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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Grego, May 12, 2019.

  1. Grego

    Grego Member

    So I am curious in regards to the time frame for the Kona deliveries.

    Ordered the Preferred in Richmond BC on Sunday May 5th and was told to expect 8weeks for delivery.

    When you ordered yours what were you told?
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  2. Powerforward

    Powerforward New Member

    Congrats on placing your order! I ordered mine on April 23rd and they said it would take about 2 months to get here and probably about 2 weeks to get my VIN so I could have the provincial rebate reserved for me. I went and checked in a week later and they said they had just received VIN’s for vehicles they ordered at the beginning of March which was 2 months ago so it is really just luck I guess at this point. As for the rebate I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to get mine reserved in time judging on how much is left in the pool.
  3. Personally I didn't here a thing including any acknowledgement of purchase (other than a deposit receipt) or possible delivery time until Christmas 2018, 5 months later ( but of course that was the Pre-order thread)
    But this post pretty much sums it up:
    Actual delivery date : Feb 25/19
  4. Kitsilano

    Kitsilano Active Member Subscriber

    AutoTrader lists a Preferred available NOW at Hyundai Victoria. BC Ferries charges an arm and a leg, but the ride could get you a new Kona a few weeks earlier, Grego. Several Ultimates are available on the mainland.
  5. Grego

    Grego Member

    Mine was PreOrdered with 1000$ Deposit Non-Refundable. I'm actually trading in 2old vehicles too in that deal. So just awaiting for a phone call now....can't wait hope it happens soon.

    Not too sure if sales guy was just talking or he knows anything...but apparently the factory makes each type for 3months at a time. Say:

    January- March Preferred
    April-June Ultimate
    July-September Preferred
    October-December Ultimate

    And you order has to be in by end of first month of the production in order to catch it into that 3month period. Otherwise you on the Next Batch.

    How much truth there is to it not too sure.
  6. eastpole

    eastpole Member

    Grego, I ordered my Preferred on 25 April 2019. I was told I would be waiting 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. So I'm hoping for mid-June. In reality, I think it will take longer :( but we'll see. This is in Toronto at Gyro Hyundai.
  7. I ordered on May 4th and was told 6-8 weeks in Ottawa. Will wait and see...

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  8. Missed out on a in stock preferred in southern Ontario today, looking at putting in an order. Dealer wants $1500 deposit, figures around September with no guarantee on timelines. Is that standard? Honestly, my dealer seems a little standoffish. I suspect its because I am negotiating from below MSRP position. I figure no harm in asking regardless of the vehicle popularity.
  9. My deposit was for $1000.

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  10. Thanks for insight. I was offered an in stock ultimate today but was over MSRP. I found a more receptive dealer and ordered a 2020 preferred with a very reasonable under msrp price and only $1000 deposit.
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  11. Grego

    Grego Member

    So quick update in my case....Emailed my dealer and he said i should expect my vehicle in NOVEMBER...when the vehicle was ordered on May 4th.
  12. Kamloops_KoNa

    Kamloops_KoNa Member

    No matter what, the port of Vancouver has a lock out as of an hour ago. We shall see how long it last for, but until its resolved, nothing will be moving off the docks :(
  13. Kamloops_KoNa

    Kamloops_KoNa Member

    Annnnnnd the lock out is already over yay!
  14. mrKonaEV

    mrKonaEV New Member

    Ordered mine April 6th in Sudbury, ON. Took 7 weeks.
    On the bright side, by the time it got here, in May, the federal iZEV incentive kicked in, so I qualified.
  15. eastpole

    eastpole Member

    7 weeks is very quick, actually! :) I ordered mine 20 days after you, so now I am really holding my breath. :) Was it a Preferred or Ultimate? Have you seen other Kona EVs up North already, or did you order one unseen? Outside of the dealership we don't have many yet in Toronto, but I did see one on the 401 yesterday (with dealer plates on it.)

    tai viinikka
  16. I ordered mine May 3rd and originally they said 90 days from order to delivery. The following Monday after ordering they said September at the latest they hope. Followed up 4 weeks later to see if the workorder was updated with any info and they said nope but did say if I had ordered today it would be April 2020... really wish Hyundai could give more details on production being quiet about it seems entirely counterproductive.
  17. Paul_D

    Paul_D New Member

    Ordered mine in Vancouver BC on May 2 - told at time of deposit est. 2-3 months then asked again last week, now delivery for the Ultimate was going to be Oct/Nov delivery but it will be the 2020 model whatever that means. Not an acceptable time frame, will miss all the benefit of avoiding high BC gas prices over 2019 summer. Have a horrible feeling that may get pushed again.
  18. We ordered our Kona mid-May and were told 8-10 weeks.

    We called 2 weeks ago and the update was at Nov-Dec, although the sales guy said that didn't mean much. Just called now, still no update from Hyundai, and none listed as coming in.

    This was ordered in Ottawa.

    I'm curious if it stays with Nov-Dec, if it will be a 2020 model. I also wish there were more updates.

    Edit - Should add it was a Preferred model.
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  19. Paul_D

    Paul_D New Member

    Lol I don't think the sales guys even know to be honest. I think mine is trying to keep things optimistic by dangling the prospect of getting the 2020 model.
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  20. Yeah I’m not sure what exactly is going on but pretty bummed that I have basically zero expectations of it arriving for this summer driving/trips...

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