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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by KonaTom, Jun 4, 2019.

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    So I just downloaded the map update last night (free for 2 years) and installed it on the SD card. Then the car said - incompatible and wouldn't install it. Looking at it in more detail, the mapnsoft site has my car listed as a 2018 Kona, not a 2019 Kona EV. So that's why I got the wrong software....

    I already called them and they're resolving it. But be aware, according to the person I spoke with, this has happened before. I guess they have some issues with their VIN database.

    I did make a backup of the SD card before I let the updater overwrite it. Restoring the backup brought the nav back to life, fortunately ... Hopefully they'll send me a new link to download later today.
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    Shows the importance of doing backups. Thank you for having shared your experience with us.
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  3. Robbert

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    Update: It took them over a week to figure out how to change the car type in their database. And then they had to undo the order that was already in their system. Apparently that could take another >3 days. So they offered to send the SD card in the mail (no charge). I accepted, and yesterday, what do I find in a FedEx envelope? Right. The map update for a KIA......

    Fortunately it seems like they did reset the order, so I'm downloading the (hopefully) correct update now.

    Bottom line -- What a bunch of clowns... I hope their software isn't as messed up as the rest of their systems. :)

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  4. Totally true, I guess that's the problem with outsourcing.

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  5. Robbert

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    Yup... I guess the database guys aren't in the same office (or timezone) as the support guys. :)

    In any case, no luck with the download. It downloaded, but won't generate an activation code (or whatever it's called). Now they're sending me yet another SD card in the mail, to arrive on Tuesday. I wonder what car brand it'll be this time!
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  6. The whole map system is that weird map'n'soft thing. Not sure if it's really a different company than Hyundai/Kia because it looks like they do only those two brands, but they do a terrible job maintaining the maps & pois.

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    Some streets in my neighbourhood are more than 2 years old and still missing from the maps.

    Hyundai Canada had a survey on their map update page. They have the gull to ask if you'd be willing to pay for software services. Maybe not so much.
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  8. Robbert

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    No kidding. It does look like they outsourced the whole map thing to this Mapnsoft company, which I have been dealing with for the past week and a half. They don't really seem to know what's going on either. I use Carplay with Waze for my nav most of the time, so I don't need the update. But some speed limits in my area aren't correct, so I was hoping that the update would fix the speed limit display on the HUD at least....
  9. Yeah, paying for that

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    Waze is great, but I wish I could buy a pro version to get rid of the McDonald's and Starbucks ad locations cluttering the display.

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  11. ericy

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    I think all of the car manufacturers outsourced the map data, at least to some degree, but I believe mapnsoft is just the subsidiary that distributes the data to end users. I had thought that the underlying map data comes from HERE.
  12. EnerG

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    I thought I noticed a reference to TomTom in our engineering settings menus?

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  13. They should just use open street map. For commercial use they probably need to pay something for it but that would be a lot better.

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  14. ericy

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    I noticed something earlier today on my Ultimate. If you click on the "EV" green leaf icon it brings up a sort of map with the nearest charger listed at the bottom. Tap on that, then tap on "List" and it shows what it calls the "Realtime Chargers", which is a list of all known chargers in the area. And for each charger, there is an icon showing the status. If I am reading this correctly, it shows you which chargers are currently occupied and which ones are free, and the only way it can get this data is over BlueLink. Many chargers aren't networked, so it simply reports those as having status unknown, but I noted a number of ChargePoint chargers showing as "Available" (other charging networks weren't nearby).
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    Anyone use AA ?My OS is updated. I am running Pie,and it doesn't work with the Kona's infotainment unit.Neither does Oreo for that matter. As for the infotainment update, I am have version 12.47.I do use/prefer my sat.nav. because of AA not working. I am not going to install a mobile holder so I can stare at a ~7" screen where it may lose navigating due to a drop with LTE. The infotainment screen's only 8" on the ultimate,it "looks"functionally bigger than my mobile. The well for me,especially when I am in farm country,and can drop mobile signals.

    @EnerG it is Tom Tom, database is HERE
    @Robbert I also had issues with trying to update,but I did get that code at least.My over 8 hour attempt ended with MapnSoft's site crashing.Dealer one update took about 5 hours to download,and install my first update after my attempt failed.Dealer two who did my first service updated the Hyundai firmware,along with the map for me within two hours. 100% MapnSoft and Hyundai don't seem to be on the same page,I think they're a subsidiary to Hyundai. As I mentioned in another post, Bluelink has now forced us to accept a wide range of privacy exemptions, alleviating Hyundai of any liability,along with something that hints at OTA being used. "If you wish to withdraw your consent to the automatic updates,upgrades and enhancements,please cancel your subscription..."
  16. EnerG

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    I am seriously considering going dark due to the privacy issues and sharing of my data with whoever they do business with. This kind of stuff needs to be stopped.

    Really though there should be a button to turn off the 4g radio.

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  17. Yes, you're right. And trust me, I'm an IT person and I believe nothing is safe out there.

    However, with the convenience that we want we have to make some sacrifices. Do you want traffic data in your navigation? Do you want current roads in your navigation? Do you want the chargers updated frequently?

    It is part of what we have to deal with nowadays.

    I tell everybody to make sure you are as safe as possible with your accounts, that's what you can do. Use a password manager and have complex, long and different passwords on every account. Be vigilant with spam and phishing. That's pretty much what you can do.

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    I no longer have my [deffective] Bolt EV,and I am STILL getting the summaries for it while it sits at GM's paddock. If I kept the app,I could probably pre heat/cool the thing 'til I flat out drain it.
    The issue is the carte blanche data mining. Where it can end up,where it could negatively impact the consumer.Example,speed driven,hard braking.You guys know the Kona already tells us if we drove aggressively?What algorithm's used to determine this..
    @Esprit1st , agree mostly with what you say.Also an I.T.geek. I just want to have access to the ENTIRE data on me.I saw a forensic crash report recently,and it shows every movement your vehicle makes,including your inputs.This report will help the driver prove their vehicle was defective as the vehicle ECM data showed the AEB had a different speed than the sensor before impact ...The data also showed how much time the vehicle spent crashing, in the air,landing,rolling.
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  19. Yes, and being able to delete it when I want.

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  20. So, new update (V14) coming with changes:
    - connected (in the cloud) routing (!!!)
    - display navigation info on top when in different screens
    - when stopped for longer than 15 second, route overview is displayed
    - Brand icons for EV chargers with AC/DC charging displayed
    - map themes (milk, latte, mocha) (just hope it doesn't spill o_O)
    - update popup if maps is 2 years outdated (*nag*-screen???)
    - media player update
    - sounds of nature

    I am looking forward to most of those changes. The nag screen I am not sure about, since I believe the updates will be expensive once the free ones run out.
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