Things i dislike about the Kona

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by victor_2019, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. robxb

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    Dual climate is a lie.. everything merges together and it wastes energy
  2. robxb

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    That's not fair, the dash is padded :p
  3. robxb

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    Agreed, it would be great if it weren't just radar/distance based, and actually "let off" when brake lights start appearing ahead of it. It leaves me stressed more than relaxed, to be honest, with my foot/ankle getting uncomfortable because I find it hovering over the brake pedal, just in case.

    There is a setting in the menus for how fast it accelerates on cruise control, check it out :). I do wish that when cars are changing lanes, in front of you, that the Kona would slowly back off, rather than so abruptly. It's very jarring for the cars behind us!

    At what speed? It changes depending on speed.. At 100km/h, I feel like it's more than 100 feet. Might seem like that because it's hard to measure distance while moving.

    Not sure where you drive, but here in Toronto, even when I leave it at setting 2, I have people trying their darndest to pass me and squeeze in front. Setting 3 or 4 I would definitely have drivers flashing their high-beams and maybe even honking!

    I dislike that they cheaped out with the headlights in the Preferred model, only putting in cheap halogens. They use more battery power and don't even meet the NHTSAs satefy standards. I looked into replacing them with LEDs, but apparently it's too tight a place to do that.

    One of my biggest pet peeves about it though, is that brake lights don't come on on regen 2, only on regen 3, and that the brake lights don't stay on when at a stop (unless you tap the brake and auto hold is on, for example).
  4. ericy

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    No it isn't. When my wife is in the car, either I am freezing, or she is roasting. Our optimal settings are only about 4 degrees apart. With only a single zone we are back to the thermostat battles.
  5. robxb

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    Look, I understand that it shoots cooler air to her and warmer air to you, but it's not like there is a physical wall between the two of you to keep you in your own climate bubble. The air mixes together as it is pushed through the vehicle, and in order to keep your side cool and hers warm, it must use more energy in order for them to basically battle each other. Not the best use of a battery in an electric car. I would recommend she has her cool air and you close your vent, and if you are too cool, use your heated seat & steering wheel instead (if you have one). Using these heated devices is far more energy efficient than wasting the electricity to heat half the cabin while battling it out with the cooler side.
  6. Francois

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    I personally enjoy the heated or cooled seat. :)
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  7. ericy

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    Yeah, tried all of this in different cars. It just isn't enough as the cold air ultimately comes over to my side and I am freezing.
  8. ericy

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    That's kind of my experience. When you get heavier traffic with people cutting in and out in front of you, the car doesn't do as well.

    I kind of see these things as the building blocks needed for self-driving cars. Eventually they need to be rock-solid - clearly we aren't there yet.
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  9. Not true! Brake lights come on earlier. I always use Regen 2 and my brake lights come on ...

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  10. GPM432

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    Where in the menu does it provided better acceleration on cruise
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  11. No idea, I heard that for the first time.

    The only thing I can think of is that it will accelerate harder in sports mode than in normal or eco.

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    Nobody's mentioned this so far, at least in this thread...

    You know how most car-door windows will sort of self-squeegee any water
    off the outer surface when rolled down, because the outer weatherstrip rides
    against the glass as it goes past? The Kona doesn't seem to do that, on any
    of the windows, because there's a substantial gap between the glass and
    the strip once the window starts moving down. It more or less closes when
    the window is fully up, but not especially tightly and some amount of water
    goes down through the inside of the door to the weep holes at the bottom.

    Some amount of leakage is typical and designed-for in most cars, but the
    Kona seems excessively loose in this regard. The weatherstrip rails seem
    fully clipped on, their rubber flaps just aren't wide enough. It's kind of
    annoying with having to walk around and wipe the drops off the windows
    before starting off, when I could clear them from inside in other cars.

  13. BlueKonaEV

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    For me, it has been exactly 4 months and 12150 miles so far and there really is nothing about the car that would annoy me enough to be bothered by it. The Kona Electric is close to perfect for me. There are a few quirks here and there and a few software issues but those are all minor things. Nothing that would really bother me.
  14. I will be checking those weep holes for proper draining function, are they located at the front or rear of the door bottoms?
    At my location we tend to get an access of rain every fall/ winter.
    I also keep the windows open about an inch year round as my visors I installed keep most of the rain out and defog to a minimum :
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  15. XtsKonaTrooper

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    I figure there will come a day, where there will be toll automated only EV highways, whereas, you get on and the EV locks onto their system.
    Right now Google maps can basically pinpoint every veh on the highway, that has google maps running in the vehicle.

  16. Francois

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    Yesterday morning was the first time I noticed this. While there had been rainy days before, it was not an issue. But yesterday there was heavy fogs when I got out of the house and the windows were covered in "morning dew". Out of habit I lowered my windows and then brought it back up only to noticed with surprise, and disappointment, that I still could not see through my window. Not the end of the world, but a minor inconvenience nonetheless. :)
  17. hobbit

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    A minor quirk I've noticed is that sometimes the climate system randomly
    turns off "recirculate" mode and goes back to bringing in outside air, all
    by itself without my say-so.

    When I'm not actively using the climate system, I have it turned off, and set
    to "driver only" and "recirc" so it's basically flowing *no* air. This combined
    with the butt-burner is enough to keep me warm down to about 40F, if I've
    dressed for the weather in the first place.

    But when the system turns off recirc by itself as I'm tooling down the road,
    I'll notice that cold air is blowing on my feet or face and I'm like "wtf?" and
    hit the recirc button again. And a mile or two later it turns off, going back
    to blowing cold air from outside.

    The fix seems to be to use the flap-modes button to simply cycle through
    the configurations a couple of times, where I usually land on "face" because
    in driver-only mode I can slam the vent knobs to the left and shut them
    completely off, where recirc/fresh matters less. But the fact that I cycled
    through the output configurations at all seems to convince the system to
    stay in recirc mode from then on. Weird, but at least I know now.

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  18. Recirc turns off after a certain amount of time. 5 minutes or so. My old car, a Toyota Corolla, did the same thing. I think it's supposed to prevent the windows from fogging up since humidity will go up if you don't add fresh air.

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  19. XtsKonaTrooper

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    I thought i was too medicated and loosing my mind when i thought, geez, didnt i turn that recirc on.
    It all makes sense now, the sensor fir the front windshield senses the fogging up/humidity and wants to either turn it off or put ac on.
  20. The climate control is really my only issue with the Kona. I want full control and don't want the system overriding me. If I notice the window fogging up I'll just open a window a bit, but climate control insists on turning on the heater AND the a/c. What a waste of battery that is!

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