Things I love about my Kona Electric

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by nigels, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. Tried it and it works. Pretty funny how if you try to open any door (while driving over 25 k/h) the handle physically pulls back and locks.
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  2. Esprit1st

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    If door lock is set to gear switch and after driving you go into park and then switch off, all doors get unlocked. If you directly turn off the car, the other doors stay locked.

    Love that!

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  3. Saves on the actuators
  4. DelRider

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    This may apply to Kona's in general, but two things that I have noted is the visibility out of the vehicle is great and the self-dimming high beams are really cool. I did not realize at first that they were self-dimming and thought I had a switch issue. The algorithm is spot on and, along with head lights being in auto-mode, they greatly enhance front end lighting with little input form me. I'll add that the 'turn-assist' lighting is also nice. I came to really like that on my previous vehicle and am glad it's still around on the new vehicle.
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  5. Amazn1

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    I really like the ability to hold the left regen paddle in order to bring the car to a complete stop without having to apply the brake. Timing is important here but it's really easy to figure out.

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  6. I really like the interior layout, incl the centre console with the huge storage underneath. All the buttons, knobs and screens seem to be where they should be. Provides good awareness and control for confident and comfy driving.
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  7. OK so everyone agrees that the MyHyundai app sucks, but the ability to pre-heat/pre-cool the cabin is quickly becoming my favorite feature. Coming home from the city, I was on a train heading to the station where I’d parked my Kona. I launched the dreaded app, set the temperature and when I got to my car it was nice and toasty. Especially nice since it was 19F out tonight. Thank you flaky MyHyundai app!
  8. I think the app gets too much criticism. I pre-heat a lot and it's great. Admittedly I don't use the app to schedule charging, but I did use it to honk the horn and lock /unlock doors remotely and those also worked great.
  9. It does get a lot of grief, but for the most part I’ve learned to work around its quirks. I have had the pre-heat request get lost a few times though.
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  10. Mywifeskona

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    What do I love about my Kona?........Every time I drive it, I like it more than the last time I drove it!

    We've only charged outside our home charger once, which probably enhances my favorite thing I love about my kona, and that's honking and waving to everyone as I drive by a packed gas station.

    Actually it's my wife's kona, but I still love it every time she lets me drive it.........
  11. XtsKonaTrooper

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    I love the preheat option too .
    It gets me extra brownie points with the wife, as she often forgets to use it and i get it toasty fir her.
  12. styx66

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    I haven't had a chance to use the pre-heat yet... But all summer, getting in an already cooled off car that's been sitting in the sun is such an amazing thing. The app has rarely let me down. I just wish it would automatically start on a schedule without having to be plugged in. I think Tesla does this over a certain battery %. Please Hyundai?
  13. OK, so it’s not a Kona Electric thing, but owning one gets me into the electric car parking spot club :)

    Tonight, on the way home from work, I decided to pick up a to go order for dinner. When I arrived at the restaurant parking lot it was full of people driving in circles looking for a spot. I’ve never seen so many people playing that game before. I don’t mind parking further out and walking, but it was cold and icy so I joined the parking spot dance. Before giving up I explored a part of the parking lot I’d never been to before, and lo and behold, there was a rank of electric car charging spots, with two spots free. I parked and got a whole 10 minutes of charging in just because I could. In my area, unused electric car charging spots are like hens’ teeth, so this to go food pick up trick won’t last for long, and given the crazy number of people searching for spots, I was frankly surprised they hadn’t all been ICEd. This is Boston after all. So, yeah, tonight I was thankful for being a Kona Electric owner :)
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  14. Esprit1st

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    We actually did something similar. We went to an event and the main parking area was about a 5 minute walk away from the entrance to the event. We don't mind walking and totally would have, but by accident I saw that there are electric car charging units, I think it was like 8 of them right at the event entrance. Parked, charged (free), walked like 100 feet and had fun at the event ...
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  15. Funny,... but this evening had a sort of similar story. Wife and I decided to go to a restaurant in White Rock that we like, but hadn't been to for a while. However, the free charging was on the other side of the beach front, about 1 km away. We had planned to walk, but it started to rain. I happened to know (from Plugshare) that there was a hotel not far from our restaurant that had EV stations for their guests in the underground parking. So I stopped in there, and asked the desk person if it might be possible to park there and charge our EV. She checked her camera, saw no one was using the charger, and said, sure, no problem, opened the gate, and let me in. So we got a nice free little charge (and parking) tonight and didn't have to walk very far to our restaurant. Just added to a very nice evening...
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  16. Francois

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    I am benefitting from this tonight. We are at a hotel for my wife's office Christmas party and the parking spaces with charging stations are right next to the front desk. Weird thing is that there are 7 tesla chargers and just a single non-tesla charger. Thankfully all of them were available so I used one. I asked the lady at the front desk why they didn't go half - half with the chargers. She said that it's because they were installed by tesla.

    So I say thank you tesla for having provided one for a car that you don't make.
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  17. New owner here... just noticed this thread and what caught my attention was:

    Being able to prep the car before getting in and driving - setting the cabin temperature, pre-loading a destination vie the MyHyundai app

    Perhaps pre-loading a destination not available in Canada? Sure been looking for it without any luck. I can do that with my Volvo and if I had that on the Kona it'd be perfect. As it is now it's only 99.99% perfect :)
  18. Francois

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    In Canada the app is called bluelink and you cannot set destinations with it. Though there is an option for charging locator if that is what you mean. I've never used it myself though.
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  19. Yeah, figures. Being short changed by BlueLink Canada. Maybe some day. On my Volvo I can send a destination from their app and also from Here website. Sure is nice. On the plus side for the Kona the search for places is pretty good. Better than on the Volvo. Can’t have it all I guess:)

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  20. Jgood

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    I was really pleased to discover that my Kona was excellent in snow driving yesterday. I just had 4 Nokian snow tires installed on Thursday and had to drive 160 miles on snow/slush covered roads the next day. It was stable, tracked perfectly, never had traction issues and gave me far more confidence than I anticipated. Plus I think the regen braking is a huge benefit in snow. I didn't know what to expect with that but it turned out that it's much more controlled than pedal braking. I had complete control when cars around me were sliding while braking. It may not be true "one pedal" driving, but it is nonetheless great for snow driving. In addition the smooth non-shifting acceleration keeps the tires from breaking loose when hill climbing or starting from a dead stop. I'm a little less thrilled with the energy-hit from the front window defroster however. Simply turning it on dropped my GOM from 247 miles of range to 192! I can usually live with a cold cabin, but if you can't see you can't drive!
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