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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by victor_2019, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. victor_2019

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    One thing i really hate is the way Hyundai implemented the active lane keep assist.

    I also have a Honda clarity phev and on the clarity the LKAS manages to keep the car centered in the lane without applying a lot of force to the steering wheel. The car does not fight my inputs.

    On the Hyundai the active LKA will always try to keep the car in what it considers the center of the lane and will apply significant force to the wheel.

    The car has a tendency to be too close to the edge of the road for my comfort and i try to steer it more to the middle of the road when next to me i have the concrete highway divider. But the Kona wants to go back to the "middle" and forces against my hand.

    LKA is supposed to make driving easier but this system increases fatigue since I'm constantly fighting the car.

    The second thing i dislike is the lane departure warning. It is way too sensitive. I have to turn it off on winding mountain roads because it constantly beeps at me as soon as i get too close to the line in a curve.

    The clarity doesn't beep, it shakes the wheel, which is much better feedback (the Kona beeps for everything and it's hard to know why it beeps at any particular moment) and also it doesn't seem so sensitive. It seems to wait a bit when you're just on the edge and not passing into other lane. I wasn't getting constant warnings from lane departure with the clarity when i took it for a country trip.
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  2. I have done a bit of hwy driving lately and tried out the LKA Active. It worked fine on a straight road, but on a curvy road in the mountains, I too, found myself fighting it too often. And it would not stay in the center by itself anyways on a sharper curve. So for those situations, I just use LKA without the Active, and it only intervenes when you reach the edges of a lane.

    My other car does not have lane centering (Active), just the LKA and it works pretty well identical to the Kona without Active.

    I don't really have a problem with his. You just have to understand how it works and adapt accordingly. Remember, these are just driver assist features. Don't expect them to do everything for you.
  3. victor_2019

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    I don't expect them to do everything.

    I was talking about two different things in my post, the LKA and the lane departure warning. Those are two different systems.
    The lane departure warning is too sensitive on the Kona compared to the clarity.

    I never said i expected the LKA to keep the car in the lane on a winding mountain road. That comment was about the lane departure warning not the LKA.

    The LKA is really only useful on highways but on the highway the Kona sticks uncomfortably close to the edge of the road and actively fights me if i try to be in a different spot on the lane. For a system that is supposed to decrease fatigue, it does the opposite.

    The clarity doesn't fight me on the highway if i try to be in a different spot on the lane as long as it's within the lane. It will apply force to the steering wheel when it detects a curve but when i take over the clarity will let me steer as long as i keep within the lane. It will maintain the steering angle without me having to apply too much force to the wheel and won't fight my input. It does exactly what it's supposed to be doing which is assist with the steering and decrease fatigue.

    I'm just comparing the same active LKA implementation between two different manufacturers. The Honda assists while the Hyundai actively fights me.
  4. victor_2019

    victor_2019 Active Member

    Also, the lane departure warning (not the LKA) is supposed to be a safety feature.

    If it's overly sensitive to the point that you need to turn it off because if too many false warning, then it's not very good as a safety system, is it?

    I work in automation and i know that when we have a poor implementation for a warning or fault message, the operator will simply start to ignore it even when the fault is real, which makes things worse not better.
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  5. Sorry, didn't mean to digress from your point, but I do understand what you are saying. I was just stating my experience and opinion on LKA and Active.

    As for the warning beeps, also not a problem for me, as it encourages me to drive more precisely in the lanes. I had the same situation with the other car. My wife actually complained about it, as she was notorious for cutting corners and changing lanes without signalling. I think it made her a better driver, though...:)
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  6. EnerG

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    I agree with your point on not knowing what the beeping is. I like the idea of shaking or vibration of the wheel. This would be very a great way to feedback lane departure. Not so sure about using it for LKA if your hands might be away from the steering wheel. For example I am more likely to reach for something when the LKA icon is green.
    I do think vibration brings a challenge to make things robust enough that they won't loosen or fail over their lifetime.
  7. I have found that when one solid road line ends (dashes becoming a turning lane) the active LKA sometimes tries to force the car into that turning lane if your not paying attention
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  8. KonaTom

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    Yes. The LKA needs work. I hope they improve it with a software update before too long. It needs to look 50-100 feet further ahead to anticipate curves and to consider dashes like solid lines.
  9. That's so weird. Mine works great in these conditions. It only has a hard time when the right line stops or goes right (lane gets wider due to an exit). In that case it starts to go right a little bit to try and keep in the middle of the lane, and then it looses the lane because the white lines are too far apart. But honestly, this particular situation is tricky.
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  10. LKA is not perfect in this car, but it does work for the most part. My biggest issue actually is that it doesn't work below 60 kph, not sure why. My other car works at lower speeds, and yes, it is also better at picking up lines and road edges.
  11. Yeah, that it doesn't work below 40mph (60kph) is a little weird. I guess they only want it to work on highways.
  12. Another dislike is when I accelerate past the ACC speed for a while, and it starts to buck back and forth. Seems like it doesn't want you to hold a speed above the ACC setting. In those situations I just deactivate it for a bit, and when ready, just hit resume. But again, my other car doesn't do this.
  13. Weird. The only thing that happens on my car is that the ACC icon blinks in the display.

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  14. Try run it about 10 mph above the ACC speed for a while,... you'll see.
  15. E-Shark

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    Any reason you prefer depressing the accelerator and not just holding the RES+ button up for a few seconds to increase it 10km? You can also depress the accelerator past the speed you previously set then press SET- to automatically set it to your new speed, instead of having to deactivate it, speed up, and reactivate it.

    I'm pretty sure the shaking has to do with the fact that the accelerator should only be used for temporary acceleration, not prolonged!!
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  16. Well, "other cars" (assuming ICE) won't do it because braking by regen is not part of cruise speed regulation as it is in the Kona. But I think it's a situation that Hyundai failed to accommodate, possibly not even having discovered it during testing.
  17. That's possible that Hyundai didn't think about it and it might not have come up in testing.

    I don't think it's a huge issue (at least for me) because driving for prolonged times with CC on and set to a lower speed than I'm going just doesn't make sense for me. I personally either set the cc higher or just push the pedal to get past whatever I want and then slow down again.

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  18. XtsKonaTrooper

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    Ive seen in prev threads, where ppl have not liked how slow ACC takes, when a car in front takes off from a stop. What i discovered and makes it faster, is hit RES and it reacts quicker.
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  19. E-Shark

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    Anybody dislike that the hatch door isn't automatic?!!
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  20. Not really, but it would be better if it latched fully when you release it rather than having to slam it.
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