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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by MCSqrd, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. CJC

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    Normal is boring lol. I can live with Alice as she is, but I am really thinking of something to personalize her. Do you mean all that section below the emblem? That might be kind of nice. I will have to try fiddling with my S Pen on my Samsung and sort of white it out and see what I think. Thanks.
  2. The real prob
    Funny how different people perceive things differently. I favoured the Kona because I thought it looked different, not the average hatchback. Now, I haven't seen it in person so maybe it's blander than I thought? I have read several comments from clearly stodgy people who like it BECAUSE they think it looks "normal" so maybe they're on to something and I'm the odd man out. I agree, CJC. I'm not interested in "normal" either.
  3. CJC

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    Yay someone who doesn't like "normal" either! I think the car is nice and tidy looking and solid, but I have to say when I saw it in person for the first time I was a little disappointed in the ordinariness of the looks. The front end with the closed grill appeals to me as it is a little different. The rear end is very ordinary looking. I think it really begs for a wrap. lol When I saw the Mini this afternoon with the white roof wrap it definitely caught my eye and looked special. I like that. Had it been all one colour I likely wouldn't have noticed it.
  4. Vanryan

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    Mine is the Phantom Black..not sure the 2 tone roof would work on it. I do like the white body with black roof that is available in other countries. If that was available I would have got that one.

    I am considering getting black rims for summer tires and then using the stock aero tires as winter rims. Just need to save some $'s as my bank account is feeling a lot lighter after this purchase! I am not too concerned with attracting too much attention driving an EV, I like to blend in. That was part of the draw for this car as it looked a lot more "normal" than the other EVs (e.g., Bolt, Volt, Leaf etc.) but if you know what to look for it does stand out.
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    Stodgy...oh my. I'm sorry that I'm stodgy because I don't perceive it the same way as you, but it doesn't look like the average hatchback to me. The front looks different and unique which initially caught my eye, however I don't spend my time standing outside looking at it all day. The range, technology, and interior features are more important to me, as I spend my time behind the wheel. As far as that is concerned, there is nothing normal about it. Huge upgrade from my 04 mazda 3, so I'm more than happy.
    Jaguar I-Pace might be more to your liking, and it comes with some sick rims. 394 hp, 512 lb-ft torque, 0-100km/h in 4.8s, 90kWh battery, AWD, air suspension!
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    We are just having a bit of fun E-Shark. Anyone buying a Kona EV is very avant garde in the car world--probably we are at least 5 years ahead of the rest of the population. We all like different colours, styling, etc. and no one has any complaints about the car. We just want to personalize it to make it feel like our own. Like my dog lifting his leg on a tree in his turf to make sure other dogs know he lives here. lol. Clearly I have too much time on my hands if I am looking at tartan for my car's roof. lol
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  7. fiercely

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    Apparently Hyundai Canada cancelled the preferred trim. All Canadian dealerships appear to have received some sort of update from HQ. I am trying to get more detail but it is not looking good.
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  8. I can tell you that I have the ceramic blue and I am going to wrap the roof and mirrors in black. If you search the web for pics you will find some done that way and I like it better than the white.
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  9. Well that's news. Keep us up to date if you get anything.
  10. Shawn Schinkel

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    Any news for you yet Wildeyed?
  11. Nope. Tomorrow is D-Day. There are 12 Konas with black interiors on lots within driving distance and there's a Bolt LT locally on sale for $5000 off. Neither option is perfect but telling my dealer to screw off is pretty compelling so I may just decide to do so. We'll see.
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  12. Thought maybe the extended wait would pay off with increased incentives from the B.C. budget today, but no luck, just an extension of the existing $5K . (more than whats available in Ont.)
    I am setting my patiently waiting limit to March 17 after which I will probably be tempted to do the same( just make sure you get your $1K back in cash before telling dealer to S%$# off)
    Buying a car is not supposed to be like this
  13. Have you considered window visors, they make some appeal and are functional for defrosting when raining
    These work well for my Leaf and are considerably cheaper than dealer supplied
    Havn't checked for sunroof deflector yet
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  14. CJC

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    I just found a picture with the black roof wrap. It is very nice. It looks elegant and professional, and it give it an interesting eye catching look. Now I am in a quandry lol. The white is nice too. After looking at the black I may lean that way now. However, I do remember being wowed by the white when I first saw it. Stay tuned. lol
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  15. Just curious: why March 17th?
  16. I had scheduled my wrap for tomorrow but put it off for a week because of snow and rain. I will post pictures when it’s done.
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  17. CJC

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    When you are at the wrap shop, take a look for any tiny tartan patterns that would match up with the Ceramic Blue please. I saw a Mini that looked great with a tiny tartan pattern. I know it would be out there for most, but I would be game if it was subtle. lol Looking forward to seeing the black wrap as the photo I saw looked great.
  18. I will try to remember to ask about a tiny tartan.
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  19. CJC

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    Maybe there is a tiny tartan predominantly black with a wee bit of blue--so that one has to take a second look to see that it is tartan and not just black.
  20. fiercely

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    I don't know what to think. Hyundai Canada via Twitter told me the preferred is not cancelled. Is my dealer trying to trick me into buying an Ultimate?
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