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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by MCSqrd, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. CJC

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    We, like fools, didn't get any paper work other than MC receipt. However, the verbal exchange was we could get the deposit back anytime before we were given the VIN. slamdunk6 I would think your car hasn't even been built yet. Why don't you go onto the dealer facebook site and ask others "Did this dealer say you could get deposit back anytime before we receive the VIN?" Might shake him up fearing bad publicity.
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  2. I would add that this policy was clearly written on the website when I pre-ordered back in July. However that could have changed. My money is on a bad salesperson giving you a hard time. Escalate at the dealership level.
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  3. Brennan Raposo

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    This doesn’t sound legit at all.
    If there’s no VIN - there’s no legally binding order. Unless it was done on the Hyundai website which stipulates that the deposit is non-refundable.
    Otherwise, it’s 100% refundable.

    I ordered my vehicle with one dealership but when they Pi$$ed me off, I physically purchased my car from another. The first was still obliged to give me my deposit back as there was no VIN and therefore no vehicle was “purchased”.
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    thanks everyone for yr expertise advice, i got a call from my salesman earlier today saying his manager agree to refund my full deposit. he said his manager saw my craigslist posting which i am trying to sell my reservation to someone else, i guess he wants the post to be deleted before it brings him any trouble, lol
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    Awesome! Weird how they're so willing to let all that money go now. ;)
  6. fiercely

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    Telsa have done a terrible thing today and for the first time made me question myself (re Model 3). Stay strong right?
  7. I've never seen the Tesla as comparable to any of the other EVs I considered. I would never buy a sedan. It's a low seating position. If that's your bag, then sure. But let's not forget, the $35k (and Canadian equivalent) Model 3 does not compare well in finish and specs or range unless you add a few grand worth of upgrades. But it's personal preference too. If you just love the brand and the car then maybe a Tesla's for you.

    Edit* I just built one on the site that's fairly comparable and it's $57,600.
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    Clearly Hyundai wouldn’t have built the Kona without the push from Tesla, now they are out to disrupt again. It will be interesting to see how Hyundai responds.
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    I know right? EVs are really the future.
  10. Brennan Raposo

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    I’m still not sold on the Model 3. And this is coming from someone who had a down payment on a $91,000 AWD Model 3! I have 4 colleagues at work that stuck with the rear wheel drive models and as such still qualified for the last of the Ontario rebates. It seems like they’re at a service station almost weekly for one issue or another.
    I suppose it’s not a bad thing that Tesla wants their customers to be happy and encourages them to come in for any issue, but it just doesn’t bode well with me.

    Plus I prefer the size of the Kona over the model 3. It’s tight and low to the ground being as it’s a small sedan.

    Lastly - I priced out a mid-range model their with similar range to the Kona, any paint colour aside from black, and “autopilot” which is very similar to ALKA in the Kona albeit smarter and with much more cameras. All in it was $71,869 with Ontario sales tax but not including destination and other charges. My Kona came in at about $62,000 with extended warranties, other accessories and all fees. $10k is a lot of money for a brand!

    I love the look of the Model 3 and I love love love what Tesl is about. But it’s still not affordable enough for most consumers.
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  11. fiercely

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    In the end I completely agree.
  12. My charging off-peak overnight worked. Yay! Saga concluded?
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  13. Congrats!

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  14. If you add the white interior it's $60K ( mid range 425km, blue ext, wht int, basic autopilot)
  15. That's exactly the specs I looked at except I picked the one with
    Exactly the specs I chose save I was conservative in my range selecting the Standard range plus at 385km. So, sure it's competitive price-wise, or more competitive than it was but, it being a sedan, it's a different animal in my eyes. But people do love them some Tesla and brand is going to be a bigger qualifier for a lot of customers than price. But price will push people to commit.
  16. Mdsweb

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    Just wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to Brennan and others in this forum for sharing their Extended Warranty experience (getting it down to $1900)

    My dealer matched it with little to no haggling once I sent a link to Brennan’s post.

    Great to have 8 years of worry free driving - we’ll worth it.
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  17. Sigh, I had to pay $2K
  18. KonaTom

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    I didn't bother. I had a 7 year extended warranty for my Honda CRV and never used it. An electric car has far fewer moving parts, so I figure I will take a chance. Especially since the battery and components are warranted for 8 years.
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  19. Yeah, me too. I think it's a rip-off.

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  20. CJC

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    Same here. We have always bought extended warranties and never used them so didn't bother.
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