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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by K8QM, Mar 31, 2018.

  1. HP2018

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    Just got similar issue on my clarity 2018 from last Friday, with three problems about ACC/RDM/Emissions, they were disappeared once their selves on Saturday afternoon, but kept all the time after then. I'm lucky to get all shared information above this morning, and then processed all possible actions I could down by my self: Changed light control to Auto, Re-covered oil cover, and drive the car for Lunch with all problems there; when I start the car for back office, I did carefully put the start bottom and then release it very quickly - so happy to see all warnings went OFF, the car gets cleared as before.
    Thanks to every one here for sharing the information! I will keep checking my car, and have the update if the warnings come back ...
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  2. Hamid

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    Had the same issue, a few weeks after buying the car, took it to the dealer, after all the technicians gave their scalp a good massage, followed by a call to HNA, it was determined that it is a software bug, and they reset the code.

    Fast forward to last week, the issue came back, set up an appointment to take it back to the dealer, but when I started the car I would say for the 4th time after the error had popped up the night before, the issue cleared on its own, so cancelled the appt.

    They plan to notify me when a fix is available, I have driven 2 Nissan Leaf over the past 5 years, never had an issue, the clarity impressed me, and having been an ex civic/accord owner, I was very pleased with Honda reliability, and decided to go back to the brand.

    On another note, less than 72 hours after buying the car the infotainment display had a solid vertical line on the right side of the display, honda had to replace the unit.

    Between the display going bad, and the 2 times that these warnings have come on, my son now teases me on how I feel about Honda reliability.

  3. Robin

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    Hi All -- Joining <The Club>. Our errors [CEL, RDMS, ACC, Emissions, Brake system] came on when starting <Clarabelle, 900 miles> yesterday and cleared on the sixth or so restart after giving it a good rest prior to the "successful" start. Dealer is checking and I'll confirm what they report here. I'll mention it has been hot around here recently, since that seems to be another common theme.
  4. Robin

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    The only retained error code was: "P100C stored in the PGMFI system"
    Action taken: Ran VTC test on the HDS system and also removed connector and checked pin fit for the electric VTC actuator. No issues found.

    Amusing note, at end of service record: "WAITING- PURPLE HOODIE - WASH"
    In all fairness, I was wearing a purple hoodie from the University of Washington DAWGS (or at least so it says on the sleeve) :)
  5. K8QM

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    I like watching PAC-12 football late of a Saturday night and I'm jealous that they washed your car.

    Thanks for taking the time to take your car in - a bunch of service calls is how this issue will eventually (hopefully) get fixed. I'm pretty sure it's just a case of some systems booting more quickly (or slowly) than expected but that kind of probalem can be really hard to replicate.

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  6. AK2018

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    As an update, we brought the car in to the dealer service center on Saturday, and they seemed to be aware of this type of issue already. Did the inspection anyway, and came back with codes "P0010 and P100C", with the followup action that they'll call to set an appointment when Honda has a new software update. No ETA on when the software update might be available, though.



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  7. Kendalf

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    Disconnecting the negative terminal of the 12V battery and waiting ten minutes cleared the triple errors for me yesterday. I did get the TPMS and VSA error at the next power up, but those went away with the first drive. What was interesting was that the EV range reset to something like 42 miles range on a full charge, when before I had about 58. It was funny watching the EV range actually creep up as I was driving (65mph on the freeway no less) then plateau and slowly come down, such that the remaining range registered 35 miles left after I drove a 25 mile highway trip.
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  8. Sorry to be back here reporting another series of faults, but it happened to my Clarity again this weekend, twice. My car is at about 2500 miles and has experienced this fault about 5 of 6 times.
    FYI, I noticed that someone earlier in the forum mentioned the outside temperature, but I don't think that this has anything to do with temperature, as I live in NC where heat is the norm.

    Just like all of you, I am still waiting patiently for the Honda fix.
  9. K8QM

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    So there are at least three Claritys in NC! One in Durham, ours in Raleigh and wherever you are.

    It was back in March on a pleasant 60 degree day when I started this thread and the issue hasn't re-occurred even as we have been in the upper 80's to low 90's in Raleigh.

    It will be nice to see this thread die!

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  10. I'm in Liberty, NC. I purchased mine from Flow Honda of Burlington, NC
  11. K8QM

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    Ours came from flow through Lieth in Raleigh - not only did we have to tell the sales guy about the car but also found the location/stock number of what we wanted so they could get it for us.

  12. Perhaps Lieth or Flow will become privy to the solution to this problem. I'm scared to take mine to Flow until Honda issues a real fix for this problem. I don't want them doing any experimental fixes with my car, as I have seen with Dodge and my ProMaster!! Keep us all posted if Lieth gets the fix and I'll let you-all know if my guys come up with anything.

    FYI, my sales guy didn't know anything about the car, as-a-matter-of-fact they delivered the car to me with (0) EV charge, although he said it was fully charged-up. That salesman has already moved on to another location.
  13. K8QM

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    Same thing - I made sure to bring that up on both the dealer and American Honda surveys.
  14. Kendalf

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    Have you brought your car in to the dealer to report the issue? 5-6 times strongly implies more than just a minor glitch. I've only had it occur once, and like you I'm hesitant to bring the car in to the dealer to serve as a guinea pig vehicle for guessing on the cause.
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  15. vicw

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    We have at least 2 Claritys in the Southern Pines, NC area. Mine and the Colonel's.
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  16. Carro con enchufe

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    I got mine from Apple Tree Honda in Asheville. I did see a Clarity in Greensboro a month ago, maybe one of yours?
  17. K8QM

    K8QM Active Member

    I drive our crimson one through there fairly often so it could be.

  18. Mine is that pretty metallic white. My wife (a redhead) frequently drives around in Greensboro.
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  19. I did contact the dealer once to inform them of the issue. Flow Honda of Burlington - service manager (SM) didn't seem to know anything about the Clarity or the fault, and the fault cleared by itself so that was as far as it went. Additionally, I informed the SM of this forum and emailed him a link so that he could see that this is a real problem and so that he could keep an eye out for a Honda solution. I suppose that I should be notifying the SM everytime the fault occures, but I am pretty sure the SM will want me to bring in my Clarity so that Flow can replace something under warranty that will not fix the problem, but will definitely be a waste of my time.
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  20. Thanks to all who have posted so far
    Sorry to see so many of use are having this problem over such a protracted period with no remedy. I have had this problem twice in the first 550 miles, less than 3 weeks of ownership. Seems absurd that it has taken Honda so long to address the problem. I had the car towed the first time it happened at Honda's recommendation. I do not have time to take it into the dealer every time this happens, which is what Honda customer service just advised me to do when I said I wanted to escalate my complaint. But I do have time to keep calling Honda, which is what I plan to do. Not sure if this sort of issues qualifies for lemon laws, but I will be looking into that if the lights keeps going off on me. I cannot change driving modes or use cruise control/lane keeping when this happens, and can't tell if there really is a problem with the engine and brake systems, so the car is not fully functional.

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