Multiple System Warnings

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by K8QM, Mar 31, 2018.

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  1. K8QM

    K8QM Active Member

    File this one away if you don't know it already.

    Drove the car on electric about 40 miles this morning, hooked it up to 120VAC for a few hours and then started on another drive. At start up I got multiple warning ACC failure, emissions failure, check engine light, brake warning light, etc. The car was acting normally but cycling through the multiple warnings along with the dash lights.

    I powered the car down until all the dash messages (eco, etc) finished and then re-started with the same results (three times). Since the dealer is close I drover there and parked in the service area. While "the guy" went to talk to the service folks I decided to check again - this time everything was fine. Proceeded on with a several hour drive with no problems.

    So, if you feel like the car needs a CTRL-ALT-DEL don't just wait 30 seconds or so until it seems to have shut down - give it at least several minutes.

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  3. why

    why New Member

    This is very similar to the problem I encountered today except mine was not right after charging. I got the same warning messages as yours. In addition, while I was driving home, I tried to switch to HV mode to charge the battery and I got "Drive Mode Change Unavailable". I decided to drop it off at the dealer.

    I did not see your post earlier. Otherwise I will see if it will reset by itself or not. Now I have to wait till tomorrow to see if there is any problem.
  4. K8QM

    K8QM Active Member

    I also noticed that I could not change modes while I was getting the warnings.

    Please let us know what the dealer tells you!

  5. A-Lebron

    A-Lebron New Member

    That sounds a lot like what would normally happen with an ICE car as the 12V battery/alternator started failing. If it happens again try measuring the voltage on the 12V.
  6. K8QM

    K8QM Active Member

    Be warned if you read on - conjecture only....

    It didn't "feel" like a 12V issue rather it "felt" like a communications error. It seems to me that as quickly as the car boots it must keep it's main computer active most of the time and only do a full reboot if necessary. In this case it was getting multiple warnings but not critical system failures so it let me go ahead and use the vehicle without allowing use of those systems. Once I actually shut the vehicle down, got out and locked the doors it took the chance to do a full reboot which cleared the errors.

    We put several hundred miles on the car the next two days with no issues.

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  8. Viking79

    Viking79 Well-Known Member

    The Volt does similar if there is a 12 V issue (i.e., I think it is a communications error between different modules like you mention, but related to 12 V not powering up all systems correctly). When it would get in this state, it wouldn't power off either, so you had to press and hold power button to shut it off. I think you can do the same for Clarity.

    However, it could be some other electronics gremlin. One way to check for a weak 12 V battery is honk the horn and see if it sounds sickly or not. Maybe there is a loose ground wire or something as well.
  9. why

    why New Member

    Picked up the car from dealer and they cannot tell me what caused the warning. But they told me they did a reset and test drive with no problem. The following is what is listed as the cause on the paperwork:

    Check DTC. Found DTC P01000 and P100C. Reset code and at data list self check. Both code pass status test.

    Anyone can decode what the above meant?
  10. K8QM

    K8QM Active Member

    DTC is just Diagnostic Trouble Code.
    It looks like the P01000 could be a test did not complete and the other is DTC P100C:Electric VTC Motor Speed Signal Circuit Malfunction (at least on some Hondas).

    So I go back to my rudimentary diagnosis - there were some communications errors that caused a bunch of troubles. Allowing time for (or performing a) full reset made the errors go away.

    Thanks for the update.

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  11. ClarityNow

    ClarityNow New Member

    I had the exact same fault codes and symptoms. My wife was in the car when it happened. She says the alarms happened after she held down the button down to open the plug compartment for too long. After three trips the car reset and the faults are gone.
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  13. ddrj

    ddrj New Member

    Hello! I have the same issue as well and it has happened twice - 1st at 900 miles and the 2nd at 2300. The first occurrence was during normal driving conditions at 35 mph and several failures displayed on the dash (Lane Departure, Adaptive Cruise, Emissions, Check Engine and Brake lights), the service center chalked it up as a one time glitch and they cleared the codes. The second occurrence happened when I was leaving work for the day - the same 5 warning indicators appeared on the dash as mentioned above.

    So, after taking it back the second time on April 3rd and still unable to locate the root cause, they reached out to a regional person who will come and look at the car on April 14th to help with the diagnostic, and hopefully, a fix. So, they cleared the codes and said you are good to go until the 14th. Oh, right before I left, the service center indicated there are a few others with the same problem in other states and they don't know exactly why it's occurring, but hoping to find a solution soon.

