Multiple System Warnings

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by K8QM, Mar 31, 2018.

  1. Billglee

    Billglee New Member

    When we were driving the car in to be serviced yesterday, we discovered it was having serious acceleration issues. It felt like it completely died on me, pedal to the floor produced nothing, but my husband was able to drive it using a “feathering” technique, although he couldn’t get it above 40 mph, so on the highway I drove behind him with the flashers on and it was nerve wracking. The service dept called a little while ago, and after contacting “California” about the problem they are going to replace an “IPU” so that the batteries can “talk” to each other...some sort of computer part we assume. It happens that we are leaving the country for a couple of weeks, so there will be no update for that much time.
  2. ace base

    ace base Member

    @Billglee This is a very serious issue, and feel sorry for your situation. May I suggest starting a new thread about this on the forum (as this a different issue) and keep us update on how Honda fixes the issue.
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  3. Billglee

    Billglee New Member

    How do you know it’s a different issue? It all started with the multiple warning lights even while the car was driving fine. I know zilch about cars in general, let alone this car.
  4. ClarityPHEVer

    ClarityPHEVer Member

    Billglee, search for the Clarity Issues thread. Lash reported a loss of power. I think it was around page 21-ish (April).
  5. HP2018

    HP2018 New Member

    I'd like to share the update with every one in the group:
    No more warnings after I re-tired the Gas cover until now.
    I have tried multiple actions, and back to original operation ... no matter how I drive the Car, there is no more warning. I can see the ACC light is the last signal turns to green, about few seconds later then others. It's will finally turn to green if there is no engine light check alarm ...

    Based on our previously experience on Honda SUV, the losing GAS cover causes engine light check alarm, but no sure if it's same reason on Clarity. Just want to share those with every one for reference. Good Luck!
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  6. evan stafford

    evan stafford New Member

    i have over 3000 miles on my clarity and have been getting the same error messages, ACC, RDM and check engine numerous times. Its really a nuisance because i can't use cruise control. i get this fancy car and cruise control breaks!!!! i have a 2002 toyota and cruise control works every time. it seems to happen after driving it and then getting back in it within say an hour or so. the only way to clear that i have seen is to charge fully at 240V. I charge at home on 115 and that doesn't clear it. but at work i can charge on 240V and it clears it every time.
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  7. HP2018

    HP2018 New Member

    Does any one know what's different between charge on 110V and 240V? Not sure if it's related with 12V, as some one posted before ...
    I have also driven my car with GAS for over 50 miles for charging 12V battery.
  8. HP2018

    HP2018 New Member

    Missed one thing in last update: I have also driven my car with GAS over 50 miles for charging the 12V battery, as some one recommended the 12V can cause the signal light issue ...
  9. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    The Clarity charges its 12-volt battery through a DC-to-DC converter connected to the big battery. The charging takes place regardless of what is propelling the car.
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  10. Clarman

    Clarman New Member

    I’ve now been to dealer twice for a “clear”. The older mechanic is knowledgable. “It’s a code glitch. Expecting a recall. Honda’s working on it and revised code should be available early August.” This should not happen and I really don’t like that I loose ACC and have to repeatedly go to the dealer.
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  11. HP2018

    HP2018 New Member

    Thank you for clarifying!
    Is there any difference between the charge on 110V AC and 240V AC?
  12. KenG

    KenG Member

    I hear that a software fix for this is out today!

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  13. vicw

    vicw Active Member

    That will be great news for those who have experienced the problem. I've been very lucky to avoid it during my first six months of use, so I may not rush my Clarity back to the dealer, as I did for the HV Range Fix.
  14. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    The high-voltage battery just takes DC volts from the charger built into the Clarity, it doesn't care what's powering the charger (you care because it affects the time to recharge). Note, the EVSE (Electric Vehicle Service Equipment) that you plug into the car isn't the charger, it just does the charger's bidding as far as starting and stopping the flow of electricity to the car (and preventing the flow of electricity into you).
  15. KenG

    KenG Member

    And this looks like the fix ... I should mention that I have not had this issue either...but seems like a big for the inaccurate HV range... I drive mostly all I won’t be rushing into the dealer either... IMG_0562.JPG

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  16. vicw

    vicw Active Member

    Can you make out the Bulletin Number? I haven't been able to by zooming in. I'm also having second thoughts about waiting on this one. As you say, this one seems like a big concern, and I would much prefer to not encounter it, or have my wife cope with it.
  17. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Ken7, I’m also not having any system warnings. For those of us who don’t have any problems, are we supposed to get this update??
  18. KenG

    KenG Member


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  19. Akinto

    Akinto Member

    Is this happening to any Canadian cars? Any news of a fix?
  20. jeffwashere

    jeffwashere New Member

    Got the 3 common warnings today (lane departure, adaptive cruise control, emissions). We just had a fill up and I was messing around with one of the buttons on the remote. After we got the car home and let it charge for a few hours, I turned it on and off 5 times and the error codes went away. I should have checked the gas cap because a loose cap creates errors in every car I've had the past 15 years.

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