High-Pitched Motor Noise

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by SeanH, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. electriceddy

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    They made an attempt on the firewall inside the motor compartment high is rubber material, and inside the cabin is fiber down to at least the flooring.
    More could be put in the motor compartment around the sides but very difficult to get to
  2. JerContact

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    Got the Dynomat (sound absorption) in for my Kona EV, and it does help. It's a noticeable difference, but definitely doesn't make it silent. I just put it in the floor and doors so far. I'm going to also put it on the hood b/c of the VESS system and see if that helps. I will say it was worth the money for me, 2k to install professionally, since I'm pretty sound sensitive and I don't always like having music on when I drive. When you have music on, the car is really nice to drive, haha. It's funny, if that screeching was gone, this car would be really enjoyable. I'll give an update when I put in the Dynomat in the hood, that should minimize the VESS sound even more!! Just wish I could sue Hyundai for the cost of all this, haha.
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  3. victor_2019

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    For the people who are annoyed by the Kona sound, what is your opinion of the Toyota iRoad? Skip to 4:20 for some sounds.

  4. electriceddy

    electriceddy Well-Known Member

    Definitely wont be buying that, sounds like a herd of Kona
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  5. Esprit1st

    Esprit1st Well-Known Member

    Wow, just the first few meters that he's going, the high pitched hissing sound is so annoying! Terrible!
    I'm glad my Kona doesn't have it. Is that that exact sound you guys are hearing? It sounds to me like that's it.

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  6. victor_2019

    victor_2019 Active Member

    No, i think that bike is a lot worse than the kona.

    But it's the same type of noise.
  7. bcook254

    bcook254 New Member

    Have started to have the same issue at around 400 miles. High pitch almost like a hissing sound. Have taken the motor cover off with no change in the sound. It for sure only happens when accelerating and during regen.

    Hopefully this thread stays active enough that people will post updates such as replacement parts, sound dampening, or some other solutions. Have loved everything else about the Kona and really don't want to go through the process of selling/buybacks and finding another awesome EV.
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  8. WMA

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    The sound in the iRoad video is just a high pitch motor sound. Definitely annoying but in the Kona it's more or a metal scraping lower frequency hiss but still annoying too.
  9. TheLight75

    TheLight75 Active Member

    When I accelerate, I notice a number of different sounds. But none of them bother me. I think of it as just normal sounds for an all-electric vehicle. It’s still a lot quieter than any ICE car that I’ve owned before. I’ve got 5,400 miles on mine so far.
  10. Brennan Raposo

    Brennan Raposo Well-Known Member Subscriber

    I'm up to 20K KM on mine and the hiss is as loud as ever! Someone above mentioned they hear it but it doesn't bother them.
    I really wish I were in that camp. I'm at the point where if they don't fix it by next summer - I'll be selling the car and getting something else. That's right - I'm willing to take a $10,000 + hit in depreciation than deal with another summer of that hiss lol The car is amazing in every other aspect. Range has been far better than advertised, comfort is great. I took it on my first camping trip and aside from draining the 12v battery (my fault) and not being able to use my car until a friend delivered a charger - it's held up admirably. But the hiss legitimately gives me a head ache when driven for longer than an hour - which is every single day.

    And just to reiterate - I completely understand and appreciate frequency switching and modulation. I'm not implying something has/is malfunctioning, i'm simply annoyed as to why some have the hiss and others do not. Tolerances alone don't make the story add up. Parts made by different manufactures could be a factor as well. And if that's the case - fantastic! I want an inverter/battery management unit that doesn't make noise. Give mine to someone who can't hear that frequency lol

    I'm still waiting on the main gear replacement unit that the Hyundai Engineer ordered for me several weeks back. I don't have high hopes for a fix but I called them today and they said there was a total of 5 parts ordered for my car. Hoping one of those is a new BMU as well!

