North Poll aka Canada ;): Clarity delivery ETA wait times

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Hobbesgsr, Apr 1, 2018.

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Canadian Clarity ETA

  1. 2-3 weeks

  2. 4 weeks

  3. 6 weeks

  4. 8 weeks

  5. 12 weeks

  6. 16 weeks

  7. Dealer has no clue...Thanks Honda Canada!

  1. amy2421

    amy2421 Active Member

    I wonder if this applies to the charger incentive as well. I too downloaded and filled out the March form prior to the rebate cancellation, and used it to submit for my charger rebate. I only today noticed that they have added a link to a new form. For weeks there were no forms online at all so I was pretty happy that I'd downloaded and saved the form before they took it down. Now it looks like I may have added an extra step if I have to fill in the forms again and resubmit... ugh...
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  3. iluvscuba

    iluvscuba Active Member

    Amy, how did you get the charger rebate? I thought it only apply if you purchase/install the charger before July 11 and I believe you got you car just 3 weeks ago?
  4. Mikep00

    Mikep00 Active Member

    I reached a satisfactory resolution with the dealership. I.e. we came to a settlement that I was happy accepting.

    But you can PM me and we can have a discussion on how you go about small claims. I am happy to provide tips, guidance, etc.

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  5. Kranberry

    Kranberry Member

  6. amy2421

    amy2421 Active Member

    I purchased the charger when I ordered my car because Chargepoint was having a 20% off sale at the beginning of July that I didn't want to miss out on. At the time I figured if Honda didn't come through with the Clarity I would go with the Optima PHEV or just return the charger for a refund. Then the rebate cancellation announcement came out a few days after I'd purchased it, with the Sept 10 deadline. I filled out the forms that were online at the time when I bought the charger but now it looks like I may have to redo it.
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  8. Kranberry

    Kranberry Member

    My understanding of the charger rebate was it had to have been installed prior to July 11th and it had to have a qualifying EHVIP purchase. I seem to recall that you had to have your car before you can install your charger as well, the wording for the rebate said you must own an electric car. Since you purchased the charger prior to owning the car not sure if you are eligible.

    Here's a snapshot of the MTO site before July 11th.

    Here's the excerpt from that page.

    "For charging stations purchased and/or installed after March 9, 2018 applicants must own an eligible new or used electric vehicle that is registered, plated, and insured in the applicants name and on the EVCIP Eligible Vehicle List below."
  9. amy2421

    amy2421 Active Member

    There was a thread about that on RFD and the consensus was that as long as the car is owned by the time the rebate application is submitted, it should qualify. Also there is wording about the installation being covered as long as it is done by Sept 10th provided the charger was purchased before the July cancellation date. (Used to be within 90 days but the Sept 10 deadline trumps that.)
  10. Kranberry

    Kranberry Member

    Did you install the charger before July 11th? There is specific wording that it has to be installed by July 11th. Not meaning to be a Debbie Downer, just wanted to present what I know. I used to be active on RFD, but haven't been on it in ages.

    Here's the current wording on the website as of today.

    "In addition, the Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program is cancelled effective July 11. Charging stations purchased and/or installed before this date will be eligible to receive incentives if the application is submitted within 60 days of July 11."

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