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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

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  1. Rangavasu

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  3. Mikesmith78

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  4. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    A free local EVSE is not to be sneezed at. However, a free local EVSE is also likely to be in high demand. The 40-amp EVSE in my garage ensures our Clarity charges as fast as possible and it takes about 2 hours 5 minutes from empty to fully charged. The free local EVSE may not provide the full 32 amps the Clarity can use when charging, so it might take longer.

    Driving the Clarity under EV power is wonderful, but it can be used as just another (non-plug-in) hybrid. The main downsides to driving the Clarity on gasoline are the sound of the engine (occassionally running at high RPMs) and the tiny 7-gallon gas tank.
  5. cokeb5

    cokeb5 Member

    Thanks for the reply! Luckily (not that I'm proud of it) my state has one of the lowest adoption rates for eletric/hybrid vehicles. The free charger very rarely seems to be in use, but you bring up a great point about it possibly not providing the full 32 amps. Either way, my Clarity is purchased and should be arriving to me in a couple of weeks - very excited!

    New Base 2018 - 24.1k + TTL and transportation costs

    Edit: The free charger is apparently through the company VoltaCharging, which from a Google search seems to maybe charge at 36A? Can anyone confirm?
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  6. Gauri

    Gauri New Member

    A new member for posting. I have been learning about clarity a lot. And looking to buy one as soon as possible. Can you kindly provide the details of the dealer and location? Also will it be possible for you to provide a reference for getting a similar deal? Please feel free to email me or send me DM if you prefer that.
    Thanks very much!!! Enjoy your new car!!!!
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  8. stockae92

    stockae92 New Member

    Any SoCal dealer recommendation?
  9. Ryan C

    Ryan C Member

    Check the last 5-10 pages here, lots of good recs . I enjoyed Diamond Valley in Hemet and San Diego May be even better but they were out of stock at the time. I got base 2019 Clarity at $28,800 I think and that figure includes TTL. Very pleased. If the 47 all electric range is an important number for u this is the perfect SoCal car. I did True Car which can be annoying but worth it to get their “ultra low” pricing before they add on all their dealer BS. Take the lowest internet offer and then ask them about dealer accessories and add ons. If it’s any higher than $995 I’d move on to diamond valley or San Diego. All IE dealers were adding $5k but saying they’d drop it to $2,500. I ask them to remove the items they say they can’t...annoying.
    Also be prepared for the fact that all the dealers know nothing about these cars. Ask them if they’ll charge one up for u but I doubt they will. They don’t know the options, trim levels or anything. The factory rebate and fed/state tax credits plus friendly EV environment make this car a no brainer. With that being said I was focusing on a 2020 Corolla Hybrid because it’s a Prius that doesn’t look like a Prius. So inexpensive and practical. The clarity is just unique, weird, practical and also so so perfectly ordinary in all the right ways.
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  10. NocEdit

    NocEdit Member

    Any worries about not getting the CA state rebate since the waiting list began on June 5th?

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  11. Ryan C

    Ryan C Member

    Very little. When I did my research I was really only factoring in $7500 in federal incentive. Getting $1500 from CA is icing on the cake. With SB700 I’m sure they will fund the state rebates. What I’m actually more concerned about is that they will increase the rebate to replace the phase out of the federal incentive for Tesla and Chevy and that I will have missed out on further state incentives. Ultimately I was satisfied with the factory rebate combined with Fed credit and possibility of state credit.
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  13. Ryan C

    Ryan C Member

    Just some thoughts as u look. The 47 mile range was the key for me. I didn’t want to go all electric. Depending on your scenario there are very very cool competitive options out there. PHEVs are a sweet spot because of the tax credits but there are some awesome cars/deals out there like the ioniq and some other hybrid suvs. Use the pricing on this site to create what I called my puppies and rainbows number. I came up with a reasonable but very low offer that I thought they wouldn’t take. They asked me how I came up with the number and I told them it’s what I’d pay to get the car tonight. I finally learned to look for a car well before I actually needed it and negotiate honestly and being willing to walk away. Also don’t negotiate on heavy dealer add ons...walk away and find a dealer that has the lowest add ons.
  14. NocEdit

    NocEdit Member

    I would feel a little FOMO if the FED increases the cap for the FED rebate to 400k vehicles and CA passes a $7500 state rebate... that would be $15k off a Tesla model 3.... but at that point I would just buy Tesla stock and buy my own Tesla with cash in a few years... haha. A $20-25k entry level Tesla would be parked in everyone’s garage in CA... subsidized by the rest of the US... haha

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  15. Ryan C

    Ryan C Member

    I’ve added some thumbnails of my TIL final document as well as the internet pricing offer I got From Moss Honda in Moreno Valley that I took to Diamond Valley in Hemet. I didn’t qualifying for the new college, military or trade in cash offers so u need to add back $2500 to the internet price. This was for a 2019 base Clarity that I got all in for $29,882 which included all taxes title etc. Purchased on 7/15. Happy hunting

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  16. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    Seems like a great price! $7,200 discount from MSRP after adjusting for junk fees.

