Things i dislike about the Kona

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by victor_2019, Jun 30, 2019.

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    Out of curiosity, when and where did you order your Preferred? I ordered in Grimsby in May and was told I would only received a 2020 in December at earliest.
  2. Nauseating pulsing is more like it. I had an uncle who used to drive like that. Puke!
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    If only one rear window is down, the entire car "pulsates" or vibrates with a terrible noise.
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  4. Terrible isn't it? Worst of any vehicle I've ever owned. It's one of the reasons I have to use AC all the time. I've never done it with any other car. When I hear about others enjoying rides with their windows down I think they must be gluttons for punishment!
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    What works best for me at highway speeds is to tilt up the sunroof and partly open the rear windows. Lots of fresh air with no buffeting.
  6. With the window visors I installed I keep all 4 windows open all the time (about an inch) very quiet. The sunroof just make sure to open it enough to allow the front deflector rise otherwise serious wind noise .
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    Like he said.^^^^^^
    I got the wind deflectors too and it helps with airflow and less buffeting. Plus, helps in the rain too.
  8. Sat in the car today eating my lunch, when this happened :

    Not my video, but same results
    Last time I throw them my scrap crust pieces :mad:
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    Inside of my 335i convertible, gets hit all the time. I swear they purposefully aim and know what there doing . Lol
  10. Fortunately I had a sandwich wrapper on the center console or it could have been a lot worse, didn't help my jacket though.
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  11. So I did some research and found out that I am 2nd from the top in percentage of an unfortunate group.
    At first I thought it was they thought it was a case of (bird thinking now) a convenient Arial toilet but The color seems magnetic to this type of phenomenon :
    Should have gone with a green roof:rolleyes:
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    My kona is red too. Took less than 3 days to get some bird poop on it. However they did not hit my roof, just the rear window. :)
  13. ericy

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    My ice car is white. I barely notice the bird poop.

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  14. The one thing I really don't like about our Kona is no memory seat/mirror positions. My wife and I both drive the car frequently, and have to adjust the seats and mirrors each time. It is truly a huge annoyance for me.

    Hard to believe that the top trim (Ultimate) does not have this feature. I have had vehicles in the past (as far back as 20 years) with this feature. By now, thought it would be ubiquitous like power windows became. Our previous Prius didn't have it either, and was determined that I would get this feature with its replacement.

    But seems a lot of cars in this category are missing this feature. Hard to believe in this day and age. Can't be expensive, esp compared to some of the other driver assist features like HUD, etc. Some brands hold off this feature on lower models to try up sell you. But if you want an EV, don't even have that choice with Hyundai (and many others).
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    This thread seems to get fairly sporadic traffic, but maybe it's the best place
    to put this ... the button shifter is a pretty stupid design, and like in other
    prior-art setups, the Park button should have been placed farther away
    from where we can keep hitting it by mistake. I decided to fix mine.

    That page also indexes into a growing set of fixes, hacks, explorations, etc
    that I've been doing with the car over the last month or so. Still in process...
    but it's like the old "tear your Prius apart" days all over again!

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  16. Couldn't you learn to, you know, adapt? Seems a lot easier than performing an automotive lobotomy. And why are you shifting at stop lights anyway? I mean, it's your car, do what you want but it seems extreme.
    Hey, man, it's your car but clearly this is a solution looking for a problem.
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  17. Francois

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    I too am not really fond of the button shifter.
    However it's not (yet) enough of an annoyance for me to try to take things apart like you did. At least not until the car is old and no longer under warranty.
    That said, I can only applaud the nice work that you've done. :)
  18. I can tell you one thing: I've grinded gears in my former manual car a lot more than I've accidentally hit a wrong button on this shifter. It is not a problem at all (in my opinion).
    You bought a new car, adapt. You managed to adapt to driving electric and 4 buttons are not manageable?

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    Nothing like dropping a bunch of hard technical info to make the haters
    pile out of the woodwork, huh? The rest of those pages will make you
    so angry at the world you won't be able to sleep at night.

    I always take my cars apart, it's part of my enjoyment. If adapting your
    body/ergos to someone else's absolutely stock setup is your thing,
    go for it. I bend the parts of my environment that I can control to
    my own liking.

    As to "warranty", as I say in another section, "Magnuson-Moss". If
    you had a charger-door problem and a dealer tried to tell you it was
    because you put pinstripes on the car, you'd be pretty pissed off, huh?

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  20. ericy

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    A lack of dual climate zones is another one that will become an issue.

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