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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

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    Does anyone have an idea on the deprecation on these? I like the Touring trim, but it looks like it will be difficult to get a dealer down to 34k OTD in northern CA. At that price, I'm wondering if getting a used 2018 or 2019 camry hybrid would be better. The deprecation for a Chevy Volt seems pretty bad, and I think the Volt and Clarity have had bout the same dealer incentives and federal tax credit.
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    If depreciation is a major concern, an EV or PHEV may not be your best choice (short of some exceptionally good regional or seasonal sale price).

    A good way to start the estimate is the moment you drive off the dealer lot, the used value should be reduced by the going federal incentive plus any local incentives, which for a Clarity might put you at around minus $9k. Also, take another percentage off for just converting a new car into a used car, probably in the $1k to $4k range.

    Other factors (bad) could be if Honda dumps the last of them (2019, 2020, 2021?) at deep discount. That would, at least momentarily, depress used prices.

    As of now, after a year, you would be lucky to get $24k for a used Clarity. On the other hand, if you got the incentive(s) yourself, then you can take those out of the equation when considering actual depreciation as personal cost.

    Then, the EV part is the more years out, the more likely that the technology, especially battery capacity, will improve, making say a three to six year old EV less attractive.

    An additional complication with Clarity is that nobody knows how long the Clarity model will be available, or what that might mean for depreciation. One good Hollywood movie Clarity with relatively small production numbers could be good (like a Delorean?). More likely, in eight to ten years, they will have little monetary value.

    Possible good outcomes (depreciation less of a concern) include if you happen on one of the exceptional Honda Clarity lease deals (if you are good with two or three years), or you buy one, fall in love, and keep it for ten+ years.
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    I was able to get a quote for a base model at $26,601+tax & license from a dealer in So Cal. Was told on phone & email I was guaranteed that price. Once I arrived they tried to get me to pay $2800 for 3 added options, I refused and demanded the $26,601 like I was promised. They went back to "talk to the manager" and came back saying I had to pick one of the 3. I still refused, and he went to "talk to the manager." Came back saying I had to purchase an alarm system. By this time I was livid, and demanded the original price or I walk, and I got it with the added options they couldn't remove. Not sure I'd go through 3.5 hours of anger again for that price, but there it is!
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    If you get the car for $27k and take $10k int ax credit, why you should even worry about resale value? Some cars drop by $17k in the first year.
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    Got 2019 Clarity base model for OTD $29500 in LA area. Around 26430 + TTL.
    Thanks all for the information, it really helped!

    Please see the quote attached if anyone needs, the final price wasn't updated on the quote.
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    Purchased a 2018 Base-trim in Baton Rouge, LA, yesterday for $29,924, OTD $32,425. Still have to pay the transfer fees, Ad Valorem and Hybrid/EV penalty road taxes as I live in Mississippi - so final price will be close to the MSRP, $34,295. No state or utility incentives available.
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    Glad to help and you’ll love it.
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    Use Truecar or go straight thru the dealer website and speak to the internet manager. One of them will quote u a crazy low internet price of $24k. U won’t get that price but having that offer to shop around makes a difference.
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    With the Clarity-:I agree- it's best not to think of this- otherwise it will drive you crazy :)

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    the hell with depreciation, this is an amazingly great car for the price. its less money than a camry hybrid after rebates and so much more enjoyable to drive in EV not to mention cutting emissions.
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  11. I found myself suddenly in the market for a car after my 2013 Volt Premium got totalled. Looking at 2019 Volts, I found that all of the local dealers (metro Detroit) had shunted them into loaner pools to offer at a discount after they've been driven for a while.

    My daughter bought a Clarity Touring last year and let me test drive it, so I'm sold. Unfortunately, I can't find one in a color I like any closer than NJ.

    I have bought a 2 year old Nissan Leaf to carry me over to a time when I can order a Clarity from a local dealer.
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    Have you spoken to a local dealer since Honda's decision to make the Clarity a special-order-only car outside California? I'm wondering if Honda has explained to dealers the process required to order a new Clarity.
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  13. I have not. With the 2019 production done, I'll want to know the details about the 2020 before I star into that.

    In the meantime, I'm having fun with the Leaf!
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    Because Honda's de-emphasizing the Clarity even further for the 2020 model year, I'll be surprised if anything changes other than a price increase. A price increase would enable Honda to offset their discounts to valuable California customers by eliminating discounts to special-order customers in the other 49 states--I believe that could be the main reason for this new Clarity PHEV distribution scheme.

    Also, I wouldn't expect dealers to have much incentive to deal on the price of a car they're special ordering instead of trying to move out of their inventory. Perhaps a willingness to deal on a special-order car depends on how much Honda charges the dealer for the car and how much trouble they make it to order one.
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    Picked up a used 2018 touring with 4100 miles. (lease return, car was put on the road 12/24/ 18, returned 4 months later) $26500. Orange County NY. As new.
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    Try El Monte Honda. They can match your quote.
  18. bushize

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    Thanks Ninja for the quote!
  19. Maru

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    Can you please get the quote or receipt?
    I just called them , they say 28300 + TTL.
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    How much is the current MFG to Dealer incentive in Nor Cal? $5,000 or $6,000? I've seen both referenced. Is this on both the Base and Touring?

    I submitted an inquiry through Costco for a 2019 Touring and got a message that this vehicle does not have pre-arranged Costco pricing. Then I selected to connect with a local dealer and this message came up: Although the model you selected doesn't have low, prearranged Costco member pricing, our specially trained dealers are dedicated to providing superior service and consistent professionalism.

    The dealer that came up already contacted me about an AutoNation inquiry I did last night but is only quoting MSRP over email. I'm pretty sure this dealer is going to be a nightmare to deal with. Any recommendations on a good dealer in the greater Sacramento region to work with on a Touring?

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