Things i dislike about the Kona

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by victor_2019, Jun 30, 2019.

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    Thanks, I thought that's what I did back when I got the car. I hated the LKA right from the start and remembered it engaging driving home that first night. Have had it off since then. Maybe on a long trip... I would turn it back on.
  3. blakehaas

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    I highly dislike the forward collision warning system. It sometimes locks up the brakes and can potentially cause a serious accident when it glitches. The only way i can find to actually disable it permanently is to pull the fuse. You can uncheck it from the menu but it turns right back on when restarting.
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  4. Yeah, I have had to dial back a bit my driving when I am in a hurry. Had a couple instances where it slammed the brakes on me unexpectedly, long before I was anywhere near the vehicle in front. One time it did it as I was changing lanes, as I speeded up to make the change. Scared the crap out of me, and my wife, and probably the car behind me.

    I have another car with FCA, and it never does that. But it has dual stereo cameras, so is a little more precise, and does not have to be as conservative as Hyundai's system. Anyway, I have adapted, and haven't had an FCA incident for a long time, although still (very) occasionally get the warning beeps.
  5. This was discussed some years back on the Chevrolet Volt board. NHTSA regulations specify a deceleration range beyond which the brake lights must be on or can't be on, with some room in the middle. So it shouldn't depend on the regen setting, just the deceleration. I created a test apparatus to check this on the Volt.
  6. hobbit

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    Following onto the side-windows comments a little ... I took the driver
    door somewhat apart for a general look-see, and got some pictures.


    Still doesn't explain [or fix] the weatherstrip non-contact problem.

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  7. Excellent ... along those lines you could solve a common problem for many of us by figuring out how to non-destructively disassemble the "B" pillar trim so that the seat belt adjuster rattle could be fixed!
  8. Having just come in from scraping and banging a solid 4mm layer of ice off my car I must say that the most annoying thing I regularly encounter is the difficulty in cleaning out that f@#3*!!g trench where the wipers hide at the base of the windshield. Ice, snow, leaves... everything gathers in there. It might be aero but it's a PITA.
  9. Maybe pull them in the service position away from the windshield. On my old Leafs you could push the wiper lever after shutting down and they would park vertical , but not on Kona - I tried it:(
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  10. That helps but there are all sorts of angles and corners. I need my leaf blower!
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    You need to move and that will solve your problem LOL..
  12. This may not be a dislike as much as an annoyance. Keeping in mind this is my first car with backup sensors so this may not be a concern particularly related just to Konas. We have had quite a bit of snow recently and I find it does not take much snow or road smutz to mess up the rear sensors and sounding the panic alarm as if I am going to imminently back into something whenever I simply throw it into reverse. I have a similar problem with smutz activating the auto headlights. Which incidentally where is the sensor for the headlights?
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  13. Hmm. I've had the forward radar blocked by sleety gunk before (including twice during a squall today) but never the reverse sensors despite getting very, very dirty on our sanded and salted roads.
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    What clown at Hyundai decided that 45 would be the MAX level for the stereo. Many of my MP3s are so quiet I have to listen to the stereo at 45. At that level when you get a phone notification it is deafening.

    That is such an arbitrary number. Why not 37 or 69?
    I am not sure if "normalizing" my MP3 collection would help with this but it seems to me it is Hyundai.
  15. hobbit

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    I finally played with the "middle mode" of the lane-keep stuff, the one that
    isn't "Active LKA". Unlike the active one, it stays mostly out of my face
    until I actually reach the edge of a lane, and only then does the nudge.
    It doesn't send me screaming toward the middle of an off-ramp split, but
    lets me keep going straight past it unmolested even if the lines open up.

    I think I can live with this mode for highways, just as a backstop for
    the few times I'm trying to sort things out on the GPS.

  16. In my case it hard packed snow that is 0.5+ inches thick on the bumper that causes the sensor to freak out. I think I need to invest in some mud flaps, it might help a bit.
  17. Mywifeskona

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    I'm not sure if this qualifies as a "dislike" since I haven't had the opportunity to experience it yet, but who would put push buttons adjacent to, and downhill from cup holders? ..................Ever spill the wrong stuff on a keyboard?
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  18. For the auto high beams, that would be the front facing camera behind the rear view mirror.
    But for the headlights it is that little bump in the middle of the console close to the windscreen.
  19. According to photos of the insides of the PRND buttons they are constructed using a urethane membrane just like a remote control.
  20. I think the problem could be that spilling a pop or coffee might not affect the contacts themselves but would more than likely cause the buttons to become sticky and who knows what kind of problem would occur then- say at creep speed in drive the reverse might possible kick in or park

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