Newbie MINI app question

Discussion in 'MINI Cooper SE' started by FrancoMINIPNW, Dec 17, 2021.

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  1. Spent about an hour talking to MINI assist today. They suggested and tried various things that are already discussed here without much luck.

    They think above link reporting incorrect trim is probably not relevant to the issue since mini app reports correctly.

    One thing they wanted to try but couldn't is to restart/reboot system after updating services via holding down volume knob but that didn't work. Is there a way to restart/reboot system ? I didn't find any steps in the manual besides "Confirm system restart" in updating/restoring software via USB section.
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  3. David Baker

    David Baker New Member

    Thanks all for the responses. Especially to the owners who do not have the issue and responded. That shows great community spirit :)

    So looks like the VIN number translator is not the issue. We have people with the feature working where the VIN translates to Cooper S.

    However, the responses strongly suggest the Dec 14th / 15th Software Update could be the cause. We have:
    • 13 people on here all with the issue and ALL took delivery after Dec 15th
    • At least 5 people on here do NOT have the issue and ALL took delivery before Dec 14th (including LaurieS Dec 7th and chunck Dec 10th)
    So anyone chasing this down with Mini please continue to stress this information to them.
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  4. Not me

    Not me New Member

    I've never seen it working.

    However, as an app developer for a large company, dealers have absolutely nothing to do with the app. Bringing this up to them does nothing, you've got to submit feedback through the app - that's the only way their software engineering team will find out there's a problem.
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  5. Carsten Haase

    Carsten Haase Well-Known Member

    What software version is shown in your MINIs settings?

    I have no problems with:
    Telephone TT-002.156.007
    Media MT-002.156.007

    There is both an update option and a restore option as well. My restore says "no software update installed"
  6. Puppethead

    Puppethead Well-Known Member

    I've always wanted to know if that's possible.
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  8. SpeedyRS

    SpeedyRS Active Member

    I accept that the app is nothing to do with the dealer and wouldn’t expect them to be able to do anything with the app itself, but if you raise the issue with the dealer they can raise it with Mini corporate who can in turn pass on to the team who develop the software. I don’t think the problem lies in the app, but in the software update applied to the car after the 14th December since I’m running the same version of the app as others who have said their app is working correctly.
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  9. piflechien

    piflechien New Member

    The support once told me you can restart the system by pushing the volume knob button for 30 seconds. It will turn the screen off, and you should wait 30 min. Car totally stopped.
  10. Telephone TT-002.160.003
    Media MT-002.160.003
  11. MINI support tried that but screen didn’t turn off, they didn’t know why.
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  13. Not me

    Not me New Member

    That's like complaining to an Amazon delivery driver that Amazon double charged you for your order. Do they work for the same corporate entity? Yes. Is it technically possible that there's a way for them to forward your request? Maybe, but their job is to sell cars not collect feedback & deliver that feedback to the right people. And they certainly don't care if you were to say "all these other people on a forum I read have the same problem".

    But the answer is right here, the software engineers who work on the app & who work on the car do in fact work together & neither of them get their priorities from a dealer. That's why every app on your phone has a "send feedback" button in the first place, it sends the report to a product manager/owner who distills it, diagnoses the problem, & sets a priority for a fix.

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  14. SpeedyRS

    SpeedyRS Active Member

    I respectfully disagree. It’s absolutely nothing like complaining to an Amazon delivery driver about being double charged. That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever in the context of this discussion. What you may have missed is that I and I’m sure others who are having this issue have fed back on the app via the feedback function. I have also been speaking with Mini Connected. There was a whole other issue with remote services not working at all despite being fully enabled and it was through Mini Connected that this issue was resolved on Christmas Eve.
    If I have any problems with a brand new car I raise those issues with the dealer no matter who else I have contacted. Whether you agree or not, my experience of being in this situation has shown that my dealer at least *is* interested in the fact that only users who picked up their cars around the same date are having this issue and have passed on this information to Mini Corporate to get the situation resolved. They can raise a ticket to have the problem addressed. If not they would simply have said; “Nothing I can do mate, send feedback through an app”.
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  15. Hi All. Add me to the list of SE owners where the charge and climate schedule is not working in the app Mine landed in port on the 26th and I picked it up Sunday the 9th. Call Mini assist and they said to reinstall the app, which, of course, didn't work. Opened a ticket. Haven't heard back or checked with the dealer but don't expect service techs at that level to have a clue. Did check mini compatibility check for my VIN and got 2021 Mini cooper S.
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  16. SpeedyRS

    SpeedyRS Active Member

    I dropped mine off at the dealer today and they expect to have it a few days. Got a nice new Chilli red SE with 39 miles on it as a loaner, though a Level 2 rather than Level 3, but I am not complaining as they both drive the same. I don’t expect them to fix the issue unless reinstalling the 14th December software update magically does the trick, but I doubt it. At least they’re trying to do something about it.
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  17. Puppethead

    Puppethead Well-Known Member

    Really amazing they had an SE for a loaner.
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  18. SpeedyRS

    SpeedyRS Active Member

    It really was. They said it’s Mini’s car rather than the dealerships, provided to facilitate a 48 hour test drive promotion Mini are running here. It just arrived at the start of this week. It’s booked out to it’s first customer next Wednesday apparently. I’d have loved a 48 hour test drive, though I did get maybe half an hour’s drive in the demo car and that was enough to sell me on it.
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  19. DavidSumm

    DavidSumm New Member

    My dealer has been in touch, he sees the issue on the dealers forum keep coming up. He has said leave it with him, which is what I’m doing at present. I do however pass information to him from this forum in the hope he does pass it on if Mini are not monitoring this forum.
    By the way it was freezing last night, forgot to set timer in car manually, so had to go out to car to set it up. Oh for remote climate and charge control. Thinking about it now should have done a single remote warm up this morning. Oh well.
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  20. MallowMan

    MallowMan New Member

    You can add me to the list of not having a working "Charge & Climate timer" feature in the app. Mine dispatched from the factory on Dec 2nd, 2021, and I took delivery on Jan 3rd.
  21. chrunck

    chrunck Active Member

    Can you not start it from the app either? It's never been clear to me whether it was climatization altogether or just the scheduling aspect that wasn't working. Hope a fix comes soon, as the remote climatization is my favorite feature!
  22. DavidSumm

    DavidSumm New Member

    Should still start, it’s just the scheduling that seems to be affected. On mine anyway.
  23. chrunck

    chrunck Active Member

    Sorry, I didn't read to the end of your post where you said you said you should have done a remote start in the morning. D'oh.
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