Tapping or Creaking Noise when coasting at low speed

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by wizziwig, Jun 8, 2019.

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Do you hear the same noise?

  1. Yes, I hear the same noise

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  2. No, I don't hear the noise

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  1. Kporterdc

    Kporterdc New Member

    So, I think the tapping noise has appeared in my 2019 Niro EV that I bought at King Kia in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Is there a person in service that I should ask for? Thanks in advance...
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  3. Kia Guy

    Kia Guy Member

  4. DAM 19 Niro

    DAM 19 Niro New Member

    Tapping sound just started on my 2019 Niro EV with 10,000 miles.
  5. Dang. I was hoping at 10.8 k miles now, I would be out of the woods. I guess not. At least thanks to @Shawn X I know where to bring it to avoid the run around if my fingers come uncrossed.
  6. Kporterdc

    Kporterdc New Member

    I took a video while driving my car at a low speed. The sound I'm hearing is more of a "growl" than a tapping or creaking sound, but it's a new sound that recently appeared. This doesn't seem normal to me, and I've made an appointment with a Kia dealer to take it in. The video is too large to upload, but you can see the video at . Interested in anyone's thoughts as to what it might be. Thanks.
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  8. I think it's the same sound mentioned here:
  9. Shawn X

    Shawn X New Member

    Does it occur in neutral?
  10. Kia Guy

    Kia Guy Member

    Yeah, that sounds like the growl of the playing-card-in-bicycle-spoke noise variety.
    You need a motor replacement.
  11. Parker Lewis

    Parker Lewis New Member

    I took delivery last week of a 2021 Niro EV EX Premium with a manufacturing date of March 2021.

    I'm trying to figure out how to get a picture of the motor label so I can tell which revision my car came with and add another data point to this discussion. Part of the reason I paid a little more per month for a '21 was a hope that it would come with an E712 motor.

    Does anyone have instructions available on how to ID the motor? I'm supposed to look for a gap in the front passenger-side wheel well that I can take a picture through, right?
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  13. Kia Guy

    Kia Guy Member

    Turn your wheels to the left. Park and turn your car off.

    Take your cell phone. Make sure the flash is turned on. Put your hand with your cell phone behind the front-right wheel. You should be able to capture the tag on your motor.

    Post back what you find.
  14. Hedge

    Hedge Member

    I have been looking at the power consumption screen and the noise is most prevalent when the kw are between -4 and +4,but not at 0.
  15. Aside: I have noticed that when coasting with no regen braking, my power consumption for the motor pegs at -2 kW. Is this normal? I was expecting 0 kW.
  16. DAM 19 Niro

    DAM 19 Niro New Member

  17. DAM 19 Niro

    DAM 19 Niro New Member

    I took my Niro into the dealer today. The technician was very thorough. He pointed out most dealerships make no money on warranty diagnoses but he is a salary employee and was happy to take the time to investigate the problem. After driving the car to a quiet location away from traffic, he confirmed he heard the same tapping sound that I did. He recorded it and started a tech line discussion with Kia, including sharing the audio file. By the end of the day they concluded I need a new traction motor. Next step is to get that ordered. I asked that it be a E712 generation motor, rather that E710 or E711. He said they would pass that request and assumed I would get the best replacement available but made no guarantee. We will see what happens next.
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  18. Ulf Swede

    Ulf Swede New Member

    Niro EV owner from Sweden. Got my Kia e-Niro in July 2020 and after about 6 months I started hearing the rattling noise. Now, after 13 months the noise has increased and contributes to the overall noise level. Tapping/rattling goes to growling/grinding sound as motor rev increases. I went to my local Kia dealer and they heard the noise and ordered some kind of motor mounts which was installed today (long delivery time due to Covid-19).

    I do, however, suspect that this will not solve the issue, since I feel that this is a alignment issue between motor and reduction gear box.
  19. Paul Humphrey

    Paul Humphrey New Member

    Hi Hedge, my Niro EX Premium has been making the clicking / tapping sound. As I accelerate the taps get faster / more frequent. Someone on here described it as ‘playing card in the bicycle spokes’ and that is a perfect description. I only get it when accelerating. Any advice on how to resolve this with Kia of Carson here in SoCal having been through it yourself? Thanks in advance.

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  20. Ulf Swede

    Ulf Swede New Member

    Just got my Niro EV back from the workshop, they changed the engine mounts to some other type. Most probably the rubber is softer, which reduces the sound contribution from the vibrations. But the sound is still there, only lower. Both at accelerating and regen. A card in a bicycle spoke as someone said.
    There seems to be some kind of action plan, at least here in the EU:
    1. Change the engine mounts to lower the sound level. I the customer can´t hear it; problem solved by "patching".
    2. Change the gearbox.

    When I got my car, I asked the technician of the next action if this is not enough, and he, a bit reluctantly, said that next step would be to change the drive train. I then asked if that includes both motor and gearbox, and he answered: "-The gear box, I think". OK, I thought for myself. We´re in for a long ride here. Thank god for the 7 year warranty. But beware, DO NOT miss any services as this would present an opportunity to Kia to get out from this situation.
  21. Shawn X

    Shawn X New Member

    Did they contact Kia or was it a self diagnosis? If they diagnosed it themselves, I would either tell them to open a tech line with Kia or go to another dealership that has experience with this issue. Kia is fully aware of the motor issue at this point so their first action should be to replace the motor. Whatever the dealership said would most likely not fix anything.
  22. Ulf Swede

    Ulf Swede New Member

    Noise is back. It is lower and more intermittent, but I think it´s increasing back to the old strength. I contacted the Kia workshop and told them that it didn´t solve the problem.
    I got the impression this is a "plan". If they change the electric motor and perhaps also the gearbox, does it really solve the problem?
  23. Shawn X

    Shawn X New Member

    It does solve your current problem. Whether the new motor and gearbox will develop the same issue in the future is still unknown.

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