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  1. Yeah, and nothing will happen. Just give it a try. You'll get a message that you have to stop before you can push a button.
    A real problem might be that you might not be able to switch OUT of N or R ... :(
  2. I have tried it at higher speed but not sure what the low speed cut off point is, and I am not going to experiment to try to find out.
  3. Like I said, it'll not allow you to switch. I accidently did it when I hit the button too early to switch from reverse to drive after backing out of my garage.
    I was pretty much stopped but just hadn't put my foot on the brake yet.
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    Referencing KiwiME's question from a bit back ... I'm not aware of seatbelt
    rattling, but maybe a different position than where I have it lets things flop
    around. I did attack the B-pillar anyway, at a first exploratory level, and
    found it fairly easy to pop out the lower trim piece. Perhaps a pic showing
    where the pop-pins are located will help others...


    The key is that you have to pull back the door weatherstripping first, along
    enough length to free the panel edges. It just friction-clips over the edge of
    the welded seam, fortunately no glue. The strip has a stiffening element
    inside, probably some sort of malleable metal, so you don't want to put a
    kink in that or it'll be difficult to keep smooth when replaced. Pull enough so
    the strip can lay aside without getting too distorted. A flashlight in through
    the edge gap helps locate exactly where the pins are.

    The seatbelt passes *through* the panel piece, so obviously it has to come
    along for the displacement ride. I did not go after the upper panel because
    I had to button this back up and go somewhere, but I imagine that digging
    further in would be relatively straightforward. The lower panel has to be
    popped loose and displaced before the upper panel can come off; that's how
    they interlace.

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  5. Thanks for doing that; will try getting in this week. A number of people on FB mention a subtle rattle in the belt height adjustment rack under the upper trim. It drives me nuts but can be temporarily quietened with thin cardboard stuffed in here and there.
  6. Oddly enough, my rattling has completely gone away on its own. Noticed that it disappeared as the weather got colder. Wonder if it'll return in the spring or summer?
  7. I notice the same thing, I am thinking the viscosity of the gear oil due to the lower temperature has some (pardon the pun) bearing on the noise.
  8. Just got my 2020 Ultimate four days ago, and loving it. But here are three peeves:
    1. Android Auto is shrunk into a 6 3/4" window, even on the 10.25" display that was a big attraction for me on the 2020. See image below. This is what I use the display for, almost exclusively, and it's smaller than on the 8" display on my old 2016 Volt. Shame on Hyundai for being too lazy to utilize the added display space.

    2. Why does the VESS sound when the vehicle is stopped with foot on the brake? An electric vehicle should not be noisier than an ICE car, many of which turn off the engine in this situation.

    3. The climate controls drive me nuts. When I turn the fan knob up, it goes from 0 to 1, 2, etc. and air blows. But when I turn it back down, it won't go below 1, and air still blows. So I press OFF and it goes to 0. But air still blows, especially at freeway speeds. Only when I press recirculate does the air stop. Next time I start the car, the recirculate light is off but air does not blow - until I incautiously turn the fan knob and start all over. #0means0

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  9. (#2) I am sure VESS is on when engaged as a safety feature particularly when backing out in a parking lot. In conjunction with the rear cross traffic alert it saved me once :
    (#3) Sounds about normal for the Kona EV HVAC system :rolleyes:
    (#1) Sorry - can't help any there, but still a nice looking display, better than the 2019 models.
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  10. I agree with you in that situation. I like that it sounds off as soon as it goes into R.

    My complaint is specifically that it sounds when in D, vehicle stopped, foot on brake. No need for that. In fact, it'd be a better warning to have the sound start up when the brake pedal is released.
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    I know I'm repeating myself, but VESS is primarily to help blind people form a picture of what's around them. They want to know there's an active vehicle nearby, even if it's not moving.
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  12. On further research, I see this is required by federal regulation. I don't agree with it, but it's not Hyundai's choice or unique to the Kona.
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    It's required for manufacturers to install it, but I don't believe mandatory
    to *have* once you own the car. Even in 2020+. Mine was disconnected
    five minutes off the dealer lot.

  14. It would seem unlikely that they would leave such an obvious loophole open, but stranger things have happened.
    Background info here.
    I very much like having a VESS switch since there are occasional times when it is clearly useful.
  15. The message on the dash when stopped behind other vehicles at a traffic light (also accompanied with an audible chime) when using SCC.
    Example : The vehicle in front of me prematurely moves 3 feet closer to the vehicle in front of it, in anticipation of the traffic light soon to change green, and then stops.
    Message: "Leading vehicle has already departed"
    Thanks...I never would have guessed:rolleyes:
  16. I don't think I have ever seen that message. Canadian Ultimate.
  17. First time for me today, more often than not its just "use switch or pedal to accelerate". Admittedly I don't usually use SCC to bring the vehicle to a stop and will tap the brake to capture regen using the footbrake to stop. Not an "auto hold" fan either.
  18. That one I've seen.
  19. If stopped for too long SCC wants to know you’re still there . My Volvo does same. Tap throttle or push resume and SCC is back to doing its thing.

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  20. Point is the vehicle in front of me only moved 3 feet forward and stopped.
    Clearly the software should recognize that (less than a car length), and should not prompt me to "step on the accelerator" and inevitably invite the vehicle me behind to do the same or worse.

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