    2019 Base
    MSRP 34,320
    Dealer price 26,601
    Junk fees 510 (395 accessories, 85 doc fee, 30 MVSC)
    Total discount 7,209

    I included the 395 as junk fee because I don't know if that's something the dealer added on that you didn't want. If whatever it was is worth 395 to you then your discount would be more like $7,600
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  17. Ryan C

    Ryan C Member

    You’re correct including $395 in junk fees. It was the remainder of the $995 dealer fee for the 3m door guards, mud guards and trunk liner. Considering all other dealers were more around $4,000 in add one for sprays, dealers and alarms I was more than happy to pay $395 for $75 worth of plastic relative to the other options out there.
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  18. ukemike

    ukemike New Member

    Two weeks ago I got a 2019 Touring in Crimson from Avery Greene Honda in Vallejo, CA
    MSRP was $36,600
    With Destination and Handling the sticker said $37,520.
    I paid:
    Cash Price: $31,913
    Doc $85
    Sales Tax $2,800 ouch!
    And $30 for electronic vehicle registration fee
    Licensee, registration, and tire fee $442
    Total out the door was $35,270.
    Financed $26k.
    They were cool about not adding a bunch of super priced dealer options. They even gave me the locking lugs for free since they didn't want to swap them off.

    We'll see if I get the state rebate, but I applied already. I've sent off for the HOV sticker, which will give me free bridge tolls through 2022. (that's going to save me at least $3200). I will have to wait for tax time for the fed tax credit. The month I get that $7500 I'm going to make an $8,000 car payment. Will be applying for the PG&E rebate. I found a free solar powered charger at a shopping center 10 minutes walk from home. It has 4 plugs so there has always been an available spot (knock on wood). I've been charging it there. My commute is 42 miles but I've been making lots of side trips. So the first 330 miles I burned a half tank, that's like 92mpg. I filled it up and charged it up yesterday, today I drove from Marin to Monterey and back (264 miles) on about 5 gallons of gas. I got about 30 minutes of free charge while eating lunch before the drive back. So 52 mpg on a long trip is nothing to sneeze at. There was a stretch on the way down there when I was following a semi at about 60mph, mixed flat and downhill, the HV and EV ranges stayed the same for almost 15 minutes! If I'd had that HOV sticker on the way home I would have been home at least 30 minutes earlier.

    It was the easiest and best car buying experience I've ever had. This is what I did. I googled and found the dealer invoice, and the state allowed destination and doc fees. I made a small spreadsheet with the invoice - the Honda $5k dealer rebate, plus 3% profit for them, plus taxes, and reg. I showed it to them and said here is my first and final offer. If they didn't take it I was going to go to my home town dealer and try there and if that failed I was going to get a Civic Sport. So the only way they were going to sell me a car was at this price but if they took it I would buy it right then. Oh it was the last Saturday of the month and no one customers were there. They took it.
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  19. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    That is really terrific, a 5,492 discount from MSRP plus all of those savings still to come. Glad to hear you plan to put the federal rebate towards your loan that will reduce the total interest paid for the loan quite a bit.

    Just to make the rest of us feel better :) besides the unavoidable $85 doc fee to the dealer (capped at that amount by California) you also paid $30 in junk fees for electronic registration, that's a fee the dealer pays a third party company MVSC to electronically send the registration to the DMV. They love to slyly make the buyer pay their MVSC fee. Of course it's a trivial amount not worth haggling especially when you are already getting a great deal.
  20. rajeev

    rajeev New Member

    Bought new 2018 clarity base @ MSRP 24900 , OTD cost 27,700!
    Thank you all for helping out!
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  21. Raj K

    Raj K New Member

    Bought my Grey 2019 Clarity base model last night. 27,395 + TTL. Also went through the Costco auto buying program, it was so easy and happy with the whole experience. Costco program gives you another $200 extra after your fill out the survey. Not much but atleast it will cover some of the crap fees. Thanks Ryan for helping me out. This forum is awesome for someone to do research before buying.
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  22. Raj K

    Raj K New Member

    Which dealer was this from ?
  23. rajeev

    rajeev New Member

    Wisconsin, wilde honda

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