Tapping or Creaking Noise when coasting at low speed

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by wizziwig, Jun 8, 2019.

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Do you hear the same noise?

  1. Yes, I hear the same noise

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  2. No, I don't hear the noise

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  1. I had the same issue with my Kona. They replaced the both the motor and gearbox, and the problem has not come back. That was a year and a half ago, and 18K kms since.
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  3. Ulf Swede

    Ulf Swede New Member

    Nice to hear that. I talked to my dealer about terminating the leasing contract and signing a new contract on an EV6, so I will do that. Waiting time 7 months, so I will get the EV6 in March/April 2022. 325 hp AWD. But I am sure they will fix my e-Niro before that. Used e-Niros are in demand so prices are high, very high.
  4. DAM 19 Niro

    DAM 19 Niro New Member

    A follow-up to my post #394: At 10,000 miles I began noticing the same dreaded tapping noise from our 2019 Niro EV motor that other owners have reported. My local dealer’s service department confirmed the motor needed to be replaced, covered by the warranty. My encouragement that they open a tech line with Kia on the topic helped them come to that conclusion. I made sure they ordered a third-generation E712 motor to replace my first generation E710. It took about three weeks for the new motor to arrive and to schedule a repair appointment. What was estimated to be a one day repair turned into three and then four days. During that time, they were counseled by a Kia field representative that in order to install the replacement motor the transmission would also need to be removed. I am pretty sure this was the first time the service department had attempted this major EV repair so I was apprehensive that everything would be put back together correctly. I got the car back yesterday and so far everything seems to be holding together. I hope the E712 motor solves the tapping problem and I can enjoy my Niro again.
  5. Paul-ATL

    Paul-ATL New Member

    I finally got around to taking ours in. We’ve had the noise from the very beginning and now have 22k miles and it’s gotten worse.

    Earliest appointment I can get in the Atlanta area is mid November.
  6. Yesterday someone in the Facebook group said there is now a service bulletin. I bet service centers have to follow these to be reimbursed for warranty repairs.

    =AZUe1G44LfYU30ipUCZvRdOiF3ZSrrtGsyOrjjbqecHjYETrGpdtZuNI8MI3MfSgoor0xYsfn4NExoxBrUSLB3tpjqgUTReXK3uzg2aPIuLp8HB_KJzV-IpwDelMSclx1adoDeKu9kM419pCuETD8MJDiJ1xwytBW1aAhiH1NC-5Q_TriPNtFgky9tpRF8Ar9Tc&__tn__=R]-R =AZUe1G44LfYU30ipUCZvRdOiF3ZSrrtGsyOrjjbqecHjYETrGpdtZuNI8MI3MfSgoor0xYsfn4NExoxBrUSLB3tpjqgUTReXK3uzg2aPIuLp8HB_KJzV-IpwDelMSclx1adoDeKu9kM419pCuETD8MJDiJ1xwytBW1aAhiH1NC-5Q_TriPNtFgky9tpRF8Ar9Tc&__tn__=R]-R']Facebook Link

    So maybe it is a tolerance problem brought on by motor mount issues. Maybe some mounts have defects or are installed improperly or some other assembly problem mispositions the motor and different mounts can put it in the right place.

    Once the sound is heard at all, they really need to do something to the motor too since some level of damage will have occurred.
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  8. blue_door

    blue_door Member

    Is there a bulletin number? I don't use Facebook.
  9. no bulletin number on that post on FB
  10. BrionS

    BrionS New Member

    Mine didn't start until about 10k miles or more.

    My dealer also says this is "normal" and the tech who checked it out ostensibly drives a Niro EV as well. That doesn't make me happy but it's nice to know I'm not the only one and I'm not going crazy heading something "no one else" hears.
  11. BrionS

    BrionS New Member

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