Newbie here, wife getting her 2021 Kona (preferred) six months earlier than expected.

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by navguy12, Aug 13, 2020.

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    Makes sense. It definitely is larger than the Tesla unit.
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    My family and I road the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria today. My family astutely noticed the automobile carrier hauling (among other cars) three blue Kona EVs. Someone is going to be happy soon!

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  4. I have noticed lately Kona EVs popping up out of nowhere and see them daily (almost on parity with various Tesla models), not unlike a few years back when Leaf dominated the EV landscape. Great to see:)
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    I tried to zoom in to see if the amber turn signal bulb on that blue Kona’s rear starboard side turn signal was incandescent or led...;-p
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    Picked up my wife’s kona .....

    I asked for the front end wrapped ... like full hood... cause OCD me would never accept seeing half the hood covered

    1. hood done half way ...
    2. The other half of the hood has swirls all over it to a whole other level of swirls ...I know cause my dad owns a hand carwash!!!

    the rest is fine only the hood was crapped the car

    going back next week for them to fix all this
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    The dealership is having the PPF redone this Tuesday, and my ceramic application is delayed a week as a result.

    12 volt battery monitor added today.
  8. Be sure to post results of the accessory battery monitoring in the 12V battery thread. I only use a Fluke 197 meter at this point but that device is definitely on my list. I have kind of become accustomed to leave the vehicle run mode on parked a couple of times a month for a few hours as a lot of my drives are too short to charge it properly. So far it has worked pretty good with only one dead battery episode caused by a hung Bluelink command which I have not used since that unexpected/unwelcome occasion.
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    Will do.

    My wife has no interest in the Bluelink thing, so she never got that implemented.
  10. Well, EE was using it perhaps unconventionally, which likely contributed to the hang. My Kona has no app capability at all due to the importer trying to get the EV into the NZ market as early as possible, I suspect before the (RHD) model 3 arrived. They’re nearly identically priced.
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    The LED headlamp bulbs were installed today.

    Winter tire/wheels were ordered today.

    The ceramic coating is on for this coming Tuesday (the dealership sub-contracted PPF fix is now correct).

    After the ceramic job, my rust proofing will begin (I'll start a thread on that when it happens):

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    I'm just catching up with all this; it looks like you're going about as mod-crazy as I did but
    along some different paths. This set of pages might be of some technical interest and
    answer a few more of your early questions...

    Most folks don't have a hoist in their garage! Could you give a few details on yours?

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    It's an old unit, called "Direct Lift Pro-Park 7 Four Post Service, Parking Lift"

    I bought it on 21 Oct 2005 from Benco Equipment in Bismark, ND and it arrived (disassembled of course) at my place in eastern Ontario about three weeks later.

    Its original purpose was to store this in bay number two, with my daily driver Prius stored underneath:

    selling photo 1.jpg

    ...because bay number three had this:


    ...ah, good times...sold both of them to finance/afford my TM3.
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    Wow, nice. A buddy and I used to tool around in one of those in our misspent youth...
    called it the "mercruiser", because he was also into boats, er, that is, the types that
    actually go in the water.

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    The blue '77 Continental was a true eye catcher. The 25 liters/100 km fuel "economy" could make your eyes water. A collector in Holland has it.

    The silver/white '85 Town Car was factory ordered and never saw winter. More comfortable than the '77 (more modern in all respects). A collector in sw Ontario has that one.
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    The ceramic coating job is just about done.

    In other news, my wife wanted me to drive the car yesterday for our weekly shopping run (two times 12 km).

    I noted that to track straight, I had to apply a constant torque such that the top of the steering wheel was at 11 o'clock.

    I mentioned this to my wife and she said that she has found the car difficult to drive straight, compared to her old Yaris... last night I confirmed the tire pressures.

    All four tires needed topping up to meet/exceed the placarded 36 PSI (cold).

    I swapped the two front wheels as past experience has indicated that sometimes all one needs to do is swap sides and things straighten out.

    I contacted the dealer service rep, gave him a heads up, and told him it may need a wheel alignment plus steering wheel centering...I'll test it first with the swapped tires before pressing the issue.

    I had to clarify that we took delivery three weeks ago as the service rep was quoting me $CAD 125.00 (plus 13% HST) for an alignment.

    He told me that Hyundai allows "an adjustment period of six months".


    Dealer prep observations, so far:
    • dealer installed PPF had to be corrected,
    • car delivered with only 52% soc (MSRP includes "full tank of gas"),
    • locking lug nuts, only one out of four was mounted 180 degrees from the valve stem,
    • locking lug nuts, two of the four wheels had small scratches around the mounting locations,
    • all four tires less than 36 PSI (cold), and
    • alignment incorrect (supected only at this time pending confirmation).
  17. The cost for alignment is not going to happen, if there is an issue warranty will cover.
    Did you try to turn off the LKA with the button on the instrument panel (switch block) to the left of the steering wheel, (the one with the car and two lanes).
    The car operates like any regular old car and does't try to pull you to one side or the other.
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  18. I'd say around half of new cars I've bought have not had optimal toe-in and/or steering wheel alignment. I consider it no more than good luck that my Kona happens to be correct.
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  19. I guess the only guidance I have is tire wear and so far it is excellent (equal on all obviously more on the front) so the "luck" has been shared.
    My inquiry with navguy12 was trying to find out if the on board systems were at fault or actual alignment issues.
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  20. Well my EV tech noted a misalignment one of my many recent visits to him. They suggested I hit a pothole, I suggested it was like that off the factory floor. No way to prove either position, I ended up paying for it, definitely was not impressed.
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