Anyone in a non ZEV state get a Kona EV?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by johanna b, Mar 22, 2019.

  1. Joe PA

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    I am considering purchasing the Kona EV in New Jersey, but I live in Pennsylvania. Does anyone have any experience with securing routine maintenance in a non-ZEV State such as Pennsylvania?
  2. Thx, yes local dealership service if needed.
  3. Thx, yes local dealership service if needed.
    Yes, local dealership is available should I need service, thx
  4. AlopeX

    AlopeX New Member

    I live in Georgia and am seriously wanting a Kona EV. Those that bought in other states and had it shipped did you have to arrange that with a private shipping company? Also how do the sales taxes work?
  5. We found it surprisingly easy, of course each dealer can be different. As far as price, we held them to a "True Car" price, and even when another dealer went down in price, they matched it. When you find a car you want, be sure to only work/ talk to that one salesman or manager. Ask plenty if questions, get plenty of photos. You will have to place a deposit to hold the car, make sure this is refundable and get a receipt saying so.
    Same here, we were looking since January 2019 for the Kona EV to be released in the U.S. We contacted American Express Platinum, apparently a service they offer. They notified us of a Silver 2019 Kona EV limited that arrived at a dealer, in NY, we called same day, put deposit, then arranged for it to be shipped directly to us in Windermere, FL on Feb 24, 2019. The dealership in NY was great, sent me a ton of photos, info, etc. Cost $775.00 to ship on large vehicle hauler. When we registered it here in Florida, it took some extra time, they were not familiar with it, not even in the systems. They told us we had the first registered Kona EV in the state, so the Tag KONA EV1. This is when/where we paid sales tax. We were fortunateto get in real early on this, before dealer shortage, price hikes, I am told now $10k over list. Do what you can to get your hands on this car, you will not regret it one bit. I just finished my JD Powers review. Having full solar power on our home, here in Florida makes it even better, we charge directly from the sun, FREE$$ Installed tge Juice Box pro myself.
    If there us anything I can help with, just ask. If you are close to my area and want to see/drive for yourself just shout out, wecan arrange something.
    Use edmonds in US to lòcate availablecars.
    I am finding quite a bite more, than when I was looking, there were only 10.
    • Limited(188)
    • Ultimate(81)
    • SEL(59)
    You should not be charged any tax by dealer, you will pay that in your home state when you register the car. You most likely will want to arrange your own transport, dealer may iffer, but will mark it up likely.
    Let me know if you want some direct message info, we used.
    Best wishes, let me know if I can help
    Windermere, FL
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  6. Pinelake

    Pinelake New Member

  7. Pinelake

    Pinelake New Member

    Good Afternoon Tim,
    I’m also interested in buying in Kona EV in Maryland and shipping it to Orlando or driving it back my self. How do you like yours so far any issues?
  8. BlueKonaEV

    BlueKonaEV Well-Known Member

    I'm in Florida.. went all the way to Maryland to get a Kona Electric as they are unavailable anywhere close to Florida. Paid $2k below MSRP
  9. Calson

    Calson New Member

    Looking at current inventory of the Kona EV Ultimate model there are a total of 97 cars in the entire United States for sale - assuming that the number from Edmund's is accurate, which is doubtful. Los Angeles alone could absorb that many cars so it appears to be a bait and switch. Get people into the showroom and then try to sell them a plug-in hybrid as we have experienced.

    With the stock market crashing and the PMI down to the lowest level since 2009 the signs point to another severe recession so this is probably not the best time to take on more debt or put cash into a vehicle that will depreciate by 20% as soon as we drive it off the lot.
  10. Pinelake

    Pinelake New Member

    Kinda new to this forum thing so please bear with me. I would like to know all about your experience buying the Kona in Maryland. Im looking at buying one at the end of year and driving first to Virginiafrom Maryland then to Florida. Did you pay the sales tax in Maryland or Orlando? Which version did you get?
  11. BlueKonaEV

    BlueKonaEV Well-Known Member

    The process was simple. The dealership handled all the paperwork with Florida and collected the correct sales tax for my state and county. They were on the phone with Florida DMV to get everything right. Only thing that required my intervention was that the tag that I was transferring was expired and Florida DMV called me to collect the additional $50 for the tag renewal that the dealer did not collect. Dealer gave me a 30 day temporary Maryland tag that I used to drive home. No Maryland tax was collected.
    I have bough 8 cars already out of state. Florida is fairly overpriced compared to other states. In this case, the car wasn't even available here.
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  12. EVFL

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    This is very helpful. I am also in Florida, in Orlando area, and was thinking about doing the thing. In talking to the local dealerships I'm being told they are not equipped to service. Have you have been able to find a dealership?
  13. EVFL

    EVFL New Member

    This is very helpful. I am also in Florida, in Orlando area, and was thinking about doing the thing. In talking to the local dealerships I'm being told they are not equipped to service. Have you have been able to find a dealership?
  14. BlueKonaEV

    BlueKonaEV Well-Known Member

    There really is not too much that needs servicing. Schedule service includes checking fluids, rotating tires every 5k miles, cabin air filter every 15k miles and radiator fluid every 120k miles, neither of them are things that I couldn't do myself. If I need a EV specific repair, I would have to bring the car car potentially the dealer that sold it to me. I believe that within a year or 2, the Kona Electric will be rolled out nationwide, so they should be equipped to service it by then. I doubt that there will be any major issues with the car, at least I hope so. I do have a truck and I could trailer the car to MD if this will be needed but I don't think that it will be necessary.
  15. EVFL

    EVFL New Member

    Appreciate the reply. Thanks
  16. ColoradoKonaEV

    ColoradoKonaEV New Member

    I just got my Kona EV Ultimate delivered today to Broomfield, Colorado! I bought it from Vision Hyundai in Webster, NY. Mike Trevino was pleasure to work with.

    This forum was very helpful. Thanks for all the good information posted here.

    We had snow in the last several days, so I am in search of some good floor liners. Any recommendations?
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  17. SeanH

    SeanH Member

    I'm big fans of the WeatherTech custom fit liners. They now have them for the Kona EV. I also bought the non-EV trunk liner from them and it fits fine.
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  18. TheLight75

    TheLight75 Active Member

    I highly recommend the front & back floor mats from TuxMat. They completely cover all carpeted surfaces and are easy to clean. They were engineered to battle tough Canadian winters and it shows!

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  19. Jamas

    Jamas Active Member

    I'll second that. Bought the WeatherTechs and am very pleased.
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  20. BlueKonaEV

    BlueKonaEV Well-Known Member

    Congrats on the Kona! I hope that you got a good deal.. NY dealers are usually more expensive than MD dealers.. It seems to me that all the advertised Kona's are cheaper in Maryland. I have not seen sub MSRP prices in NY..
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