Things i dislike about the Kona

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  1. Very well done , thanks for the link.
    One question, when you pulled the switch panel left side of the dash, you said the VESS wiring was there but no button. It is my intention to add a momentary contact switch off pin 7 c/w a 200 ohm 1/4 watt resistor to ground to temp disable the VESS sound as indicated here:
    (see the link to mikeselectricstuff diagram). Does this make sense to you and is the diagram and wire colors/ pin config the same as your tech manual?
    Also how hard was it to pull the lower dash as I can't contorty myself to get under there to remove the switch module.

    BTW there is a thread about modifications :
    Do you mind adding your link
    to this thread as it would be easier to find ,
    Thanks... electriceddy
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  2. hobbit

    hobbit Active Member

    I've read about the switch-and-200-ohm thing but not looked into it for
    myself so far. I don't understand why the resistor would be needed, as
    it is a separate switch on its own and not part of a resistor-ladder
    matrix like the lights or audio. Maybe they force it to be "ladder style"
    to detect shorted conditions or something?

    I'll update the other thread as well, thanks for the encouragement ... I've
    got a bit more in the pipeline, too. I'm actually looking for other Kona
    forums where the most tech-geeky owners hang out, to possibly join...
    I know about and and a couple of others
    but it's hard to tell where the richest content might be.

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    EVRIGREEN New Member

    Just a small thing, but I don't like it that the radio doesn't shut off when I turn the power off. I've actually left the car on by mistake more than once because of this (and an annoying beeping sound lets me know). If the radio turned off, then I'd know the car was off.
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  4. XtsKonaTrooper

    XtsKonaTrooper Active Member

    The button shifter is wicked for reversing and getting going fast.
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  5. Chris-Ca

    Chris-Ca New Member

    Mine turns off when I put it in park then open the driver's door.
  6. Francois

    Francois Active Member

    I dislike how aggressive (2 or 3 email, along with 4 phone calls in just 2 weeks) SiriusXm is in trying to get me to subscribe to their service even though I still have 3 months to my free trial. I know that is not technically the Kona's fault but I never had SiriusXm before the Kona so....
  7. Francois

    Francois Active Member

    I also dislike that when I turn on the heating of the steering wheel, it is the whole steering wheel that is heating up instead of just the two spots where your hands are supposed to be (at 10h10) if the steering wheel was a clock. Heating up the whole steering wheel is just a waste of energy.
  8. XtsKonaTrooper

    XtsKonaTrooper Active Member

    Tell them to stop calling and then block their number.
    They are worst than bill collectors.
  9. It's easy. Log into your account on their website and go to preferred contact options. Disable phone and email it whatever your options are and you're good to go.
    Your hands are supposed to be at 9 and 3 o'clock. But when you turn and grab over and grab a different position your hands would freeze into place. That's why they heat the whole wheel.

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  10. ericy

    ericy Active Member

    The 10 and 2 was what they taught us before there were airbags. If you get in an accident and your hands are 10/2, you will likely end up with broken wrists.

    I had Sirius in my old car, so I just transferred my plan over to the Kona. Every so often I call up and ask to cancel. The reason given is that it is too expensive - they immediately come up with another plan which is far cheaper. I wish the cable companies would roll over this easily.
  11. Francois

    Francois Active Member

    Some of us remember a time before there were seat belts even. :)

    I never knew the recommended position for the hands was changed to 9/3. Will be hard to change a lifetime of driving at 10/2. Might just be easier to disable my airbags. ;)
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  12. KonaTom

    KonaTom Active Member

    HaHA. I think 8 and 4 is a better position as 9 and 3 is difficult to hold on properly because of the wheel spoke. Also the heating works at 10 and 2 and 8 and 4 mainly.
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  13. Francois

    Francois Active Member

    At 8 and 4, the point of your elbow is facing downward which might impact your ability to do a sharp turn rapidly. You need your elbows to be facing outward, not downward. ;) But to each his own. Just pointing that out as a safety measure.
  14. SkookumPete

    SkookumPete Well-Known Member

    Yeah, and with pointy chrome things sticking out everywhere. As much as I admire the cars of my youth, they were deathtraps.
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  15. Hands on a steering wheel position change quite frequently as demonstrated by this video:

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  16. GPM432

    GPM432 Active Member

    I drive at what ever time it is but mostly one handed.LOL
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  17. Vanryan

    Vanryan Member

    Our Toyota Highlander doesn’t heat up the top of the steering wheel. Personally I like that the Kona heats the whole thing.
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  18. GPM432

    GPM432 Active Member

    Skookum Pete This is my pointy ICE car New Paint Job April 2012 017 (Small).JPG New Paint Job April 2012 005 (Small).JPG no seat belt padded dash heated seats and heated steering wheel
  19. SkookumPete

    SkookumPete Well-Known Member

    Not designed for pedestrian safety. I was thinking of the interior fittings, some of which were engineered to maim. ;)
  20. GPM432

    GPM432 Active Member

    No interior safety at all.

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