Battery Recall for Canadian Kona Owners

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by mcsquared, May 31, 2021.

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  1. Nobody is sure although evidence does point to the "test" being an examination of the battery's serial number and matching it to a list
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  3. Kingston Hyundai
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  4. Well, that would explain why I was told the test would not take long, and I could just wait in their lounge in the meantime.
  5. This is a joke right? I thought it was an actual test with software, etc... I have a 2019 and had to go to the dealer to get this "test" done.
    But I could have just sent them a picture of my battery serial number? Jesus.

    I know nobody knows for sure here... but especially for 2019s... They all need to be replaced in Canada so what are they "testing" or checking It always amazes me how such big companies can handle super important stuff like this in such a disorganized way.
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  6. Again, I'm not sure but the battery-nerds in the forum maintain that there's no test for faulty anode tabs. And, yes, the "test" has mostly been done in mid to late 2020s. I think there's a fuzzy middle period of production where they're not sure about the status of the batteries. It's quite possible that the"test" in a 2019 is simply because Hyundai and the dealers have dreadful communication.
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  8. I found this which maybe sheds light on what the dealer "test" is:

    This digital online scan will confirm via a centralised database if the “Cathode tab” isolation coating of battery cells was applied during the Battery System Assembly manufacturing process.

    - If it was applied, a Battery Management System software update is only required.
    - If it was NOT applied, replacement Battery System Assembly is required.

    From Hyundai NZ:
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  9. Yes, but there's been no clarification that the test actually detects any physical (and hidden) battery attributes. It seems like they have wittled down a list of batteries (based on manufacturing dates/location?) that, depending on their serial number, either do or do not have the added insulation.

    My guess is that uninsulated and insulated parts coexisted in the manufacturing facility and, for a time, may have been used randomly in a given battery's assembly.

    Again, these are only guesses based on the pattern of fractured information provided by dealers, Hyundai and forum members.
  10. For further explanation:
    Batteries from inception to December 2018 are all bad. Batteries from January 2019 to April are iffy. Batteries from then forward are okay. The "test" is for the"iffy" period. Again, supposition and only as an example. It took Hyundai 10 months to figure out the issue and they have tons of inside information at their disposal - so I sure am not sure! But I am confident in my guesses as they fit the available information.
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  11. Great summation in layman's terms, without all the technical/language barrier roadblocks:)
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  13. I'm in the USA, but my dealership determined that the battery needed replacing via the VIN. Another question, though: will the replacement battery charge a bit faster? Will the range be the same or better?
  14. It would make sense that it's done via VIN but then why are some dealerships bringing in the car for a "test"... I guess we'll never know for sure.

    And to your question, no the battery you will be getting is the exact same thing you had minus the manufacturing defect one would hope. It might have a bit less degradation if you already had a lot of mileage on your Kona, but you shouldn't see any changes in charging speed and at best marginally better range (or likely, no change really).
  15. I posted this elsewhere, but here in the USA my dealership determined my 2019 needed a replacement using the VIN, which makes sense to me.
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    This is what I have been looking for the $5.00 a day thanks for that. I hope everyone uses this
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    Just noticed the Safety Recall notice for my VIN now includes “your current estimated date of battery replacement is by the end of March 2022”. Looks like I’ve got at least another 5 months to wait .
  18. Just checked mine too and I see the same.

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  19. And where are you seeing this notification exactly? Thanks.
  20. Found it on the Hyundai Canada Owners page. You know, given the months of radio silence I kind of think this kind of information might have been worthy of an actual letter. Especially given that this is literally the only "news" they've released since February.

    And I was on the phone with Hyundai Customer Service just this morning and they said nothing about it, even when I asked specifically "do you have any idea about when batteries will become available?" What a cluster of buttholes.
  21. On the recalls page when you enter your vin. The details for the battery recall updated to include this new message.

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  22. If they're going to make me wait for a battery through another winter then I'm just going to charge to 100% whenever I have a longer trip to take.

    Also it appears that virtually everyone is getting the additional $850.
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    whats the link for all this info Plus the $850 please

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