Are EV owners more scared of COVID-19 than ICE owners?

Discussion in 'General' started by BlueKonaEV, May 5, 2020.

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    I sold my '68 Corvette Convertible and delivered it with my F150 Crew Cab and a U-Haul trailer to the buyer in New Jersey. 1100 miles each way. On my entire trip, I only saw one EV which was a Model 3.. On the way home, I stopped at a service plaza with 6 fast chargers and not a single one was in use.. 2200 miles driving and 1 EV sighting.. Sure, traffic is 50% less than usual due to COVID-19 but only 1 EV in 2200 miles???

    Just noticed the back of the u-haul trailer in the picture.. I wish that my Kona could tow like my F150.. I guess that I will have to wait for a Cybertruck.. There may just be one in my future..

  2. Of course ice drivers are safer because the toxic exhaust gases kill the virus. They are safe ...
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    :) I guess CO2 kills the virus. There is no COVID19 on Venus and there is tons of CO2... So, it's time to combat COVID-19 and sell your EV..
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  4. Ok, I think a disclaimer is necessary here, just because SOME people think there might be cures out there by injecting things like bleach into your veins, or putting uv lights up your ... (Well I never thought that anybody would come up with something like that).

    We are joking here and there is no way inhaling poisonous gases will cure COVID-19!

    Please do not do such a thing! (Nor sell your EV in hope you will cure the planet)

    Just saying!
  5. BlueKonaEV

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    not selling my EV for sure... Actually, may get another one for the wife soon.. Her birthday is coming up in June...
    She wants the BMW i3 but I try to talk her our of it.. I would like a Bolt for her, or I get myself a Tesla and give her the Kona.. Decisions... Decisions..
  6. hobbit

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    When I journeyed from Boston to FL and back last winter, the entire stretch
    between maybe the NYC metro area and Tampa or so was notably devoid
    of EVs, not even any Teslas, not even around the cities. They just haven't
    caught on in the south, or something. I'm sure there are exceptions, but
    the density was definitely not what I'm used to seeing around the [more
    affluent and aware?] endpoints.

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  7. Well, the human race is very diverse in many respects. Some are bold and more willing to take risks. This includes both their business decisions and how they manage their personal lives, and are often more independent minded. They tend to vote conservative. Others are more paranoid and more apt to hide from danger, and will avoid conflict. The latter group will pay more for insurance, incl extended coverages and tend to follow rules and let others tell them what to do. They tend to vote liberal. I suspect EV buyers mostly belong to this latter group. So yes, I do believe they are more fearful of the covid-19 virus.

    We have friends in both groups and during these virus times, the difference has become more pronounced. It also manifests itself with those who want to end the lock down, get out and about, and those that want to continue hunkering down.
  8. Definitely aware around here as most public charge locations resemble abandoned equipment found in ghost towns.
  9. BlueKonaEV

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    Good analysis.. However, based on my experience with other EV drivers that I know, there is a pretty significant amount of EV drivers who are not the typical "Liberal" EV driver, especially many Tesla drivers. Many with Teslas have those cars because they are the I-phones of the car world, packed with tech. It's not just a car.. It's a gadget. Many of them are actually fairly conservative and have gas powered sports cars as 2nd cars.. EV's have come to a point where they are attractive for many due to the low maintenance and low cost of ownership other than the purchase price. I'm personally a risk taker in business as also in the rest of my life.. Wouldn't consider myself "conservative" but I'm not a Liberal either as I don't like government theft (aka taxation).. I care about civil rights and both, conservatives and liberals infringe upon those...
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  10. I know who you mean, but there is no anti-political party for them to vote for, so they tend to vote for the lesser of the evils, at least in their minds. And they are not afraid of the virus.

    The only Tesla owner I know is my son. And yes, he is a geek, although doesn't like iPhones (says they are for dummies), and always gets the latest Android Pixel. But his wife has an iPhone, and is actually the one that wanted the Tesla. It was more of a vanity thing with her. As it happens, though, both of them are afraid of the virus, and while we have all seen each other in the last two months frequently, never closer than 6 feet. My son thinks this will go on through the summer. Yet they are both conservative, although might not exactly fit the stereotype.

    My wife and I are the opposite (both of us are Android users), and are pushing the envelope as much as we can to get through this virus craziness. So not sure if my hypothesis holds up too well in our family.

    Our friends don't own EVs, and are evenly split on their politics. But they certainly do demonstrate and support my hypothesis.
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    Well two points here: (1) I like to think that current EV owners are just a little smarter than the average bear which means STAYING HOME and avoiding unnecessary
    travel. (2) EV owners can charge at home so if you're only going out for essential goods and services you won't be needing a public charger. Simple!
  12. BlueKonaEV

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    Based on some studies in California (one by Stanford University) as also based on numbers from a COVID-19 prison outbreak, the death rate of COVID-19 is likely only 0.2% instead of 3 or 4 percent. The reason is that 96% of those who have or had COVID-19 have ZERO symptoms.
    They tested everyone in a prison and of those infected, 96% has no symptoms. The people that are usually tested are those with symptoms.. However, only 4% have symptoms.. There may be 30 - 40 million people who have or had COVID-19 and have no idea that they have or had it as they have no symptoms.. This virus is likely only twice as deadly as the flu..not 10 or 20 times more deadly. Also, the death numbers are fake.. A guy dies on a drug overdose and counts as COVID-19 death because he had the virus.. Guy commits suicide and had COVID-19... also counts as COVID-19 death.. Doctors are instructed to mark anyone as COVID-19 death if they have symptoms, even if they were never tested for it..
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  13. Yup, no question which group you fall into.
  14. SouthernDude

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    Like 95%+ of all owned cars are not EVs. It’s not surprising that it’s possible to drive a whole day without seeing one.
  15. BlueKonaEV

    BlueKonaEV Well-Known Member

    When I drove to work every day, 48 mile round trip, I saw at least 4 or 5 EV's every day, mostly Tesla's and Volts.
  16. SouthernDude

    SouthernDude Member

    People are also ordered to stay at home. I still don’t think it’s odd to not see EVs on the road occasionally.
  17. BlueKonaEV

    BlueKonaEV Well-Known Member

    There is still about 40% to 50% of the normal traffic.. Most driving is "essential" anyways.. Drive to the grocery store... drive to a Restaurant for carry out, drive to the Home Improvement Store to buy some things.. all considered essential travel. I also drive to my tenants homes to collect rent.. Some of them are paying in cash..
    Last month, I drove 1500 miles with my Kona, 50% of my normal monthly miles..

    Our beaches just opened back up yesterday, so there is a trip to the beach in my near also a trip to one of the free chargers near the beach.
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  18. ericy

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    Where is your evidence for this statement? I see the reverse being the case - that death rates are higher than what is being reported.
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  19. davidtm

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    I suspect that most EV drivers are better able to not have to go into work or can telecommute. The relatively higher cost of EVs means that fewer front-line or "essential" workers can afford EVs.
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  20. bwilson4web

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    My experience with those workers is a Tesla is aspirational to them ... more so after a 30 minute, mentored test drive in mine.

    Bob Wilson

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