Delivery Times for 2019 Canada

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Grego, May 12, 2019.

  1. Jared Potter

    Jared Potter Member

    Order: May 3rd = Day 0
    VIN confirmation: July 31st = Day 89
    Delivery expected: August 31st = Day 121
    Hopefully it’s before the end of the month I guess they’ll know more as the ship departs/arrives/unpacks etc. Weeeeeeeeee
  2. Bill Nguyen

    Bill Nguyen New Member

    Congrat to you!
    Order May 5th still waiting for VIN.
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  3. R P

    R P Active Member

    I think the fed 5K discount is safe for a while. But I think we need more incentives for EVs, like lower charge rates for EVs at home, free EV parking, and more free chargers all over, etc, etc. And we should exempt EVs from road use tolls/taxes.

    If the Conservatives get it in, they also promised tax rebate incentives for energy home improvements, like solar panels, etc. I sure would like to install those on our roof. We have them at our lake cabin, and are basically self sufficient off-grid. But kind of hard to justify now at home, without some big incentives.

    I love green energy, but also understand that tax revenue doesn't grow on trees. So we need other economic tax incentives in Canada, and cut the choking red tape that is killing our businesses.

    Norway has the right idea, with now being the largest oil exporter in the world. They use those revenues to not only pay for healthcare and education, but also subsidize and promote EVs and green energy. We could do the same in Canada, if people would just wake up... In the end, world oil consumption is driven by demand, not production. And if we can do our part (albeit in a roundabout way, like Norway), we could actually reduce oil consumption by increasing EV demand and usage.
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  4. AbbyKona

    AbbyKona New Member

    Got the call today!
    Order: May 3rd = Day 0
    VIN confirmation: August 06 th = Day 95
    Delivery expected: August 31st = Day 121
    Kona Ultimate Ceramic Blue
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  5. Melly

    Melly New Member

  6. KonaTom

    KonaTom Active Member

    My friend ordered a preferred on April 18. Finally heard from dealer that it will come first week of sept. Yahoo!
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  7. Kathryne

    Kathryne New Member

    I ordered my Ultimate on June 22nd. I was told November, but maybe January, and now everyone I'm seeing who ordered around the same time are hearing April. I have my fingers crossed, but at the same time, at least I have time to save more money and hopefully not have to get a loan. Anyone here have any information who ordered around the same time?

    Also, hi! I'm new here.
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  8. apu

    apu Active Member

    Hi Kathryne , welcome to forum. Where are you located Canada US, elsewhere. Seems like folks in Canada who ordered in late April or early May are getting theirs end of July/August and the trend so far has been about an additional month delay for an order placed every week past that point. My order was May 13, so I am hoping September, October. This makes me wonder if I am going to get 2019 or 2020 model, not sure when the crossover will happen.
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  9. Darcchipmunk

    Darcchipmunk New Member

    Just an FYI. I spoke with Hyundai Canada, and they mentioned you will get the model year you ordered. The only way for them to provide a different model year is to cancel your current order and place a new one. Unless your dealer has contacted you to explicitly change the model year, you should be getting a 2019 (again according to Hyundai Canada).
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  10. Kathryne

    Kathryne New Member

    I’m in BC on Vancouver Island. My dealer told me that the factory build out for 2019 was probably done so it would be a longer wait, but my info sheet is 2019. I guess we will see. I’ll be happy with either.

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  11. dborn

    dborn New Member

    I placed my order on June 21st (in Montreal, Canada) and I was told right off the bat that it would be a model-year 2020 with an estimated delivery date of first trimester 2020 at the earliest. I'm expecting around April or so. Hopefully.
  12. Kathryne

    Kathryne New Member

    That was my understanding too, though they did tell me November to January. I’m willing to wait regardless.

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  13. electriceddy

    electriceddy Well-Known Member

    It should be a 2020 model with those dates;)
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  14. electriceddy

    electriceddy Well-Known Member

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  15. Melly

    Melly New Member

    Doesn't that say sales up, not production?
  16. Erinn

    Erinn New Member

    I ordered my Preferred on June 28th and was told I'd be getting a 2020. Does anyone know if there will be any differences from the current year?
  17. KonaTom

    KonaTom Active Member

    I heard even faster charging speeds but little else . Hopefully some software upgrades
  18. apu

    apu Active Member

    The European market gets onboard 11 kw 3 phase chargers. I don't think AC charging will change for the North American market. The Ultimate models will get new 10.3 inch infotainment screens, preferred will likely be same as current model year. Rear seat heating will become available unclear what models this effects.
  19. Bill Nguyen

    Bill Nguyen New Member

  20. dborn

    dborn New Member

    I was told there might be a few 100$ price increase...

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