    Will keep everyone posted when I hear back from Hyundai
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  11. Wildeyed

    Wildeyed Well-Known Member

    10k$ depreciation? By next summer? The Feds took 5 off already. Try 20k!
  12. Have you tried taking a ride in another Kona EV to see if it makes the same noise. Would be especially interesting if you heard the noise, but the other owner didn't. Conversely, get someone else that has a Kona EV and can't hear the noise, go for a ride with you.
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  13. MGrognon

    MGrognon New Member

    I did just that today with a friend who JUST got her Kona delivered today. Preferred 2 tone (obviously 2019) model, barely had 20 kms on it when I took a quick drive in it ; same annoying hissing sound as my Kona who now has 6500 kms or so. It did sound SLIGHTLY "lighter" (not as loud), but same exact sound that kind of varies in intensity depending on how much you apply force on the pedal / how hard you regen.

    The person couldn't hear it, but she just got the car I didn't want her to start hearing it / focusing on it so kinda changed subject. My partner who was with me in both Konas can hear the sound, but he is not annoyed by it / doesn't really care about the sound.

    I find it truly hard to believe someone could simply "not hear this" or not be bothered by the sound, I'm actually thinking it's more and more plausible that some people just don't hear the same frequencies (or the full spectrum of it), or maybe hear the hiss "differently" where it sounds less annoying to some people than others or something ... I too am really trying to just let this go and "forget about it" or get used to it... But this is like trying to get used to someone chewing loudly next to my ear or nails on a chalkboard ; I don't think it'll ever happen.
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  14. KiwiME

    KiwiME Well-Known Member

    As I've said before, look on the bright side, be glad you have good hearing. It's quite depressing having nice Hi-Fi gear and being unable to appreciate it. I don't notice my Kona's hiss, but I can hear something if I open the window and try hard. The VESS on the other hand does irritate me a bit, but I have a switch.
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  15. DocMarteen

    DocMarteen New Member

    Hi SeanH,

    400km on mine and I am almost certain I have that same hissing sound; When I first noticed it, I played around with the regen levels and it seemed to disappear at some point; It came back later. I didn’t exactly figured the pattern, yet.

    I find it annoying but personally, I find the « moaning ghosts » (VESS if I understand well) even worse at the time being; It is so bizarre and loud that I often hear it in my head when it’s not in function. (same for my wife).

    Have I noticed these sounds during our road test, I am fairly sure I would have opted for another car...

    Thanks for your efforts in trying to figure out that hissing sound.

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  16. Brennan Raposo

    Brennan Raposo Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Unfortunately not. When I went back to my dealer for service - the blue one they had on the lot for several weeks had been sold and delivered.
    I have only ever seen 2 other Kona's since February.
  17. Brennan Raposo

    Brennan Raposo Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Perfectly said.
    "Nails on a chalkboard" is a perfect description of how I hear it as well. There will be no "getting used to it" I have tolerated it for this long but it'll forever be there and I will forever hear it.
  18. electriceddy

    electriceddy Well-Known Member

    Positive news from UK on a member who had the gearbox change:
    If you read up a few posts they replaced the gearbox, there is hope!
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  19. Brennan Raposo

    Brennan Raposo Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Hmmm...this IS positive. That's exactly the part that they've ordered for mine. And that's exactly what they told me - "It's an expensive part" which is why they had to have the engineer fly in to validate/approve.

    My concern is - my car was silent for the first couple of months. Hopefully they've revised the reduction gear box in some fashion, or I just had a faulty one installed and that it doesn't just come back in a few months post-installation.

    I got an update call yesterday from the service manager. He said they're waiting on one additional part and estimates it to be in by the end of the month. I told him that I don't care how long it takes - summers almost over and I want a silent car for next summer lol

    Will keep everyone updated!
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  20. PNTABryan

    PNTABryan New Member

    Any updates from anyone? Took my SEL to my local dealer (southeast Massachusetts USA) for the noise along with a tapping noise from the rear of the car and the steering wheel not centered. Said it was "characteristic of the electric motor". I test drove the ultimate they had on their lot and it had the same noise. That dealer said they fixed the tapping noise by putting the seats up (it didn't) and the steering wheel is as centered as it can be (it isn't) so made an appointment with the dealership I bought it from on Saturday to see if they can do more than the absolutely nothing that my local dealer did.

    I'll be on vacation for a few weeks so will offer them to keep it til I'm back, will update this thread after I get done there Saturday. I'm with everyone else, this noise is embarrassing. Sounds like an 80s beater truck and it's a 2019!

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