Things i dislike about the Kona

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by victor_2019, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. I have an update on this issue, which I posted in the Kona forum since it affects non-EV Konas too.
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    Have you tried adjusting any of the settings under the devolper options in the AA setup?

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  3. I understood that you can split the screen and have something else displayed in the last 3rd. Would be nice to have the SOC page there.
  4. Thanks. Tried that but the screen resolution options didn't change anything. Something is displayed in the right third of the screen, so some software has already grabbed and divided the whole screen.

    Display - Android Auto(s).jpg
  5. :(
  6. Between my daughter using her feet to help her open the door, or sliding her overweight backpack in and out of the car, I've gotten a lot of scuff marks on the lower passenger inside door panel. Any suggestions on:
    (1) Removing the scuff marks (they don't just wipe off easily, but they also don't show any signs of gouges) and
    (2) Protective film or decal that I can place there to protect the plastic door trim
  7. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers do wonders. There are some very good vinyl and plastic restoring products too. 3M makes transparent film for a variety of uses.
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  8. Engineering mode is still there - I just tried it. There are a bunch of tests that might be useful to service techs.

    I suggest this discussion would be better continued in the thread in the main Kona forum, since it is not specific to EVs.
  9. I appreciate its still there but can you get in? I am pass locked out.
  10. Has anyone tried to remove the plastic on 2019 Kona wheels? I find it tacky to have plastic on the wheels of a $40,000+ car!
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    I think the plastic inserts are screwed on from behind - not sure if it's possible to remove without taking the wheel off.
    Would be interesting to see what difference they make to range.
  12. I've seen a photo of a wheel without the plastic trim and it's not pretty. Here are the screws.

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  13. Isn't it more like a $20,000+ car with a $20,000 battery?
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    I explored this, viewed what the front of the rim would look like,
    and decided it's a non-starter.

  15. Just saw a new Chevy Blazer displayed inside my local Costco, it honestly did not look like much if any more car than our Konas. It had a $54K sticker on the window :eek: . It made me feel like the Kona EV was a bargain.
  16. That's because it is, if you can get one!;)
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    I've had my U.S. Kona EV Ultimate for 10 days now, and I have two gripes so far:

    1) Hyundai has decided we must use Android Auto or Apple Carplay if we want to use the address book from our phone for navigation. My 5 year old ICE doesn't have that issue. For some reason, the Kona only syncs phone numbers from your phone's contacts, which is great for making calls or sending/reading texts...but why not bring over the addresses? That's how my 2015 Audi A3 does it...

    I don't like having to switch to Android Auto just to use my contacts. There's no reason a brand-new car loaded with tech won't sync addresses from a phone.

    2) BlueLink remote-start: is it working? Maybe? Not sure? Even tech support doesn't know. Every time I try to use remote start, I get a message from the BlueLink app that says my request could not be processed at this time. But, when I get out to the car, there's a yellow light on inside the front grill badge, and the climate control lights are on. There's also a blinking light that looks like a steering wheel. Not sure what that is. But, can't really tell if the car is on (there are no lights on the main part of the dash, where the speedo is...) I've spend time twice on the phone with BlueLink support, and they aren't even sure what remote-start is supposed to look like (what will show inside the car), or why it keeps telling me it can't be processed.
  18. First congratulations on your new Kona EV, I am sure it will bring many years of enjoyment- there are a few minor issues and have been discussed in other threads; try using the search tool. If you are into a lengthy read, here is one on Bluelink issues:
    There are others regarding "android auto phone contacts" as well

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