Taking Pre-Orders in Canada

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by MCSqrd, Jul 6, 2018.

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  1. Thanks for the info Mike! If you don't mind me asking, when did you place your first order?

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  3. I totally believe you, Mike. Hyundai has been just as tight-lipped and shabby with dealers as it has with its clients. My dealer is at his wits end trying to ring info out of them. Funny thing is that if you inquire directly to Hyundai they always refer you to the dealer - who they then blame for any lack of communication. Must be nice taking flack from the buying public while Hyundai throws you under the bus.
  4. CJC

    CJC Well-Known Member

    I phoned Hyundai Canada today to try to squeeze out some information without luck. As you say, the first thing she asked was whether I had talked to my dealership. I said yes and they have no info. She said she would try to get information from "Production" and would contact me if she learns anything. She gave me a reference number. Before ending the conversation, I said that I read several Kona EV forums and it is evident that we are all getting frustrated with no information. She laughed and replied that she knows people are eager for info. So I gather headquarters is well aware of the consumer's frustration. Leads me to think that Hyundai Canada is in the dark too concerning delivery status. Is Hyundai in South Korea disorganized I wonder?

    We were told that before the car is built we will be given the VIN and confirm details of our order. Since our last email said our car was being built, I will be optimistic that they have built a Ceramic Blue one for us with grey interior and it is sailing for Vancouver right now. lol
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  5. I phoned today too just for shits and giggles and got the same speech. Nothing more or less than I expected. My operator insisted that we were getting monthly updates. When I told her about my (and your) experience she refused to believe me! But I agree with you and others: it's not just the lack of info that bugs me but the continually broken promises. I don't believe ANYTHING Hyundai says anymore.
  6. Wayne Warde

    Wayne Warde Active Member

    Yes Mike and information is great information.
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  8. CJC

    CJC Well-Known Member

    I'm glad my Hyundai Canada service rep. didn't argue with me. I can get a little irritable with that sort of response when we would have no reason to fabricate. However, I wasn't thrilled with her laugh when saying she knew people were eager for news. I'm very disappointed in the lack of good public relations. It makes ones query doing business with them. Our dealership impressed us, but the experience with Hyundai Canada is not good thus far. I will be surprised to hear from them. But if I do I will let you all know.
    Our salesman is a very nice guy. He can only give out whatever info. he gets which isn't much so far.
  9. What you people think the problem really is?
    They cannot make enough cars? They don't really want to push the Evs?
    I've been reading other forums and peoe in UK even had early arrivals, so I don't really understand the situation
  10. CJC

    CJC Well-Known Member

    My husband thinks that Canada is very low priority because we aren't a population that is heavily into EV automobiles. He says now that they say California will get deliveries in the first part of 2019, he thinks the push will be on to fulfill their commitments to them versus Canada with our piddling amount of orders. The UK is also very much into EV's as is Norway. So Canada perhaps is a small fish in a big market, and will not get priority service??
  11. CJC

    CJC Well-Known Member

    I just got a call back from Hyundai Canada Customer Service re: my questions about when we will get information on our orders. She said "VIN's have not been allocated, but this will happen in the first quarter of 2019". I said, "I guess there is a big delay happening". She didn't respond to that and just said, "your dealer will have more information in the first quarter of 2019".
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  13. Canada is traditionally a big market for Hyundai so I don't see the advantages to pissing off an established customer base. Here's the thing I don't get: by soliciting pre-orders they've known since July how many Canada wants. All of the correspondence since then, all of the promises and self-imposed deadlines we're based on solid information. In other words they could have at any time changed plans and informed us of the changes. They've chosen not to do it.
  14. No apologies? No explanation? I'm going to start my Bolt shopping, I think!
  15. CJC

    CJC Well-Known Member

    No apologies, no comment, very guarded in responses was my take. I sent a text to my dealer with the response I got and he said he would be confirming the info to see if their info. jives with what she said. I haven't heard back from him. I'll let you know what I learn if anything.
  16. CJC

    CJC Well-Known Member

    I think in the end the long wait will be worth it. I was feeling miffed about lack of communication from Hyundai Canada and started researching all that is available in the EV world with features and price that we can afford, and really it come down to the Kona EV or the Niro EV. I watched all the Niro EV videos again (Bjorn Nyland's) and the Kona just seems nicer looking and more appealing some how. So I will just resign myself that this wait will be worth it. I do believe a positive attitude will help me live longer lol.
  17. I know we have no leverage. If we want the car we wait and we suffer the slings and arrows Hyundai throws at us. If we cancel, the car will sell instantly to someone else. Hyundai can't lose which is why their behaviour is particularly galling. They hold all the cards and still can't treat customers right. And by the way, allowing a company to run roughshod over you isn't what I'd call being positive. But who am I to talk? I'm still hoping to get the damn car too!
  18. CJC

    CJC Well-Known Member

    You made me laugh Wildeyed! What you say is so true. I'm using self talk to keep my spirits up lol. It will all be smooth sailing when we get the first Kona EV's --nice quiet car, no gas fumes, state of the art safety features etc.
  19. Laugh through our tears. I do believe this situation qualifies as a form of black humour!
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  20. Anybody else get a $100.00 gift card from Hyundai Canada today? Just curious. Mine promises that "it won't be long until it's in my driveway" and appreciates " my patience AS MY VEHICLE IS BEING BUILT."

    There are so many things wrong with that last sentence I can't even fathom anyone writing it!
  21. Wayne Warde

    Wayne Warde Active Member

    Yes I got the same email .I think that Hyundai knows just how frustrated it's customers are and I think that this is a great way to smooth the waters a little. I wish that along with the email there could have been just a little tidbit of info.
    Oh well I will take it .
  22. You folks who are calling Hyundai, are you calling the regular customer service number on their website? Or is there another number that I'm not seeing?

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  23. Mike Hills

    Mike Hills New Member

    13th December we have only recently been approved by Hyundai as a EV dealer

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