High-Pitched Motor Noise

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by SeanH, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. KiwiME

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    Is that the third case now ... I think so? Very puzzling ... I'm slightly deaf but my Kona seems to be silent other than the nice whine it makes when I punch it, just like a failing ring and pinion in an ICE car.
  2. wizziwig

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    I guess I should be glad my Kia Niro EV (same drivetrain as the Kona) hasn't started making this specific noise. All I get now is a low tapping/knocking sound when coasting below 10 mph (see here for sample recording). Anyone hear similar on the Kona and if so, will it get any worse over time?
  3. JSU

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    Never heard this on my Kona Electric. That would drive me insane since it sounds like something is flapping around and loose.
  4. DG22

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    I'm joining this forum because I also have the hissing noise described and captured in the earlier video whenever using either pedal or when the regen brakes are on. I'm in the US and have had my Kona for a couple of months now. It had 180 miles when I bought it, now has 800. I'm pretty sure the sound only started a couple of weeks in, at maybe 300-400 miles. I just finally took it back to the dealer to ask (the brakes have also been squeaking and there's sometimes a bit of a lurch at low speeds when easing on the brakes). They said the hissing is just the pedals activating and was designed that way. I love the car otherwise and only hear it when the windows are down anyway, but will be interested if anyone ever hears anything differently regarding the cause of the noise.
  5. CJC

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    It sounds like VESS to me. I have listened several times.
  6. EnerG

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    I really wish it were VESS. The VESS is a much nicer sound than this raspy ringing, so if you think it is just VESS you likely aren't affected. This sound persists after VESS fades out at 25k. I have noticed it in excess of 35kph. The ringing may best be heard when driving alongside a building or cars that reflect the sound.

    I am assuming the Kona drive train is identical to the Niro's and Souls so we may hear more about this from other boards. Curious if anyone in the UK has noticed this.
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  7. Esprit1st

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    You can hear the VESS but there is definitely another sound that shouldn't be there.

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  8. XtsKonaTrooper

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    I guess one of the ways to rule out the VESS and get a more defined sound is to disconnect the VESS.
    KNOCK wood, for now, mine definitely doesnt sound like that.
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  9. electriceddy

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  10. BlueSal

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    It's not the brakes (noise started when I changed the tires), lately I've had my regen on zero. Now I've put it on auto regen and the louder sound is back :)

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