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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Was that your out-the-door price?
  2. Rich_in_CH

    Rich_in_CH New Member

    I wanted to thank the people in this thread for helping me negotiate a pretty good price for my new Clarity Touring. (Love the car!) I bought it in the RDU, NC area a couple of weeks ago.

    The dealer wanted $37,490-- more than the $36,600 MSRP-- because the car came with wheel locks and some kind of protectant I didn't want, plus they wanted me to pay a destination fee on top of that. (I can't remember exactly, but I think it was in the $800-$1500 range.) I got them down to $35,300. I couldn't get around the doc fee of around $500, and the taxes/tags were around $1100. So roughly $36,900 OTD. The taxes added a lot to the OTD cost, though.

    I think next time, I'll check nearby states for cheaper sales taxes on new cars, or maybe lease.

    I skipped the extended warranty and the other add-ons they tried to throw on at the signing party. (They wanted $3k for a 10y/100k ESP. Yikes.)

    I checked the glove box, and the $29 wheel locks were in there. I'll probably install them this weekend. I happen to have a torque wrench lying around. :D
  3. Roy2001

    Roy2001 Member

    No you cannot avoid the sales tax. Sales tax is determined by your registration zip code. Say I live in California, unless I can find out way to register in OR which does not collect sales tax, and drive it in CA, which could be illegal, I cannot avoid CA tax.

    Since this is 1st gen car, I would say 10y extended warranty could be useful, but 3k is too much. I would say 1.5k is more reasonable.
  4. Timothy

    Timothy Active Member
  5. Rich_in_CH

    Rich_in_CH New Member

    That's true about the sales tax. Otherwise I'd always buy my cars in Delaware.

    Yeah, the CR info was a large part of the reason why I'm not big on ESPs.
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  6. Can you share what your out-the-door price was?
  7. Base Crystal Black in north central NJ
    Dealer threw in accessories as they call it, they better put some splash guards for the price of useless accessories & nitro fill
    $33101 OTD including NJ tax
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  8. Hi.Ho.Silver

    Hi.Ho.Silver Active Member

    Hey Rich in CH, I bought mine at Southpoint in January before they became more plentiful. I got $1000 below sticker and also had to pay the doc fee. I love the car and have no regrets. Looks like you got a green one. I’ll watch for it around town. Haven’t seen many.
  9. Sandroad

    Sandroad Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Here in Michigan, we paid $1000 less than MSRP for our Touring and got the dealer to include a few hundred dollars in accessories for no extra charge. The "deal-sealer" for us was the willingness of the dealer to give us an astonishingly high amount for our trade in. Very unlike other vehicle purchases in the past where we didn't even include a trade because of the usual dealer low-ball values. I think it's because my wife is an ace negotiator. Anyway, our sales experience was good until we hit the finance person whose mission in life is to extract big extra money from customers. He desperately tried to sell us an off-brand service package and started at a $2500 price. After what seemed like ages, he ended at $794 (for the same thing!). We didn't bite of course, but I do wonder how many folks purchase it from him at $2500?
  10. bevOrPhev

    bevOrPhev New Member

    Anybody with lease numbers to report in San Jose area ? I see a lot of people reporting OTD, but with the new CA law which says carpool stickers are only valid for 3 years And so much changing in the BEV and PHEV space, I am looking for a 3-year lease. Cross shopping Clarity and Leaf. Have to find a decent trade for my 2013 Leaf as well since it’s carpool stickers cannot be renewed...
  11. spaj223

    spaj223 New Member

    the price of the car is related to how you pay it.
    I live in bay area.
    If you pay by cash, $3000 to $3500 of the OTD is normal.
    If yoy buy with finace, $4000 or more.
    If you lealse, you should get much lower price if dealer take the $7500 incentive.
  12. spaj223

    spaj223 New Member

    I am talking about Touring.
  13. spaj223

    spaj223 New Member

    If you want to lease, you have many other ev or phev to try.
    So far, BMW i3 is very good one.
    If you do good reseach, you can get $100 to $150 for three years lease.
  14. Marc

    Marc New Member

    Any of you folks buy a Clarity in Colorado? I've just now started looking. Was very close to buying a Prius Prime, but couldn't get the same kind of prices other folks seemed to be getting.

    Relatedly - any of you folks buy one from out of state, b/c the price difference made it worth while?
  15. spaj223

    spaj223 New Member

    If ypu want buy the clairty, send email to the Honda dealer at your atea. Two statements, you want to buy the clairty and would like to pay $34000 cash on the touring.Wait until the end of the month, someome will call you on the price.( try not to answer it, only use email until the price is fixed)
  16. STEye

    STEye New Member

    Touring - $32,240 + free $425 in accessories.
  17. CaryLyn

    CaryLyn New Member

    Hi. Just bought a silver touring Clarity this weekend for 33,480, plus tax, title, and license. Found a great price in Los Angeles, but had been working with a local dealer in Ventura/Santa Barbara area that was willing to match it. Thankfully my hubby and I stuck to our price as the process took 3-4 hours while they had to “get approval” for each step we negotiated.
    Can’t complain though. I love it so far. We definitely did our homework before buying.
  18. kcsunshine

    kcsunshine Active Member

    Does that include the $1,500 California incentive? Here in NY, we have a $1,700 incentive that is deducted at purchase. The dealers need to register for it and they don't tell you that the price they give you already includes it. Do you have to claim it by yourself for CA or is it like NY?
  19. CaryLyn

    CaryLyn New Member

    It doesn’t include the CA rebate for $1500. We have to upload all the needed paperwork to the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project to get it. I guess California changed the rebate rules so owners cannot get both the rebate and the HOV stickers for carpooling if they gross a certain amount of money on their 1040. I assume dealers don’t include it because not everyone can take the rebate. Just a guess. :)
  20. Roy2001

    Roy2001 Member

    You need to claim CA rebate by yourself and if your family income is more than 30k you are screwed.

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