Taking Pre-Orders in Canada

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by MCSqrd, Jul 6, 2018.

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  1. MCSqrd

    MCSqrd New Member

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  3. Thanks for letting us know. Looking at that link, it doesn't specify that it's going to only be available in specific provinces, which is good. Here, it seems California and maybe a few other states with similar clean air legislation are getting the initial ones. And even there, they aren't taking deposits yet.

    As a side note, I just saw a gas-powered one here yesterday and thought it looked pretty sharp from the outside. Of course, the Electric has a different nose on it, but still kind of exciting.
  4. MCSqrd

    MCSqrd New Member

    Just read your article, glad to get the message out. It does look like it'll be the 64 kWh version as the website really only gives you the "Ultimate" package option.
    I took the ICE Kona for a test drive last week when I put down my deposit. It drives well and I like the overall design but I'm really looking forward to seeing how the EV version compares in terms of torque, the center of balance the battey gives it and the shift by wire tech.
    And of course the true test will be the commute home during a snow storm!
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  5. I heard that! I'm a little disappointed it's not all-wheel-drive, but if they've done traction control well, it should still do well enough in the snow. Definitely helps keep the price down.

    Interestingly, the official specs list drive type as FWD, but then later, in the weight section, it seems like it could be a future feature.

    Hyundai Kona FWD.jpg
    Hyundai Kona weight.png
  6. I also paid my $1000 deposit this week. My concern at the moment is colour. The web page does not offer all of the colours that are available for Kona EV in other countries. It also doesn't allow for a two tone roof. I'm hoping that the choices become available before I have to commit to a final order, but I think it's likely that Hyundai has deliberately limited the choices in order to meet the pre-order demand quickly.
    Also, if anybody has a suggestion for the best home charger, I would love to have that input.
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  8. Check out this thread, which was just started today by someone looking for a home charger.
  9. Just put my preorder and deposit down yesterday! Airport Hyundai in London Ontario.
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  10. Nice! Let us know how things develop. :)
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  11. Hi Bill,
    I currently have a Chevy Volt and until recently had a Bolt EV on order which I am now dropping in favour of the Kona EV. I had a Sun Country Highway charger for my Volt and that worked very well but will not supply enough energy for the Kona. I will be buying a Juice box Pro 40 for the Kona whenever it arrives. I've found in my researching that it seems to be built well and has the most features for around the same price as smaller/less capable units. If you're after a smart charger (app/wifi support) that would be my choice. Another nice feature is that if you plan on taking it with you for a road trip, it is very easy to adjust the charging power limits so you could plug it into a lower rated circuit (such as a dryer outlet which is limited to 24amps) with an adapter and not trip breakers (or start fires!) My 2 cents worth, hope that helps!
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  13. CJC

    CJC Well-Known Member

    We just put down our deposit for a Kona Electric today in British Columbia. We were told we could expect our Kona before Christmas. The first lot of orders will come in October and we missed out for that delivery. We were disappointed that no EV cars are being made with a white roof. Only the Ultimate model is being made now which has a sun roof thus you can't have a white roof. Colour selection was pretty limited imo. White, red, black, blue and grey. We ordered the ceramic blue with the grey and white upholstery. We would have gone with red, but the only option for upholstery was black which I don' t like. We did test drive a regular Kona, but that was not really helpful as it was a very stripped down basic model with no adaptive cruise control and one couldn't get a sense of the Kona EV in it. However it felt pretty comfortable and my husband and I are large people --height and weight wise. I own a Ford C-Max Energi PHEV which we are keeping. We are excited about the Kona.
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  14. konarius

    konarius New Member

    KonaEV is impeccable, except for small. I'll get it in three weeks. It was a long wait. It's been seven months since the contract.
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  15. Alligator4480

    Alligator4480 New Member

    Hi Folks,
    Placed my deposit today (Burlington, Ontario).

    Salesperson comments (take with a grain....)
    1. Possible October delivery....
    2. This dealership has placed approx 16 deposits. (gee...was expecting a whole lot more i guess).
    3. 2 trim levels: Preferred & Ultimate
    4. His best guess: $44'ish & $49'ish respectfully

    forgot to ask.....
    does anyone think these will be offered both as Lease & Finance?

    most likely, ultimate in white.
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  16. Woot!
    Please let us know how it goes. October for a Canadian delivery sounds good! I was thinking they might only start arriving there around the first of December.

    Regarding financing options, I've no idea. Hopefully one of our other members does.
  17. Awesome! I placed my order mid July and was told the exact same (London Ontario). Same timeline estimate, price he said they expected to be a bit less than the Chevy Bolt (Bolt Premier is $51k, LT is $46k). I ordered Ultimate Galactic Grey!
  18. zoominbc

    zoominbc Active Member

    Got my first email from Hyundai Canada. They said that pre-orders will be built in October-December and deliveries in January and February based on pre-order date. Still no pricing announced.
  19. Thanks for this. Since Hyundai (and Kia) seem to be holding their cards close to their chests, any info like this is greatly appreciated.
  20. Patkemp

    Patkemp New Member

    First post here......:)

    I received my Hyundai e-mail as well. Mine states deliveries of pre-order vehicles "before March, 2019". Looking forward to my first EV!!
    By the way, I'm in Alberta so it appears the EKona will be available outside of the three (now two) "EV friendly" provinces.
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  21. That's great news! One could argue that Alberta needs plug-in vehicles more than any other province.

    Welcome to the Forum, we hope you'll consider sharing your buying/ownership experience with us and helping those who come after.
  22. Patkemp

    Patkemp New Member

    Thanks Domenick,

    I will stay active and share with all.

    Agreed about the Alberta comment..... lots of oil (of course) and coal power plants here. But the bigger thing keeping Albertans from making the switch to EV is the DISMAL availability of DCFCs. Outside of Tesla Superchargers, I can only see 3 DCFCs in the entire province!!! And none are convenient for "stop, charge and go" long distance travel. Hope this changes soon!
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  23. Charging, especially DC fast charging is hugely important for consumer adoption. And in Canada, where the distances to other cities can be pretty far compared to Europe and the US, it's even more important.

    Hopefully, there are enough stations between Calgary and Edmonton. I was under the impression that the Trans Canada highway was covered, but I admit I haven't looked into that closely.

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