Delivery Times for 2019 Canada

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Grego, May 12, 2019.

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  1. Lex23

    Lex23 Member

    OMG! That would’ve been a tough call.. if only painting the car wasn’t that expensive..
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  3. Don't ever beat yourself up for holding out to get your preferred colour preference. It's like picking clothes. You need to feel right with what you wear,... and what you drive. And you might be driving this one for a long time.

    But out of curiosity, what is your first colour choice?:)
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  4. 3 weeks after my pre-order (July/23/18) I changed the color ( white ext/dark int to blue ext/light int ) which I was told bumped me back to bottom of the list. As it turns out, it became a fact as I was one of the last group to receive delivery on the original pre-orders (Feb 25/19) . Extremely pleased I did , love the light interior.
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  5. Uggh, that would have been a tough one. Black and grey ones are pretty much a hard no colours for me as well but it still would have been a tough decision.
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  6. Lex23

    Lex23 Member

    You’re right, I wouldn’t take the white one if they only had one right now..
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  8. lyonskonaev1.jpg lyonskonaev2.jpg
    I was impressed to see 2 new Kona Evs outside one of the landscape and gardening places in my city yesterday. It's nice to hear they're still trickling in and I hope mine arrives soon.
    I'll definitely keep supporting them esp after seeing the EVs they're now using. The owner said these vehicles leases cost the same as the fuel consumption on his other two vehicles (4x4 trucks) used for sales, etc so it just made sense. He's installing 2 chargers (prob 7KW) on the proprty soon
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  9. Yeah, really helps if you are a business, with the extra write-offs.
  10. I know I posted this previously but the business capital cost allowance is really significant on EV vehicles as of the most recent Canadian federal budget, essentially its 20K off your income taxes. If your a business you would be silly not to consider an EV. I hope I get my Kona before next year's budget as who knows if the current government will stand, if it falls I suspect so will this significant incentive.
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  11. Pulse red two tone with black roof preferred.
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  13. Someone in a Facebook forum just posted these May numbers for deliveries, not sure if they’re real or accurate but the numbers seem to fit the Hyundai delivery narrative so I’d say they’re probably accurate.

    1878 domestic and 2588 exported for May. No ramp up, and export number is actually lower than April
  14. Melly

    Melly Member

    I just put a deposit down for an Ultimate in chalk white yesterday and was told April or May of next year.

    Here's to hoping we still have both incentives!
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  15. This all reminds me of some appropriate futurama :) I wish Hyundai would just take my money.
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  16. Hmmm, look who found the video imbed button :)
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  17. Melly

    Melly Member

    Some Hyundai's arrived today off the boat!
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  18. Ugh prob never going to be mine though.
  19. Melly

    Melly Member

    You never know. Give it a few weeks.
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  20. Sweet! Are you spying at the docks? Any pics?? Share the intel ;)
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  21. Melly

    Melly Member

    Haha I work in the transportation industry. Sadly my Intel didn't know all the different types but he believes there was some kona's. It's pretty quick, get in the car, drive it off efficiently and park and go again.

    I believe they are unloading it tomorrow as well so I'll let you know if I hear anything else..

    The cars could be going to anywhere in Canada though. They just arrive via annacis auto terminal haha.
  22. Thanks so much! I hope mines on that vessel
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  23. Melly

    Melly Member

    Even though mine is suppose to be April delivery I hope every day haha
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