How to Replace a Lost Key Fob for <$75

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by lincomatic, Aug 19, 2022.

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  1. MrFixit

    MrFixit Well-Known Member

    @NorCalPete -
    I just heard from @lincomatic who had also lost his Beta for a stretch. He just contacted Autel and they were very responsive and got him back on line again. I don't know if you have tried, but it seems this is a good time to catch them.
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  3. They actually got back to me a few days after I posted about Chinese New Year. I've now got 4 keys for my Clara. Got to get the emergency key's cut. Happy days. Thanks @lincomatic for posting this.
  4. NorCalPete

    NorCalPete Member

    Thanks for the letting me know, I'll try emailing them.
  5. NorCalPete

    NorCalPete Member

    Well, no luck yet getting the beta onto my phone (moto g power [2020] running Android 11). I emailed Autel a few weeks ago, got a response asking to confirm my AP200's serial number and phone model/specs, and then no further responses. I called Autel support today and the tech couldn't do anything directly. He checked with his supervisor, then gathered all of my information again and said he'd forward it up to the next level. He suggested waiting a few days to see if the beta got pushed out to my phone, and that he'd contact me if he received any additional information.

    Is anyone on this forum running Autel's beta on a Moto g power? At this point, I wish I had kept my old phone so I could use it to run the beta when needed. I've been using the Vgate Pro BLE the past few years to track my Clarity's battery health, so I never bothered to install the Autel app when I got a new phone in 2020.
  6. MrFixit

    MrFixit Well-Known Member

    This has been an ongoing problem for some with no rhyme or reason.
    I wish Autel would just release this and include it in their standard builds instead of keeping it Beta forever,
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  8. Given that the beta seems to include a bunch of non-clarity specific features like key programming in addition to the clarity battery condition, I think if they released it for everyone they probably add the battery features to the consumer version of the app and we lose the ability to program key fobs. I for one am glad to go through the extra trouble of having them revalidate me so that I can get inexpensive key replacements
  9. NorCalPete

    NorCalPete Member

    Success! Today the Beta was finally pushed out to my phone app. Next time I upgrade my phone, I'll be sure to keep my old (this) one until/unless the Beta gets pushed out to the new phone.
  10. NorCalPete

    NorCalPete Member

    I was able to program my backup "ebay" key today, and verified that all buttons/functions work. Thanks again @lincomatic and @MrFixit for doing the legwork for the rest of us!
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  11. kcsunshine

    kcsunshine Active Member

    I got my AP200. How do I get the register password? I sent an email to support and they said that I need to register the device first. I plugged in the device and got it to connect to my phone and installed the Honda software. I don't see how to get the register password. It's not the same as my autel login. According to the screenshot, it says to go to Settings/Setup About but it doesn't show the password. Is this only for an Autel device with a screen? Is connecting the device with my login enough?


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  13. kcsunshine

    kcsunshine Active Member

    Never mind, there is no register password for this device but you need to login to the app and connect it to the device which is the registration. Do this before you send Autel the email.

    I was able to setup my additional key. Thank you lincomatic. I was on a long trip when my fob battery was low and got worried. I know it doesn't die right away and there is a procedure when it is critically low. I recommend keeping an extra battery around just in case.

    One question that I have about the additional key is which driver is it mapped to? I think only touring models have driver profiles so this doesn't apply to base model owners. Is it mapped to the key used to program the additional fob? What happens if you really lose one of the fobs and you want to switch the profile mapping? I tried and didn't see any function like this. Maybe I didn't look hard enough.
  14. MrFixit

    MrFixit Well-Known Member

    This is a good question, and although I don't have a complete answer, I can say that my replacement FOB is mapped to Driver 1. I probably used the OEM Driver 1 key when programming the replacement.

