any Ontario members here who have received a Kona Electric?
    What are the approximate wait times?
  12. There are a few of us. Most were pre-order customers from last summer. We waited until January/February before delivery. Cars are now available for immediate purchase on lots. There are not a lot but they are out there. All are Ultimate trims. There are no Premiere trims available yet in Canada as far as I know.
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  13. brulaz

    brulaz Active Member

    Ah yes, many thanks.

    Autotrader.ca is listing quite a few Kona Ultimates in the Toronto area from $52K-$55K.
    And also on Autotrader.ca, the low trim Bolt LT is starting at $46K, but the Premier trim goes up to $54K.
    Then the Tesla 3 Std Range, Std+, Mid range are running $48K, $50K, $54K respectively.

    Definitely a range of vehicles currently available.
  14. We'll it looks like the Federal Budget EV credit is a bust. While I haven't seen details the reporting is $5000 for cars under 45k. So apparently it's a Nissan Leaf subsidy? If it's true it's a joke.
  15. brulaz

    brulaz Active Member

    Well, it might encourage the Kona Premier or Bolt LT's to move to $44,999
    In the States there have been Bolts selling for US$25K.

    But a <50K limit would have been my preference, so the Tesla 3 Std would have been covered.
  16. My point is there is nearly nothing on the market that meets this threshold. Where would they get this number from? Do they think the market will bend because of a measly 5k credit in Canada?
  17. brulaz

    brulaz Active Member

    I think they looked at the Teslas and decided the political optics of supporting the Teslerati was bad.
  18. fiercely

    fiercely Member

    It is only a $600 drop in msrp for the preferred trim kova EV to become eligible for the incentive. Hyundai Canada could totally stomach it, I believe they already are showing discounts in that range on their website, its a small step to just update the msrp (one can dream ;))
  19. All the stupid government had to do was eliminate the federal portion of the HST/PST. They could have done it 4 years ago, it would have covered everybody who bought and would be commensurate with the retail price. Instead, what do they do? They say we'll give you this money but only if you buy the lowest trim, limited range vehicles on the market. I really can't believe that anyone suggested this approach in their "consultations".
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  20. WelshCanuck

    WelshCanuck New Member

    Did any of our BC members go to the auto show in Vancouver last week? We went Saturday and loved how much EV stuff was there. All the reps were we spoke to agreed that the EVs were getting the most attention of all the cars on display. The Kona EV was getting a LOT of attention!

    Wayne tried driving a hydrogen powered car, he said it was great but we were surprised to learn that it costs just as much as fuel to run.

    Also, just had to share these bumper stickers I found there!
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