Anyone in a non ZEV state get a Kona EV?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by johanna b, Mar 22, 2019.

  1. CJC

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    Nice American review of the Kona EV.
  2. SeanH

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    Pretty sure that was me! Nice to know there's another Pittsburgher with one. After the middle finger I got from one of the local dealerships originally, I'm a little worried that there aren't any good service options...
  3. Mattsburgh

    Mattsburgh Active Member

    Cool! Yeah Bowser totally gave me the figurative finger. Cochran actually was really good about it, they tried pretty hard to find me one either by trading another dealer or getting one directly from Hyundai. They also alerted me to Cumberland having 3 available, which led to me getting the one I have now. But Bowser didn't seem the slightest bit interested in even trying to get me one.
  4. SeanH

    SeanH Member

    Good to know about Cochran. Maybe we can talk them into giving someone there the Kona EV traning :p
    My bad experience was with Wright.
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  5. marshall

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    Washington state is not a ZEV state. Washington state follows the California vehicle emissions standards for gas engines and hybrid vehicles.
  6. R E Stone

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    Hyundai corporate's reply to my inquiry about when the Kona EV would be available in MI was the non-answer "check with your local dealer to find out what ordering options are available to you."
  7. Lou Reynolds

    Lou Reynolds New Member

  8. SeanH

    SeanH Member

    Oh no! That really sucks. Assuming it isn't marked as totaled, Is a local place going to try to fix it? You could reach out to Cumberland if you need repairs or a new one.
  9. Electra

    Electra Active Member

    I'm glad everyone is OK. If you purchase another one, you'll get $15k in tax credits next year.
  10. interestedinEV

    interestedinEV Active Member

    Glad everyone is oks
    Not sure about 2 x$7500 credit, if @Lou Reynolds buys a second one. The expectation from the IRS is that you buy it for your own use and you keep it for a period of time. Now there is no specified period of time and not sure how long this car was kept. IRS could turn the first one down, but the counter argument is that there was no intent to sell the vehicle or not have it in service. This is a tricky question, best answered by a tax advisor
  11. Esprit1st

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    Those are difficult questions. Or tax advisor didn't even know about ev incentives until I told them about it.

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  12. interestedinEV

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    Not surprised. However, that is what they are being paid for, else I could use Turbo tax for much less. They need to research these questions and come up with an answer that will pass IRS scrutiny yet make sure the client gets the most deductions.
  13. Calson

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    It really matters very little where you live. In the entire San Francisco bay area I was able to locate a total of 2 Kona EV's in dealers' current inventory. Hyundai has severe production problems and unlike with Tesla, the media is saying nothing about it. Even in California if you want to buy an EV your have to choose between a Bolt, a Leaf, or a Tesla. We wanted to buy an EV in 2018 and still do in 2019 but it looks like we will have to wait for the other auto manufacturers to start selling EV's in 2020.
  14. LakeAlto

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    Hi all. I live in Florida and am probably going to to purchase a new Kona EV in Maryland. Still not sure if I will have the car shipped home or I might fly up there and then take the Amtrak Auto train home. For those of you who bought your Kona EV in Maryland, which dealership did you use? Any sales person who was outstanding and helpful? Would like to pick a dealership who has a sales associate who knows how to work with out of-state buyers. TIA.
  15. Same here, we were looking since January 2019 for the Kona EV to be released in the U.S. We contacted American Express Platinum, apparently a service they offer. They notified us of a Silver 2019 Kona EV limited that arrived at a dealer, in NY, we called same day, put deposit, then arranged for it to be shipped directly to us in Windermere, FL on Feb 24, 2019. The dealership in NY was great, sent me a ton of photos, info, etc. Cost $775.00 to ship on large vehicle hauler. When we registered it here in Florida, it took some extra time, they were not familiar with it, not even in the systems. They told us we had the first registered Kona EV in the state, so the Tag KONA EV1. We were fortunate to get in real early on this, before dealer shortage, price hikes, I am told now $10k over list. Do what you can to get your hands on this car, you will not regret it one bit. I just finished my JD Powers review. Having full solar power on our home, here in Florida makes it even better, we charge directly from the sun, FREE$$ Installed tge Juice Box pro myself.
    If there us anything I can help with, just ask. If you are close to my area and want to see/drive for yourself just shout out, we can arrange something.

    Best wishes,
    Windermere, FL
    #KONA EV1 IMG_20190316_131239_546.jpg P1030114.JPG P1030114.JPG IMG_20190316_131239_546.jpg
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  16. LakeAlto

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    Tim, thanks for replying. It’s good to know that it can be done. It’s a small world brother lives in Windermere! If you feel comfortable doing so, can you send me a PM with the name of the dealership in NY and the person you worked with? Also, did you pay taxes in NY or here in Florida?
  17. Lou Reynolds

    Lou Reynolds New Member

    I live in PA and purchased in MD. I worked with Thompson Hyundai in Baltimore. They were very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. They were fair and professional.

    MD and PA share a border, as well as agreements on titling/taxes, etc. that makes purchasing easier for PA residents. I am not sure how willing any MD dealers will be when dealing with folks out of those boundaries.
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  18. 1stKona Nice ride!! I'll be driving mine back next week from NJ to GA, Not sure if I can claim 1st Kona in GA yet... So did you ask your local dealer about service? What are your plans?
  19. TheLight75

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    I'm in MA and I had no great difficulty getting $600 off MSRP on my Kona yesterday with a little negotiating. YMMV.
  20. TheLight75

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    I was just looking yesterday and I saw there's a white Limited in Roseville. It looks like its almost 2 hours away, but that's a lot closer than the East Coast :)

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