    There also does not seem to be any functionality to remove a specific key (let's say you lost one and didn't want to risk having somebody find it and steal your car). But, there is a "Lost All Keys" function. This would presumably erase all keys, and then you would add back in the desired keys. Perhaps this could enable you to assign driver numbers to specific FOB's (first one added might be Driver 1?), but I hesitate to play with that function because of the fear of having trouble recovering if something went wrong.
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  15. During my annual oil change, air filter change, wiper insert change I also change all 4 batteries with non-amazon batteries (I've had bad experience with them). One of my replacements seem to be driver 1, and other doesn't seem to be--it might depend on which key you used when you set it up

    Anyone have any ideas for cheap ways to cut they physical keys? Laser key cutting is rare and they charge an arm and a leg here..
  16. Flew-d-coop

    Flew-d-coop New Member

    Do you think the beta will work on programming a push button start 2016 Honda Civic as well as a
    Do you think this beta will work on adding a new key fob to a 2016 Civic w/ push button start or does it only work on Clarity?
  17. MrFixit

    MrFixit Well-Known Member

    In my opinion, it is worth a try. Here is why I say this -

    The standard AP200 (Non-Beta) has the immobilizer keyfob function, but it did not function with the Clarity.
    I just saw this video where someone tries to use an AP200 to program a 2016 Accord key (again Non-Beta). It also does not work,

    When we were interacting with Autel to obtain battery capacity functionality, what they gave us was a Beta version of the Honda diagnostics. It is likely to be functional for all Honda models, not just the Clarity. One of our Forum members happened to try the immobilizer (which is completely unrelated to our request for battery capacity), and it worked.

    If it were me, I would try it (of course I already have an AP200, and it has the Beta installed).

    Where do you live? There is some chance that one of our members with a Beta AP200 lives close enough to you and is willing to let you try it. I think we have at least 35 members who got AP200's and most had the Beta version working.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2023
  18. Flew-d-coop

    Flew-d-coop New Member

    I too think it's worth a try. So, I placed an Amazon order for the AP200 and will try to get the beta authorized as soon it's delivered.

    Do you know if there exist documentation on the beta version of Key registration and IMMo functionality (like all keys lost)?

    Btw, please let me know if any forum members live in or around southern NJ.
  19. MrFixit

    MrFixit Well-Known Member

    This discusses how to obtain the Beta version:

    The only 'documentation' that I am aware of regarding the IMMO functionality is contained within this thread where several of us have successfully added a spare key to the Clarity. I did see the 'all keys lost' in the menu, but I am not aware of anyone who has tried that. We were just adding a 3rd key for use as a spare. It may take you a while before you get your AP200 and get the Beta authorization, but keep us posted as to whether you are successful with this.

    Here is a YouTube video of someone using a much more expensive Autel device to add a key to a CIVIC. I would suspect that the procedure shown there would be the same if the AP200 works for you -

    These members live in NJ (not sure where) and may have AP200 setups:
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2023
  20. Flew-d-coop

    Flew-d-coop New Member


    While I wait for my ap200 to be delivered I successfully installed the android app for it named "Autel MaxiAP200" but when I tried to install the "diag-asia" app for my Honda it said that that it "isn't available for my device because it was made for an older version of Android". I have a Samsung s22 that is 64 bit but has android 13. Could you tell me what version of android I need or if it will work on my version if obtained via the mall instead of the playstore?

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  21. MrFixit

    MrFixit Well-Known Member

    Ugh, I dunno. The devices I have it on are both Android 12.
    It surprises me if it isn't compatible with 13 but I have no experience.

    Since this is a one time need for you (if it even works at all), I might suggest that you locate / borrow an older phone rather than try and fight the battle as to why it doesn't seem to be compatible with Android 13.

    You could try and ask Autel but their tech support has been spotty at best.
  22. That's strange. I have a current s23 ultra (android 13) and it's installed on mine
  23. Flew-d-coop

    Flew-d-coop New Member

    I opened a ticket with autel and they responded with:

    Dear customer,
    Thanks for contacting us. We have noticed this problem and will submit a new update to Google play, but it needs a few days. If it is urgent, please contact Google to get authorization to download first.

    I'm not sure why I'm so unlucky cause it won't download on any of my families phones. The android 13 are Samsung s22+, s21fe, and a54. Android 12 is a TCL t767w. Will try a iphone13 this weekend but hoping for a google play update soon.

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