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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by MCSqrd, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. Mike Hills

    Mike Hills New Member

    Was informed today by corporate that there are Canadian builds now entering production, so hopefully those that ordered early will get some news soon.
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  2. I emailed through their website contact form. Utterly useless. It's all just "talk to your dealer." Like a robot. I finally called their customer service number off the website. I talked to a human but she just insisted that we were being updated constantly on our order status, even though I explained how woeful the communication has been. She promised to call back but I've heard nothing. Yesterday I emailed Hyundai Canada's CEO. It didn't bounce back so I assume it went through but I've received no response yet. It all seems rather pointless. They hold all the cards and aren't willing to show their hand.
  3. Is "corporate" the customer relations department or some other more official (and informed) source, Mike?
  4. Mike Hills

    Mike Hills New Member

    No NOT customers relations, contact speak to factory management weekly, and are usually very up-to-date with new models and release dates.
  5. Interesting, thanks.
  6. Mike Hills

    Mike Hills New Member

    For Canada the first lot of vehicles will be landing at the port in the first week of January, 2019.
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  7. Fingers crossed that you're source is a reliable one, Mike. And that the "lot" is more than three!
  8. chilleeves

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  9. Sorry for the quick follow-up but, if Hyundai is following protocol, wouldn't' some buyer somewhere have already had to have been informed of the price? We were supposed to have the chance to change our minds and get our deposit back if we did it before the car left the factory.
  10. Mike Hills

    Mike Hills New Member

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  11. That's exactly what I'd assumed it would be. Pricey but in the tolerable range for the current market. Thanks for the news.
  12. Oilberta

    Oilberta Member

    Can I speculate that the ship will arrive on the west coast of Canada (Vancouver B.C., Annacis Island [port]) ? If the contact could provide the ship's name, we could follow its location. If it will arrive the first week of January, it's probably already at sea.
  13. Mike Hills

    Mike Hills New Member

    Options Kona Ultimate and Preferred electric

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  14. Mike Hills

    Mike Hills New Member

    If I get that info will pass it on.
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  15. fiercely

    fiercely Member

    Hey Mike,

    1) Do you happen to know if the two-tone colors are available for all Canadian trims or just Ultimate?

    2) Any news on bluelink integration and/or any smartphone app for this vehicle?



    ps. I would ask my local dealer but they seem to know less than you
  16. Mike Hills

    Mike Hills New Member

    Two tone is only available on Preferred Ultimate has sunroof so not available same with Gas versions
    Bluelink is standard on both but initial production we have been told is Ultimate only
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  17. CJC

    CJC Well-Known Member

    I am wondering something Mike. When we ordered in July, we were told that we would know our car was going to be built when we receive a call saying what the VIN is, and at that time we can choose to cancel or go ahead with the order. To my knowledge no one has had that kind of call. What info do you have about this? I am fine if they have started building ours without that step, but they were pretty firm that was the protocol. I know with my special order on my Ford PHEV, I was given the VIN when they started to build it and from then on I could track it on a train across the USA.
  18. CJC

    CJC Well-Known Member

    No email or gift card here. But we have been without power for 48 hours and it is just now back on so maybe mine is the big computer in the sky. lol
  19. CJC

    CJC Well-Known Member

    We did get $100 gift certificate in the mail today with a Christmas Card. Very nice! 20181224_140919.jpg
  20. Identical to my email version. I wonder why some got paper? Mine was Best Buy. At least with yours you can drown your sorrows properly!

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