How to Replace a Lost Key Fob for <$75

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by lincomatic, Aug 19, 2022.

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  1. lincomatic

    lincomatic Member

    I lost one of my key fobs a while back, and was balking at the ridiculous cost to replace it. Then I found cheap replacement fobs on eBay for <$25, and remembered that the Autel MaxAP200 bluetooth OBD-II dongle that many of us purchased to read battery capacity info (MrFixit and I used it to figure out how to do that w/ cheap generic OBD-II dongles, too) had a lot of professional capabilities built into it. It turns out the the MaxAP200 can also program key fobs, something that I was told only expensive professional equipment can do.

    I wrote up the procedure in my blog:
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  3. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Great info! Did your lost fob reappear immediately after programming the eBay fob?
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  4. lincomatic

    lincomatic Member

    Haha, I wish! Nope, I still haven't found the lost fob. However, I'm certain it's inside my house, so it should show up someday
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  5. This is amazing. Might take the second fob from the garage, where I leave my car, and give them a cheap generic now.


    Does anyone remember exactly how many remotes can be registered with one car?
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  6. MrFixit

    MrFixit Well-Known Member

    Your blog addresses how to 'add' a keyless access remote.

    There is another menu option called: "All keyless access Remotes lost".
    This sounds like it could be used to disable a remote that is truly lost or stolen.

    Did you happen to look in that menu to see if that's what it might do?
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  8. lincomatic

    lincomatic Member

    I didn't try the "All keyless access Remotes lost" function. However, I *think* I saw a function somewhere for deauthorizing lost fobs.
    I try to find that again when I have time
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  9. Vinoh

    Vinoh Member

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  10. Vinoh

    Vinoh Member

    Thanks for this great info. However, it didn't work for me. I got to the step to "Add 1 Key", established comms and turned ignition on when prompted but then I got this error message. It didn't prompt me to remove other fobs from the car and gave me an error when I did that. Any thoughts?

    Key Fob Error.jpeg Key Fob Error.jpeg
  11. MrFixit

    MrFixit Well-Known Member

    I will let @lincomatic weigh in too, but I just wanted to propose a possibility.
    Most of us with AP200 interfaces on this forum have been running with the Honda Diagnostics Beta version (2..01.54).
    This is because it gave us access to the Electric Powertrain data which includes the HV battery capacity.

    I know @lincomatic is running the beta version. What I do not know is whether the key registration would be expected to work with the non-beta.

    Does your Honda diagnostics icon show 2.01.54 or is it something else?
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  13. Vinoh

    Vinoh Member

    Good catch! Mine is on 2.01. How do I get 2.01? I'm on the iOS version although I could use an Android device. Thanks!
  14. MrFixit

    MrFixit Well-Known Member

    Note - This is speculation on my part, but it would be a reasonable thing to try unless @lincomatic has another thought.
    If this turns out to be the answer, then it would be useful information for others too.

    1. Go to to the GitHub page here:

    2. Select the Instructions for the AP200 approach, and there is a section in there on what to do.

    Note: As indicated in the instructions, this is only available for Android. Also, your Android device must be 64-bits.
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  15. Vinoh

    Vinoh Member

    Thanks! I submitted my request for the beta so we'll see how it goes.
  16. Vinoh

    Vinoh Member

    Ugh, after several messages back and forth, Autel finally admitted that the 2.01.54 beta is not available for iOS. It's not showing up on an old HTC One Android phone, which I think is 32 bit, so that may be an issue with the beta as well. They have not responded yet if an iOS version that programs key fobs is in the works. I sure wish Autel would be more honest and open about the actual capabilities of the device.
  17. MrFixit

    MrFixit Well-Known Member

    I told you above that it was NOT iOS compatible and that you needed a 64-bit Android device !!!
    This was also clearly identified in the GitHub instructions.
    I spend a LOT of time documenting what we have learned to save people from having to re-invent the wheel.

    Please pay closer attention to the useful information presented in this Forum.
    In some ways, you wasted your own time, and also that of Autel's support people.

    I also stated clearly that I do not know whether you need the beta version to program your FOB.
    You could have been doing something else wrong. It was just something that I observed was different between the OP (@lincomatic) and you.
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  18. Vinoh

    Vinoh Member

    Whoa! I humbly ask for your forgiveness in not taking your "speculation" as gospel and getting a little confused about the absolute requirements, thinking the github reference was to a custom code solution for a battery capacity function. I try my best to absorb the information the best I can and am sorry I did not meet your expectations. I was taking the primary advice from Autel who stated unequivocally in their advertising that the device could program key fobs and in their tech support answer that the beta version would show up.

    I saw no indication in the OP's message or in information from Autel that this would not work. (I'm certainly not blaming the OP for not mentioning the restriction since they were using android and were probably unaware of it.) Autel wasted a lot more of my time and money than I did theirs! Since I don't have access to a newer Android phone, I'll return the device if Autel is not releasing the feature for iOS.
  19. Vinoh

    Vinoh Member

    BTW, I strongly suspect that the beta version is indeed necessary for the key fob functions since the functions and screenshots shown for the beta version in the OP's message are very different from the ones I see on any of my devices with v2.01.
  20. MrFixit

    MrFixit Well-Known Member

    OK, thanks for the feedback. Since you are primarily interested in programming your FOB, perhaps you have a friend with newer Android device who would let you try it. The authorization for the Beta code is linked to the AP200 device so once you are authorized, it should work on any appropriate Android device.
  21. Vinoh

    Vinoh Member

    Thanks for the suggestion. I thought of that but I don't know of any friends with an Android device. I'll be on the lookout though. I'm definitely in Apple country here in San Jose. :)
  22. Vinoh

    Vinoh Member

    FYI, from Autel support:
    • Sorry to tell you that we have no plan to develop ios beta version.
    • For adding a spare immobilizer key, please use IM devices, AP200 does not support.
  23. JohnT

    JohnT Active Member

    Hi Vinoh
    A cheap android tablet will do the job... Amazon Fire is the cheapest - you could get a refurb for probably $50 USD - this is a Canadian listing:

    and you can convert it to Android easily ( I have done it)

    Good luck! John

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