Anyone else been stuck in Quality Check for a week or more?

Discussion in 'MINI Cooper SE' started by abrandt, May 20, 2022.

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  1. omomomo

    omomomo New Member

    Had a call with the manager of the dealership and also with Mini/BMW. Manager repeated that car is just stuck waiting for assignment for shipping. Mini said with the “special ID” flag it means something is missing and the car isn’t actually finished.
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  3. abrandt

    abrandt Active Member

    Day 39 in Quality Check

    Longer than any other instance of someone else in the same situation, on any other threads I have found, Mini or BMW.
  4. wally3

    wally3 Active Member

    @abrandt - so sorry. I had yet another message from my MA who basically said he heard from MINI and it is supply chain issues and impacting lots of vehicles. No news there. We should be in other threads showing off photos and asking about range and charging options. Depending on how you count it I think you have 3 days on me.....
  5. 34 days here.

    The supply chain issue is they want to keep the line running and aren't sending teams out to rework the cars in quality hold.
  6. abrandt

    abrandt Active Member

    I agree. I am guessing they won’t touch our cars until they shut down the factory for summer maintenance for a few weeks at the end of July.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2022
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  8. DerekG

    DerekG New Member

    My vehicle went into "production begins" status on 1 June, and based off what Mini has told me, and the F12 "secret" information, I have a production date of 22 June; however, my status on the tracker is still at "Production Begins". Is this normal?
  9. DerekG

    DerekG New Member

    of course as soon as I post this comment, my status would update to "exterior body assembly begins"...
  10. Scrambler

    Scrambler Member

    I see your follow-up that the status changed, but that is normal. It matches my experience and others posted in the spreadsheet here: Delivery Spreadsheet - Let's Track These Inbound SEs
  11. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    You're lucky. We thought MINI ignored this forum but it's good to know they not only read it, but actually pay attention to at least one of us. The true test will be if your SE can clear the onerous QC hurdle.
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  13. Last week when I called ASKMINI, I was told to wait another week and call back to get a case manager assigned. I did that just now.

    I don't expect anything of it, but it's something.

    The ASKMINI adviser was very nice, but doesn't have any access to factory data obviously.

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  14. abrandt

    abrandt Active Member

    Week 6 (Day 42) in Quality Check
  15. Tommm

    Tommm Well-Known Member

    I suggest you elevate this to BMW NA. The credit union that locked me in at 1.99% will go up to 3.74% if i dont close before the commitment expires. I at least have some control over this deadline. Perhaps, you can get an accomodation from the ivory tower, and lock in the lower current rate since the rates will spike while car has been in QC.
  16. Exactly how do you suggest that happens?
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  17. abrandt

    abrandt Active Member

    Fortunately for my situation, I am able to pay cash. And I can deal with the delay. Just want to know when it will be finished even if it’s months from now.
  18. Tommm

    Tommm Well-Known Member

    Certified letter to the president of BMW and the president of Mini USA. Briefly describe the situation, and how the delay is adversely affecting you with financing while others with VINs close to yours that entered production after yours are being delivered as we type.
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  19. MarkSasaki

    MarkSasaki Active Member

    This entire thread was started right around the time my SE was being built and fortunately for me mine never got stuck in QC. But it makes me think, was there a problem my car might suffer but barely squeaked through or did I just get lucky and my car took the last part everyone here is waiting for? I'd be pissed if I was in this position and I feel for you guys!
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  20. abrandt

    abrandt Active Member

    I think you got the last available part and now we can't be friends lol
  21. wally3

    wally3 Active Member

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  22. abrandt

    abrandt Active Member

  23. wally3

    wally3 Active Member

    So - here’s a dumb question I keep forgetting to ask - why are we so tied to our VINs? It seems too easy that MINI could simply assign us new VINS and get those vehicles through production pretty quickly while reassigning our VINs to the next buyer picking the same configuration. It’s not like we customized these in such a manner that they could not easily be snapped up by future buyers…
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