    Since I have been back to the shop twice for the same five issues, I am keeping my paperwork in order as I don't have the time to keep bringing my vehicle into the dealership every ~1k miles. As most would agree, it's unacceptable for a new car - for those that disagree, well, that's okay, but I went down a long road with Tesla and came to Honda for the "reliability" not to have multiple codes pop-up on the display. And in the event my wife drives the car, I shouldn't have to say "hey babe, please make sure you pay attention if multiple codes come up on the display." <<this is not going to work and most of you would agree - Just because it's new technology doesn't mean I have to accept a manufacturers shortcomings. I am certainly accepting of issues, but I am not going to wait months and months for a fix, which I hope isn't the case. Anyway, April 14th will technically be the 3rd time I have documented visits for the same 5 issues.

    I am the guy who purchased a Clarity after my Tesla Model X debacle: I wish I could say it was my aggressive driving, but that's hardly the case. Folks rarely want to drive with me because I putt-putt down the road.

    Anyway, I will update this thread once I have an update to share. Hoping for a positive resolution.
  14. K8QM

    K8QM Active Member

    Thanks for the addition. I wasn't too perturb having it happen once, but multiple times is another issue entirely. Although we "know" it's just a glitch it could obviously be dangerous to get into the habit of ignoring warning messages!

  15. ddrj

    ddrj New Member

    Thanks for your comment, and yes, I agree. I chalked up the first instance as one time glitch and I know it happens to new cars including ICE of course. Since this has happened more than once to me, I am not going to agree this is a "glitch" until it is fixed ;) Who can ignore 5 errors and interpret them as legit versus not legit? I don't want to be a statistic and have Honda report and say "the driver had plenty of warning lights and indicators coming from the dash, but failed to heed them." I view Honda as a very ethical company and since I have taken my car to the service center, they wouldn't make this claim. I sincerely hope these posts promote safety and encourage others to take their car to their dealership in the event of any code such as brakes or check engine lights are triggered. If I receive any messages, my car goes to the service center that day or the next.
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  16. lsquared

    lsquared New Member

    Thanks to all for such great information. This happened to my car this morning. It's currently at the dealer while they see what's to be done. The mechanic who looked at the car said he would call the regional folks to see if they have an explanation and a fix. He's worked on my cars for years & is reasonable and trustworthy so I look forward to learning more from him. I'll report back if they find anything different than others report here.
  17. Randy L

    Randy L New Member

    Same issue -- 2018 Honda Clarity PHEV with 3550 miles shows 3 messages/idiot lights. They are Road Departure Mitigation Warning; Emissions Systems Problem; and Adaptive Cruise Control Problem. Also, "Brake System" idiot light came on. Couldn't put car into HV/EV or ECON mode while these where showing. Car seemed to use up remaining EV battery quickly, then went into "always on" ICE mode until I got home.
    Not sure if this is related, but before (and during) the problem, I noticed that the right side camera took a long time to come on when I put on the right turn signal. It then stayed on after I turned off the right turn signal, one time for over 2 minutes.
    At lest one other member of a Clarity PHEV Facebook group had the exact same messages/lights activate. Hers went out after charging the traction battery for 2-3 hours. Based on this, I drove mine home and plugged it in to charge the battery.
    When I got home, there was some smell of brakes when I got close to the wheels.
    It's now been fully charged and the messages/idiot lights are still on. I'll be talking to the local dealer soon.
  18. descolado

    descolado Member

    Joining the club this morning. Received an Emissions System Problem error this morning. Stopping by dealer to have car looked at .

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  19. Hi.Ho.Silver

    Hi.Ho.Silver Active Member

    Anyone know how to perform the “full reset” that the dealers are using to clear this problem? I want to be prepared if (when) it occurs on my Clarity.
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  20. PHEV Newbie

    PHEV Newbie Well-Known Member

    Just another data point to indicate that such notices are not normal. I've driven our Clarity for almost 4000 miles from mid-Dec both local EV and road trips in mostly HV mode and I've never had one of those warnings pop up. Of course, now that I've posted, no doubt it'll happen today!
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  21. K8QM

    K8QM Active Member

    Mine reset on it's own and has not reoccurred after about 10 days another 1,000 miles have been put on the vehicle. I think the dealers are hooking it into a monitoring system of some sort.

  22. Randy L

    Randy L New Member

    After charging overnight, the car still had the same messages/idiot lights on. Called dealer and set appt for Wednesday am. Then decided this may be like what happens to computers, since it's so related.
    I disconnected the 12-volt battery cable for 30 seconds and then reattached it. After the car went through an initializing process, all the messages/idiot lights went away and everything seems fine again.
    I feel like I've bought a Microsoft product...
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  23. descolado

    descolado Member

    Dropped car at dealer this morning for the Emissions Problem error code. :mad:

    Let me know if any specific questions to ask on pickup. Of course, they said I'll be their first Clarity in for service. So, yeah..

    No loaner offered, so I'm Ubering to the office. Not impressed, Honda.

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