High-Pitched Motor Noise

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by SeanH, Apr 29, 2019.

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    Jeez, Brennan! That's too bad. As CJC says in this thread, take the car to your dealer and "hold your ground!"
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  2. I've got my fingers crossed that none of this happens to me.
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    Personally i think its a hearing issue.
    Ive listened to clips and i dont hear nothing, whereas others hear stuff.
    I dont have techno knowhow, to say that, the frequency being heard from an electric motor or component, is a sign that it is failing or not operating properly.
    Its an electric car, yes it is quieter than an iCe veh but i dont think it will be completely silent.
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    Hmm. If you can't hear it in the audio file, then it probably is a hearing issue. I can hear it in the file and a spectral analysis shows that there is definitely sound there.
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  5. Thinking of how the drive unit and wiring is likely constructed and the probably very high quality control applied, I don't know what could be variable enough between examples in the semiconductor heat sink arrangement to create such a difference in noise. Two things come to mind however - first, are the coolant tubes fully evacuated of air and full of coolant which may dampen the noise in a normal example, and second are HV wiring looms (orange conduits) routed slightly differently such that the magnetic field (due to current) interacts with nearby ferrous materials. If you get a chance to look underneath again perhaps check (power off of course) that orange conduit pairs are always running as close as possible to each other, which of course reduces the stray field.
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  6. It's like I'm Charlie Brown and you guys are adults! Woosh, way over my head.
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    Thanks @CJC!
    Like you'd mentioned, it's just so sad when you're driving a car that's well into BMW and Mercedes territory. I can honestly not think of a single thing I dislike about this vehicle other than these clicks, squeaks and clunks. Yea, it's a little cramped for space, yea the fit and finish might not be of the highest quality for a car in this price range. But I bought it for its range and (perceived) lack of maintenance. The range has been incredible - better than expected. But the car is just clunky. I assumed I was buying a second-gen vehicle and that they'd worked out all of the kinks in Europe - but it appears as though that's not the case.

    I wonder if it might be worth reaching out to Bjorn Nyland. He's a HUGE fan of the Kona EV and his video's are wildly in-depth. I'm sure he has access to several European-spec Kona EV's and might be willing to do a video on it. It would be really interesting to see if this is just a North American issue.

    Regardless, when I bring my vehicle in on Saturday I'm going to ask to test drive a Kona EV that I've seen on the lot for the last few weeks as. I've also already advised the dealer that I had no intention of picking up the vehicle until it was completely silent.

    We'll see what happens! But on a happier note - I got a hitch installed today. I'll post photos in the proper thread!
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    It doesn't sound like you've been in a Tesla before....they're completely silent. They don't even have a VESS system. We have 7 model 3's at my work and one belongs to a very close friend - I assure you, they're completely silent.
  9. All this talk about weird noises has made me paranoid. Today my car started moaning as I was driving. I was instantly on alert! Turns out it was just a weird bit of pavement. As soon as I turned off it was quiet as a mouse. I hope you have some resolution at the dealer, Brannon.
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    Thanks @Kitsilano! I intend to. The most enjoyable part of summer to me is driving around the back roads with the windows down just listening to nothing. I was very much looking forward to doing this environmentally and without the sound of an engine in the background. Now I have clicks and clanks and high-pitched noises which are far worse then ICE engine drone lol!
  11. Until the VESS law here in the US kicks in.

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    Yup! not to worry @Wildeyed I get that regularly. That's more to do with our tires and the road surface :)
    Jeeze I think I've gotten everyone on here paranoid. But I'm not crazy, I swear lol! If anyone's in Southern Ontario, I'm happy to meet them and let them take my car for a ride!
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    I think he's already aware. See 16 minutes into this video. Same motor/gear components on Niro and Kona. Also read the comments on the video where some Kona EV owner mentions having to replace the motor due to noise. Without more information we don't know if all the different noise complaints about the Niro or Kona have a common cause or are different issues.

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  14. Bjorn does wonderfully entertaining and informative videos but he doesn't appear to have any relevant technical background.
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  15. CJC

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    Brennan I think it will all turn out good in the end for you. The Kona EV is a great sturdy car. Consumer Reports just panned the Kia Niro EV and backed up the Kona EV as the one to have. https://www.greencarreports.com/new...o-ev-suggests-a-hyundai-kona-electric-instead
  16. Brennan Raposo

    Brennan Raposo Well-Known Member

    Thanks for this @CJC this is a great little write up. I had no idea that the Niro EV suffered from some of these maladies. I do really enjoy my Kona. It drives superbly well. It's just the dang noises that are driving me berserk!
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    I had the same runaround. Just bought the Kona EV in Los Angeles last week. I brought it in for service b/c I thought it was bad brakes. After 2 dealerships, they say it sounds like the other Kona EV's on the lot (they test drove 2 more). This is such a horrible issue with this car. I wish I wouldn't have bought the car honestly now with this noise...In Los Angeles traffic, I hear it all the time...sounds like the car is broken. Really frustrating after spending so much on it...I'm going to try and get my money back...but I might be stuck with a horribly broken-sounding car for awhile...Never again with Hyundai
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    I haven't read the original CR article, but from the summary the criticisms hardly amount to a panning. Torque steer isn't peculiar to the Niro, as we know. As for "the steering feels vague", I believe them the same way I believe the wine expert who claims to detect a hint of macadamia nuts in his shiraz.
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  19. There have been a number of complaints about brake noises, esp in US vehicles, and I do recall seeing there was a resolution regarding clips or springs in the rear pads. Hang in there, they will figure it out. You could also enquire on the global FB group Hyundai Kona Electric (EV) which has now been accumulating US owners. This thread however is specifically about an audible high-frequency electrical noise.
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    Yea, I feel your pain. I sit in traffic for a total of about 3 hours a day. I'm not a huge fan of AC and I prefer driving with the windows down. I don't think it's as pronounced to some people but apparently I'm extremely sensitive to higher-frequency sound. It drives me absolutely bonkers.

    Update from my visit to the dealership on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, same runaround with regard to the high-pitched noise. They said if there's no recall, there's nothing they can do about it. I mentioned that there were dealers in BC who have had similar complaints and replaced parts. Unfortunately, it was just too early in BC for them to call. So again, it's up to Hyundai to rectify the issue. I will definitely not be holding my breath on this one!

    As per the loud clanking noise when I turn. The dealer did actually hear the noise right away. It was identified as the left control arm. They never told me whether it was broken or just malfunctioning, but they did tell me that it's completely safe to operate and that they've ordered a new one for replacement.
    I should have it within a week.

    I really really hope Hyundai monitors these or other forums. The high-pitched noise is turning into a real issue. A car of this price point should not have that noise. Not when Leaf's and Bolt's at a lower price point are completely silent.
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