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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

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    I agreed with the dealer. I never said that I paid $34k out the door. You still have to pay sales tax and license fee. The invoice price for Touring model is $35,980, check KBB. No dealer will sell the car for $35k including tax+license OTD for Touring model. That's like getting the car at $31K + tax and license, $5k under invoice (???).

    If you can get it at this price, then this would be a deal of the century. For Clarity, it would be hard to get it for below $33k before tax and license fee.
  2. Richard D

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    That is true. That's what i get for assuming! thank you though. It at least gives me a starting point
  3. Richard D

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    so looks like its going to be $36K ish OTD. What does everyone think about paying 3 grand more for the Audi Etron?
  4. ncatoffice

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    Remember the e-tron only starts at that price. By the time you get some essential packages, the difference will be a lot more. I drive an Audi, so the first thing I did was go check the e-tron. The comparable price difference is a lot more than 3K.
    Also, I think the VW group is only now getting serious about EVs, so next year is a good year to buy those vehicles.
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    While the base A3 e-tron is $39k, MSRP on a comparable trim (including Android Auto/CarPlay, adaptive cruise, navigation) of the e-tron is $48k. You also only get a $4,500 federal tax credit on the A3 due to the smaller battery pack, so you're looking at a after-credit difference of at least 6k between the base e-tron and the Clarity PHEV Touring. (State incentives could make this an even bigger difference.)

    With the e-tron you're also looking at a 16 mile EV range (instead of 47), and 36 mpg on premium (rather than 42 mpg on regular) after that. Don't get me wrong: the A3 looks like a beautiful car, the infotainment system looks far better than Honda's last gen system on the Clarity, and it's probably a lot more "sporty" to drive. But given the choice in my circumstances, I'd find it hard to justify spending $6k-13k more on it, personally; it seems to measure up better against the BMW i3 REx (in terms of engineering and luxury) and the shorter-EV-range PHEVs (in terms of practicality).
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    I was disappointed (baffled?) by lack of response from dealers around the bay area and Sacramento, so I ending up buying mine though and was completely happy with their service. They give you the price quote online, breaking out base price, destination charge, registration and fees, and sales tax. If you like the price, you pay their fee and they deliver the car to you. You don't pay them anything to get the quotes. I got quotes on Touring and Base, purchase and lease, before deciding. I'm on the peninsula, and my car came from Manly Honda in Santa Rosa: Touring for $34.5K including destination but not including registration or sales tax, so not quite OTD but I'm in a high tax county.

    I also looked at the A3 etron. I found the range lacking and it felt small, too--I hit my head getting into the driver's seat during the test drive (and I'm not that tall!). I used to drive a Prius, and was looking for a hatchback so I'd have room for my 70 lb dog in the way back. He would have been cramped in the A3 though, as would any back seat passengers. The Clarity was just a better choice for me. My commute is about 40 miles round trip, so I'll be doing the vast majority of my miles on electric in the Clarity.
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  8. Andie

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    qtpie, you didn't go through internet sales at South Bay Honda in Milpitas? We were working with another salesperson there and the price quoted was ridiculous. Almost the same time frame as you.
  9. NotoriousG

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    I wish I had done -- the whole car buying process is terrible.

    Having done lots of emails to the all the local dealers withing 200mi radius, finally we were able to pick up a Touring Clarity for $33,480 -> ~37k OTD from Capitol Honda in San Jose, CA . The price is for finance only, but the down payment can be 80-90%, so interest charges will be <$100.

    Roger Villanueva is the manager that we worked with, and is great, the others (especially finance guy) could have been more transparent.

    P.S. Roger was ok with posting the details.
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    No, we didn’t use internet sales. We just went in to test drive after receiving promo from Honda. There was only one Clarity on the lot with color combination that wife wanted. Made the offer below invoice, then drove the car off the lot after a couple of hours hassling with the finance guy. It was quick with the sales guy but terrible and stressful with the finance guy as he was trying to sell us service package and extended warranty.

    Was quoted price ridiculously higher or lower than $34k?

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    Do you mind if I ask which dealer this was? Were there any strings attached to this price? (Ie, lease or finance?)
  12. MelloYello

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    Did you need to special finance through Honda especially to get that price? Culver City says they can't go below $30k+ otherwise...?
  13. dpt

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    I was able to get my clarity for almost 4k off the MSRP before tax and license.

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  14. dpt

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    Most dealers are offering the best price if you finance through Honda for at least a few months, then you can pay off the loan or refinance elsewhere. My dealer in Orange County CA was hassle free, no extra add on fees or options, brought the price for the base under to under 29,500 before tax and license.

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  15. mckennajp

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    I had the same experience. I initially said that I did not want to finance anything, but they told me they could drop the price another $1K if I financed through Honda. So I will just pay off the loan whenever I want now.
  16. jim rosenfield

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    Just returned from College Park (MD) Honda. Clarity Touring with $500 military credit. Dealer options: Back up sensor, all weather floor mats, door edge guards, body side molding, wheel locks, mud guards, and center console mat. Out the door at $36,500. They forgot to charge the car but gas was full. Financing was amazing at 0.9% for 5 years! Went to 6 dealers for pricing before getting this deal. Son bought one too (base model no back up sensor no military credit) out the door @ $33,300
  17. CAHorton

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    No, I did not need to finance though Honda. Some of the dealers said I had to, but not Penske. When I took that offer to Culver City and told them I wasn't going finance, they said ok.
  18. hockeyrobin1

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    This was at Steve Hopkins Honda in Fairfield. I did finance through Honda to get the 1.9% apr, not sure if that was required.
  19. David Tee

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    $30,619 for base model (Dealer option: wheel lock) with $15k downpayment, .9% financing for 36 months - from Honda of Seriramote (North bay). Total out the door price (after 36 months payment) is $34,283.76.

    As to why $15k down? I was going pay it off fully, but was told there was a $1k credit for financing, so ended up financing with $15k down. If it pay it off in first payment, OTD would be $34,018.74.
  20. KenG

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    It has no range?

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